**AUDIO FILE DOWNLOAD** Collin County CPS Drugs Foster Child


December 2004 Collin County, Texas

Foster Care Drugs a 9 Year Old with psychotropic medications HE IS NOT SUPPOSED TO TAKE!!!

DOWNLOAD & LISTEN TO THIS RECORDING of a 9 year old foster child arrives at Collin County Advocacy Center from foster care to visit with his Mother drugged on psychotropic medications he is not supposed to take.

The child describes the effects of the drugs he was given.

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Rest in peace sweet Nancy, you died for the cause but we activists won’t let you down. We will never stop until laws are changed, qualified immunity is taken away and children services become what they were met for, a not for profit agency that protect children who need protection in stead of a for profit agency trafficking children.

You’re y comment gave me goosebumps from my chest down both my legs. You’re right as much as we want to stop having to endure the pain and feelings of these losses, we cannot. It is ours to feel and remember and fight for the lost voices of our children. Godspeed.

This is exactly what’s going on in Burnet county Texas.Caseworkers are lying in court and everyone notices it but the judges act as if it’s legal or simply shrug it off and smile and state that the doesn’t have time to address the inconsistencies in the caseworkers story.Judges are intentionally over looking evidence favorable to a parent and the child.Judges are allowing caseworkers to prescribe psych meds to 3 and 4 year old children without a court hearing with the parent or judges ruling.Parents and are without any contact or visits until in full cooperation with cps confirmed abuse or not parents must complete case plans even when abuse or neglect is ruled out.Court appointed attorneys are still receiving thousands of dollars worth of checks and haven’t been on a preticular case for months.No Due Process in legal matters at all.Some court dates are documented as taken place but no record of such.I am born and raised I Texas and all my life I have whole heartedly loved this state and have no interest in the rest of the country but the cps outfit and the dishonorable judges that are the head of this demon will never be held accountable nor do they have any remorse for their horrible acts of which they are all profiting.County clerks and county attorney’s are doing the inside paperwork and falsifying evidence.

Each and every thing you discuss in your comment I know to be true because I have seen not only atrocities exactly like you describe with my own two eyes. Sadly it is the children that are harmed the most. The remedies that are supposed to be available to hold the officials, such as the judges and attorneys accountable are rarely successful. You can appeal your case but chances are, you’ll lose, so you can file for and administrative review but chances are they will side with the social worker. I I’m going to tell you what happened in my case, bear with me, it might be a long story. I appealed my case when i was forced to attend a meditation with my abuser, which is supposed to be against statue to make a victim meditate with the abuser. My objection was supposedly heard and the matter set for trial. I lived in Florida, the trial was in Texas but, again, by statute I had the right to attend by phone. I was told by all parties attorneys that they had no objection to that. On trial day I called in and was told there was no trial. Why not? Because unbeknownst to me they had meditated without me, settled the case and taken away my rights. So to be clear, there’s two parties to a case, I was one party. The other party decided to settle everything but removing my rights! I appealed. When I filed my notice of intent to appeal, I traveled to Texas, went to the courthouse and asked to see the file and get copies . A requirement for a proper appeal . I was told my file was checked out by, guess who, the other party- CPS and would be unavailable until they returned it which they did, one day after the time limit had passed to appeal. So, I filed nonetheless and it was denied based on untimely filling. I filed a motion for reconsideration and it was denied. Motion for retrial. Denied so I returned home and filed for administrative review. It was assigned to a supervisor over CPS in the higher up Txdfps offices. She called me during her investigations and we talked and I explained my side and she was interested in seeing my evidence but of coursei knew if I make it she would not receive it, or overlook something so I said I would drive back to Texas and meet with her. I did that. I drove in and arrived at my scheduled time, early, like 9am. I had all my pertinent files in tow. I was told to have a seat in the waiting area. I sat and waited and waited and waited. I asked over and over when they would call me and was given excuse after excuse, she’s on her way, on the phone, just stepped out, it’ll only be a few more minutes .. this went on ALL DAY. FINALLY, about 4pm, i was told to go upstairs to another floor, as I was on the wrong floor, and hurry they’re about to be closed. So I scurried off to the elevator, not believing what was happening, and when the elevator dinged to a stop and the doors open, I was met with a group of workers, 5 of them, the one in front was the supervisor, and she held out a piece of paper and said we’ve made our decision the allegations are sustained, your case is closed. Here’s the letter outlining our decision. I couldn’t believe it. I did BUT WAIT YOU DIDN’T EVEN TALK TO ME, YOU HAVEN’T SEEN MY EVIDENCE and she smirked and said “Well if you would like to leave it with me we’d be glad to add it to the file, but the case is closed and the allegations sustained.”
I said F*K YOU I’M NOT GIVING YOU SHIT…” and left in tears.
I filed a motion for reconsideration and received a letter from the head honcho of Txdfps Jose Martinez who said they sustained the allegations, after attempting to do a full investigation, the mother(me) refused to cooperate and acted with profanities against staff and refused to turn over any evidence that would be material in overturning decision to sustain the allegations, therefore the decision remains and since this if the last step of any appeals process, any further communications from the night will be ignored.

I found out years later that the day I was kept waiting in the waiting room, the entire cod staff, the supervisors, and all the attorneys, met in chambers with the judge in Texas in person, and a judge in Florida where I lived and where my original divorce and custody was from, and spent the day back dating and getting all their paperwork straight in order to then put in orders that were not appealable by me in either state.

So yeah I believe everything you say, and yeah there’s supposed to be remedies but I do not believe in reality, that there’s anything anyone can do without money and an inside track to the right people.

I would like to know more about your story. If you would like to have it featured, send it to [email protected] with the subject line STORY SUBMISSION . If you do do, and wish you have it published on Itsalmosttuesday.com please use initials it a generic term for the child and any other names. If you want to include any documentation it must be factual accurate and redacted of identifying information. Godspeed.

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