Collin County or Crooked County?

When you take a county and add to it politicians and judges and district attorneys and guardian ad litems who are related, married, in-laws .or having affairs .. put them in charge ….then throw in some officers, steroids, some dwi’s and a blood test or two….

what do you get?


visit pt 1Click here to hear audio file of child’s visit when the foster home caregivers abused the child and tried to hide it. CPS did not bring the injured child to a visit then lied to the child saying the parent never showed up!  The next day the child is brought in to a make-up visit and he is covered in blood, injured from having rocks thrown at him by three other children in the foster parents’ view. The child is so drugged on psychotropic medications he is not supposed to take, he is obviously intoxicated by them and his hands and muscles are seizing uncontrollably. The child is  also carrying a pellet gun in his pocket that is realistic enough that if a parent were to carry it they would be arrested. THIS CHILD ABUSE IN FOSTER CARE & CPS COVER UP WAS CAUGHT ON TAPE IN COLLIN COUNTY.

  • The child abused in foster care was removed from his natural home because the mother had referrals to CPS made by her ex-husband and others he employed to also make false allegations against her.
  • The pedophile had retaliated against the child’s mother by making false allegations in several SPITE CALLS. 
  • He was angry for being investigated for sexual abuse of  his stepdaughter.
  • He was convicted for such abuse less than 2 years after CPS administratively closed the sexual abuse investigation against him.
  • Later he confessed to sexual crimes against the child, and is now serving multiple sentences as a convicted child molester. 
  • The mother reported her suspicions of abuse towards the child living with her ex-husband when yet another child came forward to her with an outcry of sexual abuse.
  • They did not take the mother seriously, because the mother had a history of substance abuse.
  • There was no evidence that the child WAS EVER in the presence of any drug use, nor injured, nor affected adversely by any use of drugs in the mother’s history.
  • They removed the child, from the mother because simply stated: they did not like her.
  • The mother was labeled uncooperative insisted on having evaluations performed by her own private doctors/psychiatrists/psychologists, who charged the billing to her private health insurance coverage. 
  • CPS wanted her to submit to their contracted providers who charged medicaid despite knowledge of existence of private insurance; profiting CPS, and who would not have given a fair diagnosis, they had no history with her as a patient, as her private caregivers had.
  • It is within the mothers rights to see a private caregiver/doctor.  It just would not have made a profit for the state.
  • The mother also refused to sign a waiver giving up her rights to privacy in her psychiatric records so that her ex-husband, whom she alleged (and was right) was molesting children, whom she also had a domestic violence protective order against.
  • Because she would not hand over psychiatric records of her own to her abuser, she was labeled as not doing what she was supposed to under the “services”. 
  • She was labeled non-conformist with the system for having tattoos, short hair, and dressing “colorful” in regular life and “in neutral tones” for court…. which they alleged was indicative of multiple personality disorder. (A ridiculous allegation, everyone dresses different from daily life, appropriately, for court).
  • She was labeled argumentative and uncooperative for bringing tape recorders and cameras to the visits. With which she was able to prove her son was being abused in foster care, getting him out of the unsafe home by going public.
  • After she caught the abuse on tape she only saw her child one more time after that – when he was 9 years old in 2005. 
  • Years later she still wants to know why.  
  • She never abused the child, she was obviously correct that her ex was sexually abusing the children.
  • The child’s caseworker even says in the case file that this is not a case of child abuse, but a custody battle gone terribly wrong.
What is wrong with Collin County?

cops cartel cocaine  (oh my!)

ya get alot of things that make you go “hrmmmm…..”

COLLIN COUNTY TEXAS. The future of America is here – where raising kids means some of the best of community living… move here – raise your kids here – Its one of the best places to live…

… right …

but if you get divorced and your ex calls CPS on you out of spite – watch out! Your family may because funding for Collin County. There’s nothing you can do about it either – or is there…?

Lets take a look at who’s in charge there…


  • The DA’s daughter in law is a Guardian at Litem appointed to the Children.
  • The Judge in the 417th is over most all CPS cases.
  • The Judge in the 417th employs the DAs Chief Investigator’s stepdaughter as her clerk of court.
  • This Judge is also married to another Judge in the same court house. Her husband is in the DA’s Criminal court division.

If A = B and B = C doesn’t A = C?

Collin County CPS Justice  Dallas, Texas U.S.A.



More about Collin County from the Dallas Morning News:

Police:  Former Collin County deputy constable may have helped Mexican drug cartel

Monday, July 14, 2008
By WENDY HUNDLEY / The Dallas Morning News

One of Mexico’s most powerful drug cartels may have had some inside help in North Texas for several years from a Collin County deputy constable, according to police documents.

Robert Benavidez, whose career as a North Texas peace officer dates back almost a dozen years, was arrested July 8 on six counts of abuse of official capacity. He is accused of helping his cousin, Sergio Maldonado, who was believed to have been the North Texas “cell leader” for the Zetas, the ruthless enforcement arm of Mexico’s Gulf Cartel drug smuggling operation.

Mr. Maldonado was among 30 people arrested last year during a massive federal drug sweep known as Operation Puma. Mr. Maldonado pleaded guilty earlier this year to drug trafficking and money laundering-related charges.

Beginning in 2004, while working as a deputy constable, Mr. Benavidez would periodically check law enforcement databases to determine whether Mr. Maldonado or his wife had any outstanding arrest warrants, according to arrest affidavits. Mr. Benavidez would also check the registration and ownership of suspected law enforcement surveillance vehicles, according to the arrest documents. In return, Mr. Benavidez was given several grams of cocaine, Mr. Maldonado told federal agents.

Mr. Benavidez, 41, is being held in Collin County Jail in lieu of $1.5 million bail. He declined to be interviewed.

The Department of Public Safety and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency declined to comment and referred calls to the Collin County District Attorney’s Office, which is prosecuting the case. Collin County District Attorney John R. Roach could not be reached for comment.

read more….


Are ya hungry for more? How bout some Collin County, Texas style Grits?

What’s the matter with Plano? post written on the fabulous Grits for Breakfast blog quickly outlines the following incidents as well:

  • Judge and DA Slept Together? According to an affidavit filed by a former Assistant DA in the Charles Hood capital murder case, from 1987 – 1993 then-Judge Verla Sue Holland carried on an affair with then-District Attorney Tim O’Connell, including in cases where the DA personally acted as an attorney before the judge. (She later went on to serve on the Court of Criminal Appeals, Texas’ highest criminal court.) Both Holland and O’Connell have refused to confirm or deny the explosive allegations.
  • Setting Up Innocent People? Last fall a federal civil rights lawsuit alleged that four Plano officers conspired with a man’s ex-wife in a bizarre scheme to set him up on on a DWI charge.
  • Hounding Gay Employee? After Collin County ousted its well-regarded teen court coordinator allegedly because he’s a homosexual, the Dallas News asked, “What can be said about an employer who runs off a solid worker because he is gay? Nothing good.
  • False Conviction Overturned by DNA: The man convicted for a high-profile child rape and murder in Plano from the ’90s that spawned Texas’ sex offender registration laws turned out to be innocent, and the Collin DA acquiesced in his release from death row after DNA proved someone else committed the crime.


Just when you think you’ve had enough – there’s more…(now inmates are dying from being restrained and trying to kill themselves!!!? )

Jail inmate on suicide watch dies after being restrained

Collin County: Another inmate hospitalized after hanging attempt

08:05 AM CDT on Tuesday, July 3, 2007
By TIARA M. ELLIS / The Dallas Morning News

A Collin County Jail inmate died after being restrained by officers over the weekend, and another was hospitalized after a suicide attempt, jail officials said.

Marcus Nygel Elliott, 22, of Atlanta stopped breathing while being held down by officers and was taken to Medical Center of McKinney, where he was pronounced dead about 12:20 a.m. Sunday, said Lt. John Norton, a sheriff’s spokesman.

Mr. Elliott was arrested Thursday by Plano police on five robbery warrants and one escape warrant from Georgia. Collin County Jail staffers placed Mr. Elliot on suicide watch because of statements he made while being booked into the jail.

Officers noticed Mr. Elliott lying on his bunk with a thread around his neck that had been removed from his jail-issued uniform. As officers tried to remove the string, Mr. Elliott began kicking and swinging at them. After Mr. Elliot’s arms and legs were shackled to a restraining table, a nurse discovered he was not breathing, Lt. Norton said.

“He could have been trying to choke himself with the thread. I’ve heard lots of speculation,” Lt. Norton said. “We’ll just have to wait and hear from the ME [medical examiner] to determine that.”

On Friday, another jail inmate was hospitalized after trying to hang himself. John Dinzel Rogers, 45, of Tom Bean, Texas, was arrested on a charge of violating probation on a possession of controlled substance charge. He was being held in the jail infirmary for a medical condition.

In his cell, officers found Mr. Rogers sitting in a wheelchair with a piece of gauze around his neck and part of the gauze attached to a coat hook on the wall. The hook is designed to break away, but was jammed into place, Lt. Norton said. Mr. Rogers was driven to Medical Center of McKinney, where he was in critical condition Monday.

Both incidents are being investigated, a requirement in every case where an inmate dies or is seriously injured.

“We have policies and procedures in place to prevent this,” Lt. Norton said. “But we also understand that if someone is determined, there’s no way to prevent it. We don’t have the manpower to have someone sit and watch an individual 24 hours a day. It’s always unfortunate when this occurs.”


Of course we have to re-post this must-hear audio file download


THIS AUDIO FILE DOWNLOAD WHERE YOU CAN LISTEN AS CPS HIDES CHILD”S INJURIES & LIES TO THE CHILD -CPS CAUGHT LYING IN COLLIN COUNTY – Child arrives at visit from foster care beaten, drugged and carrying a pellet gun in his pocket realistic enough that if a parent were to carry it in, they would be arrested on the spot! (note: there is some noise at the beginning of file that only lasts a few seconds.)

Foster Child in Army Fatigues
Why is this child wearing army clothes to his visit with his mother from foster care? Why did this child have unwashed left over black war paint in his ears? Why was this child being given guns and taught target practice in foster care? Why was this child beaten in foster care? Why was he over medicated in foster care? THIS CHILD WAS NOT FOUND TO BE ABUSED IN HIS NATURAL HOME – WHY DID YOU TAKE HIM TO A FOSTER HOME WHERE HE WAS  ABUSED?


Lets Add Insult to Injury now because it seems that Collin County has some of the highest paid cops in law enforcement…


Average Wages & Benefits of Police Patrol Officer in    Plano, TX 75093 is $70,118.00

Benefit Median Amount % of Total
Base Salary
Bonuses $0 0.0%
Social Security $3,734 5.3%
401k / 403b $3,026 4.3%
Disability $781 1.1%
Healthcare $5,328 7.6%
Pension $2,050 2.9%
Time Off $6,383 9.1%69.6%
Total $70,118

That’s pretty good pay to do things like this to domestic violence victims and their children::


If she left him, she would pay. That’s what Robbie would tell Mary in the mid-1990’s during their brief 2-3 year (abusive) marriage. If she left him, she would never see her son again. He had been physically abusive, involved in a cult-like group that has camps world-wide and he vowed to hide Mary’s son from her forever if she left.

She took the chance…and she left.

Mary moved several states away from Texas to escape domestic violence and spousal abuse from Robbie. She found her ’safe state’ in this new place and for nearly 6 years the mother and son had lived an abuse-free life. Mary had remarried, and begun a new life. She had obtained a domestic violence protective order after her divorce when he continued to stalk and abuse her, particularly when he found out she would be remarrying another man who would raise their son as his own.

For nearly 6 years Robbie remained quiet and began another relationship with a woman who had children from another relationship. Ironically her daughter was the same age as Mary’s daughter. Except for his attempts to contact her via email or phone on holidays and birthdays, he was quiet. Each violation Mary recorded in a log she kept, and reported to the police in her ’safe state’. But Robbie eluded law enforcement, and without violence or significant threats in his contacts, the violations were not severe enough to warrant an interstate investigation and arrest with extradition.

Getting away with minor violations made Robbie bolder as time went by. He racked up nearly $50,000.00 in unpaid child support as his lifestyle was deeply ingrained into Satanism and his occult group…secretly.

On the outside, he involved himself in the local Christian churches and Christian private schools. He was freely donating his time and services as a webmaster and giving the churches and schools free websites….this ultimately gave him credibility and witnesses that he had changed from his occultist ways. He did this planning to have a plan to dispute Mary’s allegation that he was involved in the ‘cult’, if he should ever need to.

It also gave him access to children…

He spent that time plotting … planning… and waiting for his chance to catch his prey, his ex-wife, and keep true to his vow if she left him… he would see to it that she pay.

In October 2003, Mary and her young 8 year old son reluctantly left their new ’safe’ state for an extended vacation to visit and receive help from her family in Texas. It was a difficult time because of marital problems between Mary and her new husband of 3 years, whom she married following her divorce from Robbie. The separation had a lot to do with the stress of the aftermath Mary suffered from her abusive marriage and living in constant fear. This time, though, Mary had become ill following a car accident. When the new couple separated, Mary was crushed and heartbroken. She was having great difficulty dealing with the separation and being thrown into single motherhood while suffering illnesses and living alone in her ’safe state’.

It eventually proved too much for her to handle, and after losing the marital home, she called on her family in Texas to help. With reassurances of love and protection from family, Mary reluctantly returned to Texas, and thought they would be all right for the couple of months they intended to stay. It was a fatal mistake.

Just after the holiday season, Mary’s former husband, abuser and alleged father of her young son began attempting to make contact with them to see the child, disregarding very specific Domestic Violence Court Protective Orders totally restricting contact and visitation between this abusive man and his ex-wife and her child. Mary reported his stalking behaviors to the police department of a suburb of Dallas/Ft.Worth Texas, whose response never erred on the side of caution. On at least 8 occasions, the Police refused to protect the mother and child and would not enforce the valid out-of-state order for such protection.

The alleged father began to conspire with Mary’s unstable and estranged biological mother in an effort to give the maternal grandmother custody of this beautiful child and to get the Texas Courts to grant visitation to the abusive father. He had managed to do and “get away” with much since his release from an prison in 1994. He knew that with the assistance of those Grandmommy rubbed shoulders with – the local Child Protective Services workers and police officers – allegations of severe abuses by Mary against her son would be their ticket to standing in family court. He had the criminal mind to create the plan and the Grandmother had the sympathy and reputation to carry it out. It was a perfect plan.

The abuses cited were abuses Grandmommy herself had levied against the child, the child’s older sister and against Mary herself; but somehow, despite outcries from the children, Grandmommy was never cited for abuse. They also accused Mary, a paralegal with no criminal record, of several drug trafficking and manufacturing allegations – using her history of addiction, which was over a decade before as a teenager. They even went so far as to accuse her of sexual abuse against the children which, ultimately, would be proven to be exactly what Robbie, himself, was committing against his new stepdaughter at home in a small town in Texas.

Child’s Sexual Abuse Ignored by CPS

Mary went with her daughter, a teenager, to counseling, where she made sexual abuse outcries against her ex-husband Robbie, of abuse that had occurred ten years before when she was only 4 or 5 years old. This was reported to the authorities, by the children’s therapist, and the school officials and CPS social workers were made aware. Oddly, despite informing the authorities of these outcries and despite photographic evidence of her ex-husband’s violations of her ’safe state’ issued protective order against domestic violence, the authorities repeatedly turned a deaf ear toward the concerns regarding the safety of Mary and her children; as well as the new stepdaughter living with Robbie.

The Department Child Protective Services caseworker and her superior “administratively closed” an investigation of sexual abuse against Robbie, despite a finding of risk that this man was, at the current time, living with and possibly abusing his stepdaughter. In the end, it was revealed that Robbie was, indeed, abusing his stepdaughter who might have escaped her tormenting abuser – at least for two years, had they done their job. If CPS had listened to Mary and her daughter’s outcries, rather than ignoring them, things might have been a lot different for these children.

By mid-spring in 2004 the allegations against Mary were dropped and she was cleared of any charges of abuse or neglect against her son. Life seemed quiet once again. Mary and her son needed to wrap up the last of the Court appearances and gather the remaining portion of their belongings for shipping home. For the most part, their nightmare was over….or so they thought.

Child Abduction, Theft & Fraudulent Mental Illness Warrant

In May 2004, Mary’s son went to church, never to return home. She was told that he went to ‘spend time with Grandmommy’ after church. After a couple days when Grandmommy and the boy could not be found, it became clear that Grandmommy was up to something. It was revealed that Robbie had fostered a relationship with the local police, CPS and GrandMommy, and that Mary’s son would not be coming home.

Two days after he’d left for church, a frantic Mary was confused when an agent of CPS and a local police officer knocked at her door. While trying to explain to them that she needed help to find her son, they asked her to sign custody of her beloved son over to GrandMommy while she was investigated yet more of allegations of abuse that had just been made again – reported by her ex-husband and GrandMommy to be the reason they took the child.

Mary refused to sign anything, demanding to speak to her attorney. She showed the CPS worker and officer the letter she had received just 14 days earlier clearing her of abuse. They took that letter from her apartment before leaving, and it took Mary over a year to get another copy from CPS, who dragged their feet on it, forcing her to go to the Ombudsman’s office to demand it.

When she attempted to report the abduction of her son to the local police, but was handed the excuse of “it’s a civil matter”, so her attorney went to work on a motion to bring her child home immediately; it was granted by the end of that week.

The day the court order to have her son returned to her was signed, Mary answered the door expecting her child to be there, but instead she was humiliated and victimized again by the local police. She was apprehended and escorted to a mental hospital for ‘observation’ based on a false affidavit filled out by the CPS agent making further allegations of abuse for the child Mary had not even seen in nearly a week. It was signed by GrandMommy and witnessed by the same officer who had been with the social worker earlier that week.

The doctor found no cause to detain her and Mary was released within 24 hours, having never been officially admitted. They had executed the warrant on a Friday hoping it would keep Mary in the hospital until Monday at the least, but it was so apparent that this was a scam that the doctors released her by Saturday morning, and there is no record whatsoever in the court files of her being at that hospital. During that evaluation, she did, however, admit to prior use of cocaine, heroin, marijuana and LSD as a teenager (15 years before). That list of drugs later used as a false allegation that she was currently using them around her child – which was completely untrue.

At the time she was hospitalized, the only drugs she was taking were the ones lawfully given to her by the hospital, Xanax and HydroCodone. There was no toxicology report because she never submitted to a UA test, but CPS testified she was positive for cocaine, heroin, marijuana, and LSD (a drug that cannot be tested for on an instant test anyhow). If she had, in fact, had those drugs in her system, why would the hospital risk the liability of giving her Xanax and Vicodin?

Who did her Mother know at that hospital, in another county than the one the Warrant was issued in, that made them decide to take her to another hospital than the one listed in the warrant? Maybe it was a nurse of the hospital, who altered the patient records, by slipping a note in on the release of information form, adding Mary’s mother, as authorized to ‘give information to the hospital about the patient’, and added in the notes yet another allegation of abuse with a notation of a phone call received from Mary’s mother. She signed off as a hospital social worker. The final allegation was that Mary was delusional and had voices in her head telling her to kill her child (that she did not have possession of) with a sword.

This was finally a strong enough allegation to warrant CPS in filing for custody of the child immediately.There was but one final obstacle, Mary still had an Order for the child to be returned and the next week when she attempted to enforce that Order, the CPS worker decided, that in order to keep the child from going back to his mother, she would place him in foster care, citing that the Mother was a flight risk, and may flee with the child to Florida – home – where the Mother and child lived – and where her husband was still living.

During the 24 hour period of time while Mary was in the mental hospital, Grandmommy, Robbie, the police officer, and CPS worker, sent the 8 year old child in to coerce the apartment manager to give him a key. They worried him about his pet dog, telling him it was left alone in the apartment while his Mother was sick in the hospital. This allowed for the unlawful entry and search/seizure of Mary’s apartment. They stole over $10,000 worth of property and goods with the assistance of law enforcement that night; including all of the home videos and photographs of Mary and her children’s lives together, proof that she was a good mom. When they entered the apartment and found Mary’s friend there caring for the dog, the officer arrested her on an old traffic ticket and put the dog in the pound.

When Mary returned her apartment was ransacked and everything was gone – electronics, clothes, toys, journals, photos, her wedding rings, medications for a possibly fatal blood condition, money, and legal files/evidence she’d collected for years keeping her child safe from this predator. She found her apartment unlocked, windows open, the family dog gone, and an attempt at arson – the stove left burning and other heat producing office equipment left overturned and hidden behind her desk with crumpled papers stacked around it. Had this apartment been left unchecked for the length of time they had hoped Mary would be in the hospital, it would have likely caught fire, and destroyed not only her apartment but endanger the lives of others in the same housing complex.

As if that wasn’t enough, Mary went to pick the dog up from the local pound, even they had a notation on file that Mary was hospitalized for being psychotic, refusing to take her medication and alleged to abuse her child, so that the dog pound workers even looked at her like she was crazy when she spoke.

The humiliation, shock and trauma was indescribable… and who could she ask for help when it was her own mother, the police, social worker teaming up with her abuser and doing this? Nobody, Mary was truly alone with virtually no assistance to speak of. Her beloved child was abducted, she was openly stalked with the aid of the people employed to protect her – a victim of domestic violence from another state, with a court protective order they ignored.

This was only the beginning…

(Read the rest of the story here…)



  1. They also steal money from anyone in jail…this happened to my brother. They took him in for a trumped up charge. He is a diabetic. They tested him and his blood sugar was 62! A drop of just 20 points is coma time. Seeing that, they still made him take a shower and didnt test him again. As he got out, they gave him a “card” that he can’t use anywhere after they took his cash. Do you happenen to know if this is standard procedure? And I personally was dragged out of a car when I didn’t voluntarily exit the car and know lots of horror stories about these thugs with guns (and pepper spray and tazers and billy clubs). It’s sickening and someone i know that has gone in to slay dragons in this infested place tells me Collin County is THE most corrupt in the state of Texas. But if you do know anything about the “you dont get your cash back, here’s a card”, I am all ears. Pls send it to deborah underscore now at yah*oo dot com.

    1. In my experience (in Texas) if any inmate is released from county jail or tdc and they have money on their books, it is usually given to the inmates In check form. As for taking their money, the inmates can usually ask the judge to waive Court costs and fees that otherwise will be automatically withdrawn from the inmates accounts. Some even take money for the mugshots and any medical visits while they were incarcerated. What’s unfortunate is that money is being put in by family and fiends of the inmate, so in actuality, the families are paying for court costs they don’t owe. There are many flaws in the system, it’s all about profits. Inmates are treated like animals. Watch the movie Felon with Stephen Dorff … That movie is EXACTLY how it is in California’s prisons and Anyone can accidentally end up there for reasons beyond their control. People who Have never had a situation like that take a loved one to prison dont understand that. Godspeed to you and your brother I hope you are faring well.

    1. Former Collin County DA Tom O’Connell and former District Judge Verla Sue Holland both admitted in 2008 depositions that they had engaged in a lengthy extramarital affair; a habeas corpus proceeding challenged the fairness of Holland sitting in a capital case that O’Connell had prosecuted years after their relationship had ended. Roach’s son, John Roach Jr., is a district judge who did not hear criminal cases until after his father left office, and now Willis has a wife on the bench, who in turn is not hearing criminal matters. It’s not unusual for Collin County law offices to feature several generations of attorneys from the same family.


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