Senator Nancy Schafer was MURDERED for Fighting The Corrupt Business of CPS

GEORGIA POLITICS 2:13 p.m. Saturday, March 27, 2010

Murder-suicide – possible cause of deaths of former state Sen. Schafer and husband

By Mashaun D. Simon and Aaron Gould Sheinin

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Conservative political activist and former state Sen. Nancy Schaefer and her husband Bruce have died of an apparent murder-suicide.

Ben Gray, AJCFormer Ga. state senator Nancy Schaefer and her husband were found dead Friday in Habersham.

Few details were available Saturday, the day after the couple’s bodies were found. It could be weeks before autopsy results are available, Habersham county Coroner Kasey McEntire told the AJC Saturday.

Meanwhile, tributes and condolences continued to pour in from lawmakers and others.

“I had the privilege of serving with Nancy for several years in the State Senate and appreciated her kind heart and desire to serve the people of Georgia well. Nita and I will be praying for the entire Schaefer family and ask that the Lord will provide them with peace that passes all understanding during this difficult time,” Lt. Governor Casey Cagle said in a statement.

GBI spokesman John Bankhead told the AJC there will be a thorough investigation into what happened. He could not say who might have been the shooter. Six GBI agents and two crime scene technicians were at the scene of the Schaefer home in Habersham County Friday night.

An announcement was made around 7:30 p.m. Friday on the floor of the Georgia General Assembly.

Sen. Don Thomas, a physician and who said he knew the couple well,  said he believed Bruce Schaefer, 74, had cancer.

“In those moments, you are not at your complete sanity,” said Thomas, of Dalton. “Some people figure the best way is to end it for both of you. They were married for so long. Loved each other so much. When you see somebody that you love so much, every now and then, you think the best way out of it is to go and be with the Lord. ”

Schaefer, a former Atlanta mayoral candidate and two-term senator, was beaten by Habersham County Commission Chairman Jim Butterworth in a north Georgia Republican runoff in 2008.

“This news hits the hearts of many in our community and I want to be among the first to express my deepest condolences to the family of Nancy and Bruce Schaefer. The Schaefer’s were a blessing to many who were privileged to know them,” Butterworth said in a statement.

Rep. Rick Austin made the announcement from the house floor of the couple’s death before the chamber observed a moment of silence. Austin represents Habersham and White counties, near Schaefer’s home.

“Nancy Schaefer was a great lady, and she served Georgia and her constituents with honor and grace,” Austin said.

Neill Herring, a veteran environmental lobbyist, said Schaefer came to symbolize “a period in Georgia history where the Christian right was really in the ascendancy. I almost feel like her defeat in the last election was a sign that that power had began to wane.”

Schaefer and her husband were the parents of five children and moved to Habersham County in North Georgia after living in Atlanta for 35 years. The daughter of a North Georgia Superior Court Judge and granddaughter of a state legislator, Schaefer, 73,  entered the public eye in 1985 when she organized a Constitutional Liberties Rally in Atlanta.

The following year, she founded Schaefer Family Concerns, Inc., a nonprofit foundation dedicated to issues such as display of the Ten Commandments in public buildings and opposition to abortion.

She was the Republican nominee for Lt. Governor in 1994. In 1998, she sought the GOP nomination for governor.

According to her state senate biography, she was an eight year Trustee of the National Ethics and Religions Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). She represented Family Concerns and the SBC at the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing in 1995, the U.N. Conference on Human Settlements in Istanbul, the U.N. Conference on Food in Rome, Italy and the U.N. follow up Conference to Beijing in New York.

She is a former First Vice President of the Georgia Baptist Convention, a frequent speaker to churches of all denominations, a speaker to civic and political organizations, and a frequent guest on radio and local and national television programs across the nation. She was also a Sunday School Teacher.

Nancy Schaefer was chosen as a Gracious Lady of Georgia, served on numerous advisory boards and directorships and in 2001 became the first woman Trustee for Toccoa Falls College in Toccoa, Georgia.

As a state senator, Schaefer represented the 50th district, including Banks, Franklin, Habersham, Hart, Rabun, Stephens, and Towns Counties, as well as part of White County.

– Staff writers Ernie Suggs, Nancy Badertscher and Alexis Stevens contributed to this report

MARCH 31, 2010


Bodies Discovered –

Nancy Schaefer and Husband Bruce Schaefer

“The bodies of Bruce and Nancy Schaefer, 74 and 73, respectively, were found Friday evening around 6 p.m. by their daughter at the couple’s Clarkesville home. The daughter, one of the Schaefers’ five children, lived in the same gated community as her parents and entered the home when she was unable to reach them.  After finding her parents dead in their bedroom, the woman called 911.”  (1.
You will note that a mainstream media network,, carries ‘the line’ version of the killing with:

“Officials: Husband Shot Former Ga. Lawmaker in the Back. AP

Georgia investigators concluded that Bruce Schaefer, 74, shot his wife, former state Sen. Nancy Schaefer, once in the back in the bedroom and then shot himself in the head.”” 

Also, this version varies from others since it says Bruce shot himself in the head and not the chest.
Do you wonder if they can ever get their story straight?

Mrs. Schaefer was shot once in the back, and her husband was shot once in the chest, according to other versions. 

1.  Nancy had been encouraged to run for high office and a presidential candidacy, according to comments left at reporting websites on these deaths.

2.  She had done much exposure of the reported CPS pedophile ring activity and some believe she and her husband were executed for it.3.  In the event she did intend to run for public office since learning of the CPS pedophile activity, the guilty parties knew they risked certain exposure, indictments, prosecutions, and penalties.4.  Her violent murder after exposing pedophile information comes on the heels of the attempted child kidnapping event(s) in Haiti.

5.  Information suggests her husband was not, in fact, suffering from cancer according to reported statements from relatives.

6.  Did Senator Nancy Schaefer know how high the child kidnapping and pedophile corruption goes?

7.  What will American People do without basically good public officials like Nancy Schaefer who care enough for their welfare to investigate and expose the truth? 8.  See Senator Nancy Schaefer’s crimefighting pdf document PDF HERE

9.  Senator Nancy was for The Constitution and anti abortion, The Ten Commandments, “The daughter of a North Georgia Superior Court Judge and granddaughter of a state legislator, Nancy Schaefer became visible to the public in 1985, when she organized a constitutional liberties rally in Atlanta. In 1986, she founded Schaefer Family Concerns, Inc., a nonprofit foundation dedicated to issues such as display of the Ten Commandments in public buildings and opposition to abortion.”

10. The couple had been married for 52 years and had five children.  No, I don’t necessarily buy it that such a longtime married couple would end in suicide-homicide, especially after raising five kids in the family.

Senator Schaefer Murder & Foster Home Killings & CPS

Is This Case Related or Similar to The Billings Murders?

Murders made to appear as suicides?

Undoubtedly, foster homes are often involved with CPS and abused children cases, etc..      — The question is:

Are these murders similar in cause to the Billings murders where the foster parents of a foster home were executed, but it could not be ‘officially’ labeled a murder-suicide due to the surveillance camera records?  

You recall how in that double homicide someone was reportedly designated to turn off the foster home surveillance cameras and failed to do that, so the grisly murders were literally preserved on film.

Also, there are more breaking reports of enlisted soldiers acting as ‘hit men’, such as the arrest of, in the murders of this Florida couple who adopted special needs children, a man associated with a ‘Special Operations Command’. 

Donnie Ray Stallworth, was reported to have been with an Air Force Special Operations Command with an aircraft maintenance squadron at Hurlburt Field, which is near Fort Walton Beach.

The less emphasized twist is; the news reports stated that it wasn’t clear how he knew the others.  Were the reports left this way in order to conceal a larger operation, possibly run from a U.S. Military Operation?

ADDITION – April 6, 2010

Air Force Special Ops Donnie Stallworth’s appearance in the Billings murders does not prove military involvement in the crime, it is highly suspicious due to the following history of facts.
Recall how it was a Satanic leader of Church(or Temple) of Set, Michael Aquino, and his Army Intelligence and Nazi contacts who were investigated in the San Francisco Presidio child abuse case.
Keep in mind what all the following victims had in common: MILITARY-MILITARY INTELLIGENCE 

1.  JonBenet Ramsey, murdered. Father was Naval Intelligence officer. 
2.  Christina Williams, abducted at Monterey Presidio Army base.  
3.  Polly Klass, kidnapped & murdered. Grandfather was or had been a high ranking Air Force Intelligence officer.

ADDITION – Jan 5, 2011Military Psyops Units are embedded in local television stations.   CONFIRMED
Since it has been confirmed that Pentagon Personnel were charged in relation to pedophile operations, and, it has been confirmed that U.S. military psyops units actually have soldiers working within local television stations, and since we know that Operation Mockingbird has slanted news reports with pro-government spin, it seems very possible that the reports of the late Senator Nancy Schaefer’s murder may be obfuscated.
 How hardly can the public get the truth with U.S. military spin agents working embedded within the actual news agencies who deliver our so-called news?This matter of suspicion is further compounded by the fact that satanist Lt. Col. Michael Aquino is or has been involved commanding Army Psyops Unit(s), and has been under investigation in the child abuse-ritual murder, etc.
It is these very Army Psyops units which have invaded the media broadcasting and news publishing agencies, the same agencies depended upon to ultimately tell the public what really happened in the murder of famous publicist Ronni Chasen, for example.
How can you believe what these militarized so-called news agencies tell you?   They have ‘interests’ to protect.
What is their exact function-relation to public relations and public relations agencies such as Chasen & Associates – the late Ronnie Chasen’s company?Senator Nancy Schaefer’s home state, Georgia., is also the location of the 16th Psychological Operations Battalion’s 310th Psychological Operations Company at Forrest Park, Georgia.  Battalion is listed as Fort Sheridan, Illinois.  Also nearby is neighboring state North Carolina’s Ft. Bragg which has the 4th Psychological Operations Group(Airborne).  (6)  Also there is a  Psyops Unit headquartered in Nashville, Tn., and the whole country is full of these units.There is too much potential for conflicts of interests against the American People for these psychological operations units to reside within news agencies which are considered private news companies who dispense the news.  If military personnel are within these agencies they should call them the military news, especially when government subsidies most likely fund these news agencies and there are probably clauses of specific performance which allow the military to influence programming.END ADDITION – Jan 5, 2011

SEE:  U.S. Military Testing Mind Control Through The TV   for proof of military psyops inside U.S. tv stations.

Original article of March 31st resumes-
How many subpoenas, indictments, depositions, and/or other documents may have been in the safe in the Billings’ home when they were attacked? 

At least one member of that killer team had, according to news reports, been formerly linked to – or in a military special ops unit. 
If there is a CPS-Pedophile racket and a broad clean-up operation is attempting to bury evidence by performing selected murders, and we now see that at least one member of one operation was in a military special ops unit, it tends to point the finger of guilt toward government and/or the use of military personnel covert assistance for other government agencies.
Obtaining concrete proof is extremely difficult if surviving investigators such as the late Senator Nancy Schaefer are gunned down right in their homes like the Billingses were.

Whereas this editor suspects that many former assassinations of past decades were achieved with the use of PEP, (pulmonary embolism pills), or ‘too much pills and liquor’, and the like, it now appears that some of the recent selected assassinations happen with sudden importance or urgency behind them, indicated by immediate gunplay such as in The JFK Assassination where JFK was reportedly to publicly disclose information at a speech in Ft. Worth, Texas, but was gunned down in Dallas just before he could read his notecards which were allegedly in his coat pocket.

What is the urgency which may have been behind the immediate ‘red listing’ of some recent victims such as Senator Nancy Schaefer? 
It may be the risk of possible exposure of an entire criminal government operating as a de facto corporation instead of a de jure republic under the law, The Constitution. 
Remember how Senator Schaefer was not only anti-abortion, but was a Constitutionalist.  It figures that she was for returning The U.S. back to Common Law under The Constitution at a time while our nation is under a desperate corporate-Marxist dictatorship regime which is suffering risk of exposure of election crimes and other criminal allegations.

In the Billings case it does not fit that even low i.q. bandit-killers would expect to make much money from a few grand or so after dividing it up 5-7 ways.  Would a couple grand be enough for them to risk life in prison or the death penalty?   Not necessarily. 
This robbery execution caught on camera may have been intended to look like a murder-suicide as a front for a grisly ‘clean-up’ operation of removing ‘sensitive’ papers which would have incriminated some very important person(s).If so, it was a loss for the CONS who planned & perpetrated
 this double homicide,because the media was unable to list it as a murder-suicide, and it was literally a military style, covert assassination operation.

Why are so many deep cover high ranking pedophiles still receiving such massive help and protection from exposure? 
It’s apparently enabled by our U.S. Taxpayer dollars which fund government agencies which are not transparent and have little to no oversight. 
The possible involvement of The Fed in unlawful activities is great, due to the ability to create, launder and manipulate money through Fed outlets.  See the Wachovia information.  
Read the part about laundering money through pedophile rings.This article has been expanded.  We must stand in awe at Senator Nancy Schaefer’s remarkable record of achievements. Editors

Oddities in the Nancy Schaefer “Suicide” Case

Garland Favorito
March 30, 2010

On Friday, former Senator Nancy Schaefer and her husband were found dead in their home in Habersham County. Even before a GBI investigation could be initiated, media outlets began pronouncing that their death was a “murder-suicide” and shut off most public comment posting on their web sites. The “murder suicide” theory implies that Sen. Schaefer’s husband shot her and then killed himself (or vice versa). Both Habersham County and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation began investigating the case as a “murder suicide” rather than the more obvious “murder made to look like suicide”. Like so many people, I have known former Sen. Nancy Schaefer for 15 years and spoken to several people who know her better than I do. They believe that the “murder suicide” theory is highly unlikely for any one of the following reasons:

1. It is totally against Nancy Schaefer’s consistently strong commitment to the sanctity of life principles that she has fought so valiantly to uphold;

2. Nancy and her husband, Bruce, have five children and more than a dozen grandchildren who they would not choose to leave behind so abruptly;

3. Bruce’s problem with cancer was corrected and under control so there was no reason to end his life as one senator tried to imply;

4. Nancy or Bruce would not likely agree to commit such an act that violates the fundamental principles of their Christian faith;

5. Bruce was retired and the couple did not appear to be in any type of dire financial crisis that would lead them to commit such acts;

6. Bruce and Nancy knew that her sister who had Alzheimer’s disease needed her to help take care of her;

7. Friends who knew the couple best state that Bruce would simply not have the capability to kill his wife;

8. Nancy was dedicated, as a national leader, to help needy people overcome abuse within Child Protective Services organizations;

9. Nancy was actively exposing corruption within the Department of Family & Child Services (DFCS) including actions by the DFCS director in the county where she lived.

10. Nancy knew that she was needed in the fight against child sex slave trafficking in Atlanta which has one of the highest activity rates in the country;

11. Bruce was highly supportive of Nancy’s work for decades and would have little or no reason to suddenly try to kill her at such a critical juncture in her career.

Specifically in Georgia, former Senator Nancy Schaefer had found during the last few years that:

– in Georgia housed children in a foster home with a known pedophile who molested the children.

– in Habersham County failed to remove six children from a home where they are being abused and tortured.

– in Georgia turned two girls over to a California father who had a pornographic video business.

A report that Nancy Schaefer produced on these remarkable cases can be found here:

Nancy Schaefer was also interviewed extensively by talk show host Alex Jones about corruption in Child Protection Services nationally. A multi-part series of her interview and an Eagle Forum presentation can be found on You Tube here:

In addition, Senator Schaefer led opposition to HB582 and SB304, two bills introduced by fellow Republicans that would have likely resulted in increasing child sex slave trafficking. These bills would have made it legal for teenagers to participate in certain illicit acts. The bills effectively removed the legal authority that police now have to pick teenagers up and get them into protective custody so that they can no longer be pimped for those acts.

As President of Georgia Eagle Forum, Nancy Schaefer planned to be in Alabama this weekend for an Eagle Forum convention. Instead she chose to stay in Georgia to develop new information that would have further exposed corruption in DFCS and beyond. Many Eagle forum members who were close to Sen. Schaefer were aware of her courageous efforts. None of them believe that either she or her husband was involved in any type of suicide.

It is particularly ironic that the Atlanta Journal Constitution (AJC) chose to quote State Sen. Don Thomas in their March 26 article about Sen. Schaefer’s death. The AJC portrayed him as a friend of the couple even though he lives on the other side of the state from the Schaefer family and was diametrically opposed to many of their core beliefs. Sen. Thomas, the Chairman of the Health and Human Services Committee, immediately propagated and expanded the “murder-suicide” theory without any first-hand knowledge or evidence. That is very disturbing considering it is his committee that should have been helping to clean up the corruption at DFCS. Activists supporting Sen. Schaefer explained that he constantly advocated increased power and authority for DFCS in spite of the evidence showing the organization was misusing that authority.

With Nancy Schaefer no longer on the scene the question may be raised as to how best to continue her legacy. I believe that she would want conservatives, progressives, libertarians, constitutionalists as well as grass roots Democrats and Republicans throughout Georgia to unite and work to rectify the corruption in DFCS and eliminate child sex slave trafficking in Georgia.

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