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The only thing greater than my love for my son was the pain of losing him. Since 2004,. I have endured the traumatic pain of being completely erased by my own mother. Iwho assisted a known pedophile in kidnapping my son and brainwashing him against me. I lost my entire family. This is my story of how a mother possesses the sick ability to create a legacy of grief. This is how they murdered me.
The history of child actors

if you find this topic interesting, which I hope you will, I urge you to read my post called My HISTORY of CHILD ACTING. (check back and this link will be live when it’s finished).

I will be detailing my childhood experiences that are mostly untold due to the vast amount of trauma I endured. Peggy Akin, my birth mother, had a dream she expected me to fulfill and in doing so, she not only stole my childhood, my money, but later in life, my son, and my adulthood.

Years before she and a child molester kidnapped my son, ruining my adult life, she robbed me of my 3 brothers and my father, stole my innocence and tainted and erased all the memories I might of had of a family.

All of this was against the law. She did not care and to this day, she shows no remorse. For that reason, I am not holding back.

In my opinion, Peggy Akin belongs in jail.

The history of Child Acting

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Cinema has played an integral role in society since its inception in the early 1900s.

With the development of motion picture film production, film has become a staple in society, reflecting current social and cultural attitudes of the time. The first child actor, Jackie Coogan, at the young age of seven appeared on film alongside Charlie Chaplin in The Kid in 1921.

Coogan’s success would come to make him “the youngest person in history to earn a million dollars.

Earning roughly four million dollars during his career, Coogan would come to only receive roughly two thousand dollars after his earnings were seized and spent by his mother and stepfather.

Having realized the extent of “Jackie-mania” that had engulfed the nation and the amount of money Coogan had generated in his career, Coogan sued his mother in 1938.

Coogan alleged that when he had confronted his mother about his missing wages, his mother had stated: “No promises were ever made to give Jackie anything. Every dollar a kid earns before he is twenty-one belongs to his parents.”

The court ultimately decided in Coogan’s favor, however Coogan would only come to recover a relatively “small portion of his earnings.”

In response to the atrocities experienced by Coogan, California would go on to pass the Coogan Law in 1939 in order to change California’s prior law allowing the parents sole ownership of the earnings of a minor.

“Such exploitation of child actors led to the California legislature passing the Coogan Act in 1939, which was intended to protect acting children’s assets.”

The Coogan Law, codified in the California Code, requires that a trust be established “for the purpose of preserving for the benefit of the minor the portion of the minor’s gross earnings.”

The code thereby “creates a fiduciary relationship between the parent and the child.”

Coogan’s Law mandates that the trustee “shall establish the trust pursuant to this section within seven business days after the minor’s contract is signed by the minor, the third–party individual or personal services corporation (loan–out company), and the employer.”

The Coogan Trust provides “no withdrawal by the beneficiary or any other individual, individuals, entity, or entities may be made of funds on deposit in trust without written order of the superior court.”

This provision remains in effect until the minor reaches the age of eighteen, and funds will only be released after providing “a certified copy of the beneficiary’s birth certificate to the financial institution where the trust is located.”

Although the Coogan Law aimed to prevent children’s wages from being wrongful consumed by the parents, the law only affected children performers in California and did not address any other issues besides issue of ownership of wages.

The Coogan law additionally did not discuss the potential conflict of interest that could potentially arise from the parent also being the trustee of the child’s trust.

Even with the plight of Coogan, that did not stop the influx of children actors that followed in his footsteps.

In the years following Coogan, Shirley Temple would break onto the Hollywood scene in the early 1930s. However, “before she made her big Hollywood debut in 1934, at the age of [five], she starred in ‘Baby Burlesks’, a very odd short film series that featured a bunch of toddlers in diapers acting out creepily grown-up plots.”

In her first speaking role in War Babies, three-year-old Temple stars as an “exotic dancer in a bar for soldiers, where she wiggles around in a little off-the-shoulder number, ogled by shirtless toddlers playing ‘army men’ with big safety pins in their diapers,” gaining her first onscreen kiss before the age of five.

(warning, some viewers might find this film disturbing)

Another film in the series, Polly Tix in Washington, features a four-year-old Temple “wearing a little bra and filing her nails when she gets a phone call from a top-hat wearing toddler telling her to go seduce a Senator to ‘get him to work.’

She walks in and greets the senator draped in pearls saying she’s been sent to ‘entertain’ him.”

(warning some viewers might find this film disturbing)

Temple garnished love from the public and politicians alike, with even President Franklin D. Roosevelt commenting on her impact on society.

The President expressed that Temple’s on screen presence was a necessity during the time of the Great Depression, going on to state:

“When the spirit of the people is lower than at any time during this Depression, it is a splendid thing that for just fifteen cents an American can go to a movie and look at the smiling face of a baby and forget his troubles.”

Shirley Temple’s rise to fame occurred during the time of the Great Depression, a time where society’s stance on child labor had shifted greatly. Motivating society, however, was mostly grounded in “the desire of of Americans in a period of high unemployment to open jobs held by children to adults.”

The President’s sentiments towards Temple and the cinematic industry would come to shape the implementation of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Pressured by the public, President Roosevelt “sent Congress a special message proposing federal regulation to solve the problem of child labor, as well as set minimum wages and maximum work hours.”

However, President Roosevelt did not propose a uniform, national standard to encompass all areas of child labor, and instead specifically distinguished that certain differentiations would exist between different industries; one of these industries being children performers.

As a result of the message proposed by President Roosevelt, Congress would have to consider whether a total ban on child labor would be instituted or if, as the President suggested, it would be best for the federal government to regulate “oppressive” child labor and leave other areas of child labor to the discretion of the states.

One Representative would come to weigh in on the matter, by introducing “the exemption on the floor of Congress.” Representative Charles Paul Kramer stated:

The ability to perform in motion pictures requires an intellectual gift and quality, something which is born in the exceptional child. Not only the motion picture industry but the movie-going public would be denied much pleasure and enjoyment if children were barred from the screen. The old and young are delighted with the unassuming appeal of America’s little sweetheart, Shirley Temple. . .

These sentiments, mirroring the current public policy of the time, urged Congress to pass the so-called Shirley Temple Act.39 Congress would come to determine that child acting did not rise to the level of “oppressive child labor” and that child acting had a “positive contribution to the nation’s cultural and economic life”; thereby not arising to the level needed to require federal regulation.

However, that does not mean that everyone felt that child acting should be excluded from the Act’s provisions. “Robert H. Jackson of the Justice Department condemned the negative effect of child labor on national labor standards in that one state could subvert the nation’s labor standards by allowing child labor within its borders.

“Due to this exception from federal labor laws for child performers, states are left to draft their own statutes for regulating the treatment, protection, and experiences of child performers.”

Shirley Temple continued her career in the spotlight until the age of twenty-two, after a decline in her popularity.

Both Coogan and Temple rose to fame early in the development of the moving picture film industry and although both, and many others, experienced many issues, that did not stop others from following in their footsteps.

The Federal Labor Standards Act, although amended several times, still exempts children performers from its protections and leaves each state to dictate the rules and regulations the performers are bound by. Additionally, when the Act was developed there were certain technologies currently available now, that were unavailable at the time the Act was considered.

The biggest development since the introduction of the act is the widespread usage of the internet, where anyone can upload anything at any time.

This freedom to upload has led to a development in the amount of ways entertainment can be produced and distributed, while being compensated.

These areas of production are not covered by many state codes, including children actors performing on monetized social media platforms such as YouTube.

For more on this subject please visit the link below to read The Children of YouTube: How an Entertainment Industry Goes Around Child Labor Laws .

Guzman, J.D., Neyza (2020) “The Children of YouTube: How an Entertainment Industry Goes Around Child Labor Laws,” Child and Family Law Journal: Vol. 8 : Iss. 1 , Article 4.

Available at:

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To My Mother: Betrayal I Learned Best From You

What Is Betrayal Trauma?

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What Is Betrayal Trauma?

You may feel betrayed when someone hurts you or breaks your trust. However, the betrayal can be traumatic if it’s someone close to you, or someone you depend on to care for you.

“This type of trauma usually relates to primary attachment figures like a parent, caregiver, or other important relationship from childhood. In adulthood, it tends to repeat among romantic partners,” says Dr. Romanoff.

This article explores the causes, symptoms, and impact of betrayal trauma, as well as some coping mechanisms that may be helpful.

Origin of the Betrayal Trauma Theory

The betrayal trauma theory was proposed in 1991 by Jennifer Freyd, PhD, an American psychology researcher, author, and educator.

According to the theory, someone may experience betrayal trauma when:

  • They are terrified, sometimes for their physical safety or their life.
  • They are betrayed by someone who they depend on for survival, such as a parent or caregiver, whom they rely on food, shelter, and other basic needs.

Furthermore, if the child processes the betrayal normally, they may start to avoid the caregiver and stop interacting with them. However, the theory notes that the child may be more likely to block the abuse or betrayal from their mind and develop amnesia of sorts, if they are dependent on the caregiver for their daily needs and survival. The child is essentially forced to ignore the betrayal in order to maintain their relationship with their caregiver and survive.

Impact and Symptoms of Betrayal Trauma

Below, Dr. Romanoff explains the impact of betrayal trauma and the symptoms a person may experience as a result.

Impact of Betrayal Trauma

In the instance of a parent or caregiver who is abusive or acts in a way that betrays a child’s trust, the child remains reliant on them even though the parent is no longer dependable or safe. This creates a complex relationship with primary attachment figures who are simultaneously providing harm and support.

These children may grow up to be adults who select partners who violate their needs in familiar ways. In order to reconcile the two opposites of people who provide harm and care, they tend to avoid processing damaging behavior, make excuses for it, fabricate fantasies to compensate for painful memories, or even blame themselves.

At the core, people who have experienced betrayal trauma tend to dissociate from the trauma. In turn, they struggle with the consequences of extreme dissociation of their emotions, feelings, and reactions to the trauma. Instead of dealing with things directly, they may tend to self-medicate with substances, food, relationships, sex, or other forms or distraction.

Symptoms of Betrayal Trauma

Betrayal trauma can have a severe impact on the person and cause them to experience symptoms or health conditions such as:

  • PTSD
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Dissociation
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Emotional dysregulation
  • Trust and relationship issues
  • Physical pain and gastrointestinal issues
  • Substance abuse

Causes of Betrayal Trauma

Below, Dr. Romanoff explains some of the causes of betrayal trauma, in childhood and adulthood.

Childhood Trauma

Abuse experienced in childhood is one of the most common causes of betrayal trauma. It can include physical, sexual, verbal, or emotional abuse.

Trauma in Adulthood

In adulthood, betrayal trauma is usually experienced in relationships with intimate partners, especially if a person has experienced trauma in the past. However, people may also experience betrayal trauma at the hands of others such as a close friend, colleague, or other person in their life.

Betrayal trauma in adulthood could look like:

  • Physical, emotional, sexual, or verbal abuse
  • Infidelity
  • Revelations of financial problems or significant debt
  • Ulterior motives or other secretive behaviors

Coping With Betrayal Trauma

If you have experienced betrayal trauma, Dr. Romanoff suggests some steps that can help you cope:

  • Acknowledge the betrayal: The first step is acknowledging how you were betrayed and hurt. Be honest with yourself and consider the impact of the betrayal on the relationship and your life.
  • Write your feelings in a journal: You may find relief through writing down your feelings in a journal. It can help you identify the emotions you’re experiencing and create space to reflect on them, instead of suppressing or avoiding them.
  • Process your emotions: Confronting the trauma you experienced in the past can bring up a lot of emotions, including grief, fear, anger, regret, loss, and anxiety. It’s important to process these emotions so you can start healing.
  • Seek support or treatment: It is also helpful to seek support by talking with a friend or therapist. People who have experienced betrayal trauma often feel like they can only rely on themselves and tend to isolate themselves when they are betrayed. Instead, it is important to do the opposite and reach out for support or treatment
  • Set boundaries: If the person who betrayed you is still in your life in some capacity, set firm boundaries in your relationship with them to protect your physical, emotional, and mental well-being.
  • Recognize patterns: If you have experienced betrayal trauma in the past, it’s important to recognize whether it’s affecting your relationships in the present. Understand that you deserve to have relationships that are mutually supportive and beneficial.

A Word From Verywell

Being abused or betrayed by someone you’re close to or someone you depend on can be devastating. It can affect all your subsequent relationships and take a toll on your mental and physical health.

It’s important to address the betrayal you faced, process it, and take steps toward healing and self-care.

So Collin County got Themselves a Pedophile Ring… Operation “Home Alone” Busts The Predators in Dallas Suburb

Note: My first thought was well well well… They didn’t care when I needed them to do something but at least now they did care…. And did something about the predators in their crooked lovely little county… Way to go guys!!


COLLIN COUNTY (CBSDFW.COM) – The Collin County Sheriff’s Office arrested 15 people during its two day ‘Operation Home Alone’.From March 22 – 24, 2022, the Collin County Sheriff’s Office conducted “Operation Home Alone.”

The undercover operation targeted suspects who allegedly use the internet to prey upon adolescent children.Sheriff’s investigators, in collaboration with agents from the Texas Department of Public Safety, Texas Attorney General’s Office, Ellis County Sheriff’s Office, Mount Pleasant Police Department, and the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation worked together.

“I want to thank the investigators who participated in this operation for their hard work and dedication to bring this group of sexual predators to justice.

These predators are very sophisticated in their use of technology and exploit online forums to target and communicate with children,” said Collin County Sheriff Jim Skinner.

“Parents must engage with their children about their devices and how they use them – and please report any suspicious activity to your nearest law enforcement agency.

Here in Collin County, we will continue to do what is necessary to protect our children.

“Eleven men were charged with online solicitation of a minor, four were charged with prostitution of a person less than 18 years of age, one man was charged with sexual performance of a child and another was charged with possession of child pornography.During the operation, investigators seized a large number of electronic devices that were used by these individuals to commit their crimes.

These devices will undergo forensic examination which may result in additional criminal charges being filed.

In all seriousness I’m happy they’ve done their job to get these people away from kids so I don’t want to sound too cynical… That being said in my eternal grief I can’t help but wish they’d done the same for my children when they were victimized In today’s times it seems like the pedophiles are getting the green light from the powers that be, and it’s good to know at least these guys aren’t getting that. …

Of course innocent until convicted still applies. Even monsters deserve due process.

Texas Foster Children Trafficked & Governor Abbott Knew About It


Governor Greg Abbott may have fought off his Republican primary challengers, but now he’s under fire as yet another foster care scandal comes knocking at his door. The fact that Abbott was apparently caught unaware is leaving some people scratching their heads.

For the past seven years, the Texas foster care system has been woefully undermanaged to the point of disaster on its young charges. Children are being forced to sleep in government offices because no place can be found for them, and many of those with medical and behavioral issues are stuck without specialized care.

Abbott convened an expert investigation that eventually came back with a list of fixes needed immediately, but little has been done besides creating more oversight positions. In particular, Abbott has declined to call another special legislative session to fund much needed changes.

Apparently, this investigation did not turn up the appalling incidences of child sex trafficking that took place at some facilities. At a place called The Refuge, young girls were photographed nude and had their pictures sold for profit. Seven children were allegedly involved in this scheme that included Refuge employees. 

When the story broke, Abbott launched an investigation by the Texas Rangers. 

 Abbott said in a statement

The reports of child sex trafficking at The Refuge in Bastrop are abhorrent, Child abuse of any kind won’t be tolerated in the state of Texas, and we are committed to ensuring these despicable perpetrators are brought to justice and punished to the fullest extent of the law. No child should ever suffer the atrocities of trafficking. I expect a thorough and prompt investigation by the Texas Rangers into these horrific crimes.

Yet, it seems strange that despite all the fact-finding going on in the foster system under Abbott, the public is only learning about the sex trafficking now. Especially since a Refuge staffer first reported the problem in January according to court records.

One person particularly incensed is Abbott’s Democratic challenger, former congressman Beto O’Rourke. In an interview session, he skewered Abbott for his recent order to investigate the parents of trans kids supporting their children with lifesaving gender affirming care for child abuse while allowing the foster system to traffic minors.

Four months ago, Governor Greg Abbott is warned that there is a facility here, not too far from Austin, in Bastrop, where children who have been trafficked for sex are in the custody and the care of the State of Texas,” he said. “And they are, in turn, being abused by their caretakers… the governor knew there was a problem for four months and did not do shit to help those kids out.”

The underfunded and broken foster system makes it ripe for victimization. As Texas refuses to put real money and resources into the problem, it will only grow. Instead, Governor Abbott spent his special sessions on a delusion of voter fraud, banning abortion after six weeks, and keeping trans kids out of school sports. Meanwhile, the most vulnerable children in the state go wanting for leadership and protection.

Why You Should Teach Your Kids How To Write In Cursive

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Was taking cursive writing our of schools in the 21st Century a good thing? The explanations they are using is confusing of why. When you Google it, it’s because of stylistic choices and technological advancements.

Cursive has traditionally been used as a way of signing our name of important documents. If the Constitution of the United States is written in cursive, newbie generations won’t be able to read it.

But you can find some Charter Schools still teaching cursive writing. Do you prefer block letters or cursive writing? I noticed that when I stopped writing in cursive, my handwriting got worse.

Is this because of the permanent switch to laptops and desktops? The state that you live in will review their academic standards and choose to change or add what they deem important. Now I see why many parents have gone to home-schooling.

More parents are taking their kids education into their on hands, and it’s a beautiful site to see.

First African American, one-woman syndicated radio host in the Southeast region for major broadcast networks. Over the past 23 years my passion and perseverance has lead me to reach and relate to demographics spanning,

Sports stations, Country, Hip-hop, R & B, Gospel, Adult Contemporary & Top 40 radio stations. I have a unique way of setting the tone, and people feel comfortable telling their story,

Texas Governor Says Parents of Trans Gender Minors are Child Abusers and You Should Report Them to CPS
Greg Abbott Texas Governor

Greg Abbott, the Texas Governor is calling it child abuse to allow trans gender surgeries on minors and asking for mandatory reporters (such as school personnel and medical practitioners), as well as concerned neighbors and mostly all citizens in Texas, to contact authorities and turn them in to be investigated by CPS.

read all about it here.

Vaccine Status and Child Custody Decisions in Family Law

Anyone who is a parent of a school age child knows that to enroll the child in school requires a doctor’s visit got the proper vaccines.

There are good reasons for this as children are notorious for getting sick after exposure to another child at school who is sick. The vaccines, though, tend to be for the more serious diseases that the schools aim to keep the kids safe from.

This isn’t what I’m going to talk about today though. I’m going to talk about the parents, their vaccine Status, and the courts.

First and foremost i am not against vaccines, I want to make that clear. That being said, I am against vaccines that don’t make sense to me, although maybe a certain vaccine does make sense to another person.

I’ll give you an example. The flu shot. I have never gotten one. I can’t tell you the last time I got the flu. I’m relatively healthy, and for me, it’s not an issue. Tetnus shot. I have had my fair share of those after stepping on a nail. For me, to avoid getting tetnus, I’ll take that vaccine. Tetnus is a very scary disease and I’ll happily take a shot to prevent myself from getting it.

I’m not a doctor and I’m not a scientist. I know my knowledge about things is limited. So I’ll use common sense.

If my car breaks down t go to a mechanic.

If I need to get my dog fixed I take him to a vet.

If my toilet won’t flush I’ll call a plumber.

if I am concerned about catching a virus I’ll talk to my doctor.

if j want to apply for a building permit I’ll contact the county government office.

I don’t get my mechanic to perform surgery on my dog.

so why would I entrust my health to a family court judge? I wouldn’t.

That’s my doctor’s job.

So why are family court judges making child custody decisions based on the vaccination status of the patent? Yes, They are. I don’t believe that’s right at all. That’s just my opinion.

There’s no worse predicament I could imagine in these times then to be involved in a bitter custody dispute with a divorcing spouse whose beliefs differ from mine as to the covid vaccine.

As if going through a divorce isn’t bad enough, to also be fighting over custody I know if a nightmare. To hash all that out AND use the jab as a weapon in the family court systems is downright atrocious. That would be horrific.

Honestly, I don’t know what I would do in that situation, so let’s discuss it. In a perfect world the parents would not leave the date of their family up to a stranger who doesn’t know the children. In as perfect world the parents would keep things amicable for the child. But we don’t live in as perfect world.

For the courts to decide custody and access to a child over the jab? Really? Yes, it’s happening. All over. And I suspect it is going to keep happening and will increasingly become an area of dispute in the family law arena.

Constitutional Rights Lawyers and family lawyers may just need to sit down for a very real discussion on how this should be handled.

Its not just coming…

It’s here.

and it’s scary.

In Chicago a judge took custody of an 11 year old boy away from his mother after the parents appeared in a child support matter, but were shocked when the judge abruptly asked about the vaccination status of each parent. The father was vaccinated, the mother was not, and upon admitting that to the judge, had custody taken away! Mind you this was a child support hearing but a child custody hearing. Nobody saw that coming. If course the mother appealed and has the decision reversed. Rightfully. Still, one must wonder why that judge did that to those parents? Are they the only ones? Probably not.

Removing a child from a parent is horrible traumatic. So traumatic in fact that studies have shown that children who remained in the care of their natural parents over Foster homes even in cases where abuse occurred, still fared better as adults. So even though that case was overturned, what damage did that court decision cause, and why? Custody wasn’t even in dispute.

Another judge in New York suspended parental visits for an unvaccinated father unless he got the shots or agreed to regular coronavirus testing. The vaccination status was compared to second hand smoke. Parents who smoke have been court ordered to not smoke inside in the presence of their child. In some states it’s illegal to smile in the car with a child. Second hand smoke can be dangerous and cause health problems, that’s been proven over decades.

The coronavirus vaccine, however, doesn’t prevent you from getting it, nor does it prevent you from spreading it, so being vaccinated doesn’t mean you aren’t going to give it to your child. At best it would prevent you from getting deathly ill from it if you do get it. At worse, it would give you a false sense of security if you are not well informed. After all, many people, myself included, believed that by being vaccinated it means you’re safe from the disease. Like tetnus. So a person who doesn’t ask questions, or client research it fully, or talk to their trusted doctor, to learn that in the case of covid, the vaccine doesn’t prevent the catching of or spreading of the disease, and believes that they are vaccinated so they won’t get it, could very easily put that child at risk even more. It’s a tricky subject.

We’ve just learned of this disease. we’ve just had this pandemic hit in the last two years, and information has been changing and misleading and updated over and over again. It’s been politicized and weaponized. It’s become a tool for lockdowns and mandates that differ depending on where you live. It’s confusing and it’s tiring to try to figure out whose right and whose wrong.

We’ve heard Dr Fauci flip flop on his stance and advise when he hasn’t been a practicing physician with any real patients in over 25 years.

We’ve been lied to about it’s origin. First it was a wet market in Wuhan, and later it was confirmed to come from a lab near the Wuhan market.

We’ve seen Joe Rogan get censored for talking about ivermectin as what cured him.

So how can a judge justify the traumatic removal of a child from a parent based on a vaccination status for a disease we know little to nothing about, that doesn’t prevent it or the spread of it, to children, who are not the ones dying from it…?

The constitutional rights of a parent to raise their family free of government interference is basic. Barring a childs doctor testifying that their child patient is at risk specifically from an unvaccinated parent, for some reason, I cannot understand how a medical decision can be made by a judge in a family court for an adult.

i haven’t even touched on the adverse effects of the vaccine either. Those are yet to be known in it’s entirety.

what’s your thoughts on the matter?

I would love to hear them in the comments.

Stay safe and healthy and most of all, stay informed. Ask questions and use common sense. Godspeed.

NO IT’S NOT SAFE; Children Will Have a 107 times Higher Chance of Death From COVID Vaccine Than From COVID Itself

COVID Vaccine Approval Will Endanger Over Millions Of Young Children

Source of original article: – 2021.10.28

The Children’s Health Defense CHD Chief Science Officer has disclosed that ..

Conversely, according to Pfizer’s own study trial data, the chance of death in children from the Pfizer vaccine is 107 times higher than death due to COVID,”

In yesterday’s meeting, VRBPAC members considered whether it would be appropriate to approve Pfizer’s experimental COVID vaccine for children under the age of five to eleven.

Read More: BioNTech to Seek Approval for COVID-19 Vaccine for Kids as Young as 5.

A hearing and vote on the same experimental vaccine will be held on November 2 and 3 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP).

However, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Chairman of Children’s Health Defense (CHD), and Meryl Nass, MD wrote to all members of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC) noting the recent peer-reviewed research indicating that children are unlikely to suffer hospitalization and death from the COVID-19 virus.

In the event that both committees approve the vaccine for this age group, Rochelle Walensky will review the decision to formalize the recommendation.

“Parents should be aware that if these committees give Big Pharma an early holiday present, the vaccines will still only have emergency use authorization (EUA).

explained CHD president and general counsel Mary Holland.

“This means the shots are experimental and legally cannot be mandated under U.S. law.

Parents can say no.”

School administrators can also decline to incorporate any requirements regarding COVID vaccine status for attending school.

“These administrators should not be in the uncomfortable position of being the vaccine police for the pharmaceutical industry.,” stated Holland.

“The choice for parents and school officials is simple. They should never allow the government to force a medical procedure on children especially when they have a minuscule risk of hospitalization and death from COVID.”

Virus transmission rates among children are very low as well.

Indiana University’s Observatory on Social Media reports that CHD’s website is shared by Twitter users more often than the websites of the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control.

There is growing evidence that citizens of the United States and around the globe are rejecting the government’s imposed health mandates, recommendations, and other personal preferences on them and their children, which is clearly in conflict with their individual rights.

CHD’s content is also shared more widely than that from Reuters, The Daily Mail, The Washington Post, Newsweek, and CNN, whose content has reached nearly 10 million page views per month.

Furthermore, there are no long-term safety studies on the vaccine’s experimental mRNA technology so parents cannot weigh risks and benefits in order to make an informed decision.

According to two recent studies, the vaccine will begin to wear off in children after two to three months if adult vaccines are any indication.

The Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), a database maintained by the United States government, received 818,044 reports of injuries following COVID vaccination, as well as 17,128 deaths.

“These numbers are astounding,” said CHD Executive Director Laura Bono. “Half of all reports and two-thirds of all deaths reported to the VAERS system in the U.S. since the tracking system was developed in 1990 relate to the COVID 19 vaccines. No physician with an ounce of integrity could possibly vote to approve such a risky vaccine to people of any age, let alone healthy five-year-olds who are at virtually zero risk for complications from COVID.”

As early as October 20, the Biden administration announced that enough vaccines had been procured to cover all 28 million children between 5 and 11 years old in the United States. According to CHD.

The Biden Administration has not yet revealed the dollar amount of tax-payer funds transferred to Pfizer to provide vaccinations for children.

Even at its highly unlikely low price of $1 a dose, the vaccine would cost Big Pharma at least 65 million dollars before it was approved by the FDA and recommended by the CDC.

“It’s no surprise that the federal government and Pharma already know how these votes will go,” said Holland.

“These meetings are nothing more than empty rituals in support of lining Pharma’s pockets. Parents need to know that the fix is in and approval from either of these committees means nothing in terms of the safety of the vaccines Pharma wants to be injected into their children.”

CHD and Kennedy wrote in their letter that committee members “should not participate in an exercise disguising a foregone conclusion” and that “should you grant EUA status to this pediatric EUA vaccine, CHD is poised to take legal action against you and other VRBPAC voting members as well as the FDA. CHD will seek to hold you accountable for recklessly endangering this population with a product that has little efficacy but which may put them, formulate out a warning, at risk of many adverse health consequences…”

The Best Thing You Can Do If Your Child Goes Missing is What You Do BEFORE Your Child Goes Missing

it’s every parent’s nightmare, your child has gone missing. Watch this video from John Walsh, the founder of America’s Most Wanted and The Center for Missing and a Exploited Children. He gives you the tools and knowledge you need to know and what to do BEFORE you’re child disappears. If that nightmare comes true it will be the single most important too you’ll need to find your child. Hopefully you’ll never need it.