Truth: The Taunting of my Abuser

In the spring of 2003 my marriage to Shannon feel apart when he had an affair with Michelle and moved out of our home. I ended up hospitalized for blood clots and MRSA so by the fall of 2003 I had to sell our beautiful house and we made the decision to return to Texas. The very same family that betrayed my had offered to help me for to my illness. I shouldn’t have believed them.

At first we stayed at my youngest brothe0rs house and got our own apartment in January in Plano, tx. I was still recovering from being deathly ill, 3 blood clots the year before, I was lucky to be alive. At this point I still hoped to reconcile the marriage.

That’s when Ronn returned, sending messages to my friends, taunting them and me, which scared the hell out of me. These are those chatsts.

Ronn is my ex — Dandy is his second wife he used her account many times

The players:

Cel/Cellie is my best friend– Ronn was my ex, Dandy was his new wife, Peggy is my birth mother, Ryan is my son who was 8 at the time.

Dave was roommate

Let me remind you that this was a man who sexually abused my daughter and had threatened to kidnap my son for years. I was terrified. I knew he was capable and vindictive which is why during these next months from Jan to may 2004 I stayed by my sons side 24 hours a day, begged for help from the police, my family, and my husband which you will see those interactions in emails but nobody listened. I found out soon after these chats that my own mother was teamed up with my abuser with the goal to be taking my son.

Thank you and Godspeed

Date:Thu, 13 May 2004 13:30:10 -0700 (PDT) From: “cellie c3lli3”

ronncummings (9:37:43 AM): wow, CPS called me last night
ronncummings (9:37:56 AM): talk about somebodies life who’s changing dramatically
ronncummings (9:38:20 AM): msg me when your online, I don’t want you and Robert getting caught up in this
ronncummings (5:14:02 PM): her mom gave me some files I thot were interesting
ronncummings (5:14:12 PM): your chats with me
ronncummings (5:14:17 PM): isn’t that interesting?
ronncummings (10:21:16 AM):

The chats he is referring to were copies of these chats that my best friend Cellie had sent me.

My mother stole them in a Roberry on May 7th 2004 and gave them to my abuser Ronn so at this point he knew Cellie was talking to him and showing me everything he said. Of course, she’s my best friend.

This chat is on May 13. Ryan was placed in foster care voluntarily by my mother on the next day May 14,2004.

The week before on May 7,2004 they had robbed me.

More in that robbery later.

the allegations against my were Neglectful supervision by use of drugs.

He was attempting to establish that, claiming to hang turned in everyone in my circle. Of course this was a lie.. Sure I had a history as many others do from my teenage years, and ronn himself had tested positive for the case.

This was a fear tactic he was using to try to scare off any support system I would have in my friends.

ronncummings (8:15:13 PM): the DEA have bruces address and phone number as well as yours, danettes and several others
ronncummings (8:15:22 PM): Ryan turned you all in
ronncummings (8:15:38 PM): watch the new cars with dark tinted windows

dandygrrrl ( is really my ex Ronn using his wife’s account to taunt me and my friends. Julie is tomy government (birth ( name. I never use that name, I hate it and he knows that so that’s why he is using it. I have been going by Molly since I was 13. Everything he said was geared towards scaring and isolating me from a group of friends who knew the Truth.

dandygrrrl (9:08:33 AM): you haven’t seen julie recently huh?
dandygrrrl (9:08:49 AM): REALLY??????/
dandygrrrl (10:27:29 PM): bellt you didn’t think molly kept your correspondence…. she did. WOW were we SUCKERS!
dandygrrrl (10:29:56 PM): not really though… that was counted on.
dandygrrrl (10:30:28 PM):
dandygrrrl (9:01:49 PM): heh… you people keep passin that glass dick around.
dandygrrrl (9:02:27 PM): cuz it’s all kindsa fucked up from your persepctive

in the PDF below, are chats with my ex and my roommate

in this gallery below are the corresponding police reports I made to Plano police. I was terrorized and tainted for 5 notes by a man who was ordered no contact with me, and my mother who teamed up with him .I called the police many times and they failed to help me. It all came to a head when my son was kidnapped on mother’s day from prestonwood Baptist Church. This was may 2, 2004 he was taken.

He never came home.

We still have no relationship.

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