Obsessed Alienation: A Pattern of Hate

The following are unedited emails in the years prior to the kinship kidnapping of my son.

The emails -as you will read- show the intent and obsession as it grew and ultimately culminated into the grandmother taking her grandson from his loving mother a sick and twisted retaliation of obsessed alienation of my child from me. This obsessed alienation was to such an extent that it destroyed lives beyond repair.

These emails shows the truth and how much hate my own mother carries. Her hatred runs so deep that what she did to us destroyed our bond forever. How anyone could do this to her own flesh and blood is unnatural and defies logic. It was abuse and even moreso, it is criminal.

These emails also show how she elicits the help of others  heto commit her criminal acts.  who this includes my brother,i who is a lawyer who often represented her, against me, his sister, and aided and abetted the alienation of my son against me. He funded and facilitated her abuse, never once telling her she should stop.  I did not redact, as truth justifies and needs not be concealed.

The players:

Julie/Molly – me

Ryan and Allison are my children now grown, they are 5 years apart in age. Allison is the oldest.

Mark is Allison’s father

Peggy – My mother who teamed up with my ex ronn (who is now in prison) to take my son in 2004. This was after she put my daughter and her father through 14 years of custody battles in court.

This email above was to Ray and Margaret, my exs parents, grandparents to my daughter, who endured 14 years of a custody battle before my son was taken by Peggy.

Peggy sent an email to Mrs Green, my daughter elementary school teacher, which email she copied my entire family with a campaign to turn them all against the teacher.

This email thread was Peggy asking her son to send an email to my daughter’s father during their custody battle. She asks him to do it himself or as if he’s my father, who is also an attorney, whichever one would scare him the most. Talk about impropriety!

More of Peggy’s insanities

Peggy’s anger grows.

Some more proof

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