Truth: For My Son

it is so hard to know where to start in telling what happened.

so I’m just going to jump in both feet wet.

I’ve decided to do these posts to do just that.I will explain the documents attached in the posts, doing my best to make it easy to comprehend, and I know the attention span of an average reader is limited.

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, My brother and mother and my ex husband were behind the scenes, taking custody of my son from me and erasing me from his life. while expected from my ex, I never thought my own family would go to such lengths.

The betrayals are sickening and.. Actually.. For my birth family I consider to be criminal. Unethical, immoral, sad and underserved. Would they like someone to treat their daughters the same way they did me?

I knew what my ex was capable of but nobody would listen to me. They should have looked deeper for the truth because since that wasn’t done, lives were torn apart in ways that will last beyond my life’s years..

I’m not going to redact more than what’s already been make, it’s too much, so take it as it is… Raw truth.

Nobody should ever have to go thru what we did.


This is for you Ryan. I love you always.

It’s been a time, yes I know. But since I have no relationship to speak of with my son, and I’m almost 50 years old now, not growing old gracefully I admit. I’m doing this to archive the truth for my kids. I’m doing it in a manner that will be available to my son whenever he’s ready.

So bear with me and pleass take the tile to read these documents at leisure, so I’m not going to be remembered as the monster they tried to make me out to be.

It took allot of them to erase me little ole me. I was such a threat to my entire birthright that y’all can’t even acknowledge me and what you did .

Because of that, im doing this.

Do you think someone who neglected their kids world still be fighting for the truth all these years later…? Think about that…

Thank you and godspeed.

This motion was filed in Dec 2005 by new, the mother.


By this time, of this filling, the case had been sent to be reviewed after I filed an appeal at the inspector generals office.

I asked for an administrative review. My son had been released from foster care by then, I was trying to clear my name with the truth.

I never would have abused my children. Never. They had never seen drugs, seen me so drugs, knew of them or that lifestyle. Never.

Let that be clear.

They never knew me on drugs.
It took me many attempts to get them to review my case, which still waste of time.
I would be surprised to find out anyone ever gets their findings overturned on an admin review. It’s all internal.

They waited until the case was closed, which is typical, as they usually state the case is ongoing and not subject to review as long as it’s open. By the time I filed this, it was closed
I first spoke to the review officer on the phone from Florida. Her name was Stacey Ladd.
My arguments for the review were as follows- (as my memory serves)

• JURISDICTION. From the beginning I argued JURISDICTION. I wasnt wrong, but at the time I failed to understand that being right doesn’t really matter in the law. I believe in the system. I shouldn’t have.

I divorced Ronn in Florida and was given custody in Florida in 1999. Florida Courts subsequently entered a domestic violence protective order in the year 2000 which was in full effect, and ordered no contact with myelf or my son “indefinitely” or until Florida Courts modified that protective order.

Texas did not have jurisdiction to modify the Florida court orders for custody. This is my protective order that I presented counless times to everyone, but they were not honor it in Texas. I could not understand why, and we time went on and I got more info and found out menu things, it became obvious that it was a concern. That the judge did in fact consider ronn to be a threat to me. Still it was ignored .

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I was still a resident of Florida, being in Texas only because I had to be there fighting for my son who had been kidnapped.
• The allegations of abuse was informed and falsely made against me. They were only able to loosely substantiate Neglectful supervision, and even still, federal law does not recognize Neglectful supervision as basis for emergency JURISDICTION, therefore, can I maintained the position that the case was not within JURISDICTION and should’ve been referred to Florida for further proceedings.
• The allegations of abuse and neglect we made entirely at times I didn’t even have my son. He had been taken from church, hidden from me, and I got a court order for his return, at which time the allegations were made and he was voluntarily placed in foster care by his grandmother for the sole purpose of keeping him from coming home to me. He was not in any danger at any time by me.
• I wanted a DNA test for paternity which I never got and I refused to settle any custody arrangements with a man who I knew had sexually Abused myself and my daughter, who was a series proclaimed member of a satanic cult and who hadn’t even been proven to be the father.
• I had a court hearing in the home state of Florida at the time of the Texas docket all it was improper for Texas to modify any Florida court papers under the uniform child custody JURISDICTION enforcement act.
• It was improper for Texas to refuse to honor my DOMESTIC violence protective order under the violence against women’s act which is federal law stating that an order should be enforced in any state.
• They set the case for mediation, at which time I stated my objection to mediation on two grounds, first I should not have been ordered to mediate with my abuser, and second, I wanted the paternity test done, because not only was he my abuser but may not even be the biological father, so mediation should not have been ordered. Upon objecting I was told the case was set for trial. There was no trial. The parties, whom were all on the same side, except for me, as I was the opposition, allegedly mediated anyway and the matter was set to prove up the mediated agreement which did not include me .
Come to find out later the terms of the “mediated agreement” were hashed out for months in behind the scenes talks and negotiations between my mother and my abuser. Whatever they agreed to was set in the agreement, negotiated by my brother Jay Russell *Rusty”Akin.

This was highly unethical as he represented my mother in legal matters concerning my daughter prior to this case.

He was also a collateral witness against me telling cps he would help my son but not me, he was tired of helping me, yet he was at the time giving me money to help me financially, I had no idea he was betraying me until much later.

He also had a financial stake being the trustee of my father’s estate which I was a beneficiary of, but received nothing when my dad died. When I asked my brother told me there was no money by I know that’s a lie. Rusty Akin was in complete conflict of interest on so many levels but he has always acted as my mother, Peggy’s, “fixer”.

He also had personal interest having sought to adopt my son at one time, had my son’s name changed to his last name without telling me before hand.
At no time in the negotiations did my brother even try to include me, but agreed to supervise Ronn knowing he had abused my daughter!!

I had evidence upon evidence backing all my arguments up could not properly to try to present it to her over the phone.
I knew how extremely important it was so I made an appointment with Stacey Ladd to drive in from Florida to meet with the review officer on Dec 3rd2005. Stacey Ladd knew my arguments. I had talked to her on the phone from Florida, I told her I’d be driving in to meet with her.

That day, I arrived at tdprs with totes containing files and evidence on my behalf. It was first thing in the morning.

I was left in the lobby all day through lunch and the afternoon hours I sat, waiting. Had this gone in my favor it would have reversed everything.
My friend Robert Canaddy was with me.
They left me waiting in the lobby all day.
Finally at the end of the day they came out and told me I was on the wrong floor.
They sent me up the elevators and when the doors opened Ms Ladd was there holding a piece of paper and said “we have sustained the findings”. I said”what? How?” You haven’t even seen my evidence” she replied “the review is complete, findings sustained, but if you would like to leave your evidence we will be happy to add it to the file.”
I said “not without giving me a chance to tell my side !!!” She replied “suit yourself”
in the report Stacey Ladd said she spoke with me from Florida and I had told her I had evidence I’d be submitting but I never did.
Later I found out that while I was being delayed I’m the lobby, the judges in Collin county and in Pinellas county Florida were having a “Conference in Chambers” with all the attorneys and cps officials … they were backdating and getting the paperwork right to make sure that Florida no longer had JURISDICTION going because to the beginning. Fixing a procedural error that could overturn the case on appeal because Florida had never relinquished jurisdiction … Something that had to be done before Texas could have modified any of the orders. Nobody was there representing me. I didn’t know about that conference until later.
I had not been told about it . In that meeting they were getting everything straight, all the information in the files and getting everything straight before getting with me when the elevator door opened.
You can see the “conference in Chambers”listed in the court docket in Dec 2005, and there are emails on ronns emails to corroborate what I say with his attorney Roger Jacobsen.

That conference was the first week of December 05.

Immediately after that day’s finding I went to the courthouse to get copies of the file so I could appeal the decision.
Michelle Orlowski was with me. The file was “checked out” and unavailable.

It remained unavailable until Dec 14th, at which time I finally got it, and filed this motion the next day, which they claimed was too late for me to file any appeal.

They said it was too late to appeal the decision, too late to file this motion .. was not timely filed. Of course the reason was because they had checked the file out at the courthouse and withholding it and other relevant information from me until my time for appeal was passed. Very crooked.
It’s also worth noting that the arrest warrant on the sex crimes was not issued until after all this was over with. Had they arrested him while this was ongoing it would’ve substantiated all my claims.

This motion was filed Dec 14 2005 in Collin County Court..
The following motion was filed by me, on Dec 14,2005 and was one of the last motions i filed.

It was completely ignored by the courts

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