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(for the protection and privacy of the child and mother involved, names have been changed)


If she left him, she would pay. That’s what Robbie would tell Mary in the mid-1990’s during their brief 2-3 year (abusive) marriage. If she left him, she would never see her son again. He had been physically abusive, involved in a cult-like group that has camps world-wide and he vowed to hide Mary’s son from her forever if she left.

She took the chance…and she left.

Mary moved several states away from Texas to escape domestic violence and spousal abuse from Robbie. She found her ‘safe state’ in this new place and for nearly 6 years the mother and son had lived an abuse-free life. Mary had remarried, and begun a new life. She had obtained a domestic violence protective order after her divorce when he continued to stalk and abuse her, particularly when he found out she would be remarrying another man who would raise their son as his own.

For nearly 6 years Robbie remained quiet and began another relationship with a woman who had children from another relationship. Ironically her daughter was the same age as Mary’s daughter. Except for his attempts to contact her via email or phone on holidays and birthdays, he was quiet. Each violation Mary recorded in a log she kept, and reported to the police in her ‘safe state’. But Robbie eluded law enforcement, and without violence or significant threats in his contacts, the violations were not severe enough to warrant an interstate investigation and arrest with extradition.

Getting away with minor violations made Robbie bolder as time went by. He racked up nearly $50,000.00 in unpaid child support as his lifestyle was deeply ingrained into Satanism and his occult group…secretly.

On the outside, he involved himself in the local Christian churches and Christian private schools. He was freely donating his time and services as a webmaster and giving the churches and schools free websites….this ultimately gave him credibility and witnesses that he had changed from his occultist ways. He did this planning to have a plan to dispute Mary’s allegation that he was involved in the ‘cult’, if he should ever need to.

It also gave him access to children…

He spent that time plotting … planning… and waiting for his chance to catch his prey, his ex-wife, and keep true to his vow if she left him… he would see to it that she pay.

In October 2003, Mary and her young 8 year old son reluctantly left their new ‘safe’ state for an extended vacation to visit and receive help from her family in Texas. It was a difficult time because of marital problems between Mary and her new husband of 3 years, whom she married following her divorce from Robbie. The separation had a lot to do with the stress of the aftermath Mary suffered from her abusive marriage and living in constant fear. This time, though, Mary had become ill following a car accident. When the new couple separated, Mary was crushed and heartbroken. She was having great difficulty dealing with the separation and being thrown into single motherhood while suffering illnesses and living alone in her ‘safe state’.

It eventually proved too much for her to handle, and after losing the marital home, she called on her family in Texas to help. With reassurances of love and protection from family, Mary reluctantly returned to Texas, and thought they would be all right for the couple of months they intended to stay. It was a fatal mistake.

Just after the holiday season, Mary’s former husband, abuser and alleged father of her young son began attempting to make contact with them to see the child, disregarding very specific Domestic Violence Court Protective Orders totally restricting contact and visitation between this abusive man and his ex-wife and her child. Mary reported his stalking behaviors to the police department of a suburb of Dallas/Ft.Worth Texas, whose response never erred on the side of caution. On at least 8 occasions, the Police refused to protect the mother and child and would not enforce the valid out-of-state order for such protection.

The alleged father began to conspire with Mary’s unstable and estranged biological mother in an effort to give the maternal grandmother custody of this beautiful child and to get the Texas Courts to grant visitation to the abusive father. He had managed to do and “get away” with much since his release from an prison in 1994. He knew that with the assistance of those Grandmommy rubbed shoulders with – the local Child Protective Services workers and police officers – allegations of severe abuses by Mary against her son would be their ticket to standing in family court. He had the criminal mind to create the plan and the Grandmother had the sympathy and reputation to carry it out. It was a perfect plan.

The abuses cited were abuses Grandmommy herself had levied against the child, the child’s older sister and against Mary herself; but somehow, despite outcries from the children, Grandmommy was never cited for abuse. They also accused Mary, a paralegal with no criminal record, of several drug trafficking and manufacturing allegations – using her history of addiction, which was over a decade before as a teenager. They even went so far as to accuse her of sexual abuse against the children which, ultimately, would be proven to be exactly what Robbie, himself, was committing against his new stepdaughter at home in a small town in Texas.

CPS IGNORED Child’s OUTCRIES OF Sexual Abuse And “Administratively Closed” Investigation

Mary went with her daughter, a teenager, to counseling, where she made sexual abuse outcries against her ex-husband Robbie, of abuse that had occurred ten years before when she was only 4 or 5 years old. This was reported to the authorities, by the children’s therapist, and the school officials and CPS social workers were made aware. Oddly, despite informing the authorities of these outcries and despite photographic evidence of her ex-husband’s violations of her ‘safe state’ issued protective order against domestic violence, the authorities repeatedly turned a deaf ear toward the concerns regarding the safety of Mary and her children; as well as the new stepdaughter living with Robbie.

The Department Child Protective Services caseworker and her superior “administratively closed” an investigation of sexual abuse against Robbie, despite a finding of risk that this man was, at the current time, living with and possibly abusing his stepdaughter. In the end, it was revealed that Robbie was, indeed, abusing his stepdaughter who might have escaped her tormenting abuser – at least for two years, had they done their job. If CPS had listened to Mary and her daughter’s outcries, rather than ignoring them, things might have been a lot different for these children.

By mid-spring in 2004 the allegations against Mary were dropped and she was cleared of any charges of abuse or neglect against her son. Life seemed quiet once again. Mary and her son needed to wrap up the last of the Court appearances and gather the remaining portion of their belongings for shipping home. For the most part, their nightmare was over….or so they thought.

Child Abduction, Theft & Fraudulent Mental Illness Warrant

In May 2004, Mary’s son went to church, never to return home. She was told that he went to ‘spend time with Grandmommy’ after church. After a couple days when Grandmommy and the boy could not be found, it became clear that Grandmommy was up to something. It was revealed that Robbie had fostered a relationship with the local police, CPS and GrandMommy, and that Mary’s son would not be coming home.

Two days after he’d left for church, a frantic Mary was confused when an agent of CPS and a local police officer knocked at her door. While trying to explain to them that she needed help to find her son, they asked her to sign custody of her beloved son over to GrandMommy while she was investigated yet more of allegations of abuse that had just been made again – reported by her ex-husband and GrandMommy to be the reason they took the child.

Mary refused to sign anything, demanding to speak to her attorney. She showed the CPS worker and officer the letter she had received just 14 days earlier clearing her of abuse. They took that letter from her apartment before leaving, and it took Mary over a year to get another copy from CPS, who dragged their feet on it, forcing her to go to the Ombudsman’s office to demand it.

When she attempted to report the abduction of her son to the local police, but was handed the excuse of “it’s a civil matter”, so her attorney went to work on a motion to bring her child home immediately; it was granted by the end of that week.

The day the court order to have her son returned to her was signed, Mary answered the door expecting her child to be there, but instead she was humiliated and victimized again by the local police. She was apprehended and escorted to a mental hospital for ‘observation’ based on a false affidavit filled out by the CPS agent making further allegations of abuse for the child Mary had not even seen in nearly a week. It was signed by GrandMommy and witnessed by the same officer who had been with the social worker earlier that week.

The doctor found no cause to detain her and Mary was released within 24 hours, having never been officially admitted. They had executed the warrant on a Friday hoping it would keep Mary in the hospital until Monday at the least, but it was so apparent that this was a scam that the doctors released her by Saturday morning, and there is no record whatsoever in the court files of her being at that hospital. During that evaluation, she did, however, admit to prior use of cocaine, heroin, marijuana and LSD as a teenager (15 years before). That list of drugs later used as a false allegation that she was currently using them around her child – which was completely untrue.

At the time she was hospitalized, the only drugs she was taking were the ones lawfully given to her by the hospital, Xanax and HydroCodone. There was no toxicology report because she never submitted to a UA test, but CPS testified she was positive for cocaine, heroin, marijuana, and LSD (a drug that cannot be tested for on an instant test anyhow). If she had, in fact, had those drugs in her system, why would the hospital risk the liability of giving her Xanax and Vicodin?

Who did her Mother know at that hospital, in another county than the one the Warrant was issued in, that made them decide to take her to another hospital than the one listed in the warrant? Maybe it was a nurse of the hospital, who altered the patient records, by slipping a note in on the release of information form, adding Mary’s mother, as authorized to ‘give information to the hospital about the patient’, and added in the notes yet another allegation of abuse with a notation of a phone call received from Mary’s mother. She signed off as a hospital social worker. The final allegation was that Mary was delusional and had voices in her head telling her to kill her child (that she did not have possession of) with a sword.

This was finally a strong enough allegation to warrant CPS in filing for custody of the child immediately. There was but one final obstacle, Mary still had an Order for the child to be returned and the next week when she attempted to enforce that Order, the CPS worker decided, that in order to keep the child from going back to his mother, she would place him in foster care, citing that the Mother was a flight risk, and may flee with the child to Florida – home – where the Mother and child lived – and where her husband was still living.

During the 24 hour period of time while Mary was in the mental hospital, Grandmommy, Robbie, the police officer, and CPS worker, sent the 8 year old child in to coerce the apartment manager to give him a key. They worried him about his pet dog, telling him it was left alone in the apartment while his Mother was sick in the hospital. This allowed for the unlawful entry and search/seizure of Mary’s apartment. They stole over $10,000 worth of property and goods with the assistance of law enforcement that night; including all of the home videos and photographs of Mary and her children’s lives together, proof that she was a good mom. When they entered the apartment and found Mary’s friend there caring for the dog, the officer arrested her on an old traffic ticket and put the dog in the pound.

When Mary returned her apartment was ransacked and everything was gone – electronics, clothes, toys, journals, photos, her wedding rings, medications for a possibly fatal blood condition, money, and legal files/evidence she’d collected for years keeping her child safe from this predator. She found her apartment unlocked, windows open, the family dog gone, and an attempt at arson – the stove left burning and other heat producing office equipment left overturned and hidden behind her desk with crumpled papers stacked around it. Had this apartment been left unchecked for the length of time they had hoped Mary would be in the hospital, it would have likely caught fire, and destroyed not only her apartment but endanger the lives of others in the same housing complex.

As if that wasn’t enough, Mary went to pick the dog up from the local pound, even they had a notation on file that Mary was hospitalized for being psychotic, refusing to take her medication and alleged to abuse her child, so that the dog pound workers even looked at her like she was crazy when she spoke.

The humiliation, shock and trauma was indescribable… and who could she ask for help when it was her own mother, the police, social worker teaming up with her abuser and doing this? Nobody, Mary was truly alone with virtually no assistance to speak of. Her beloved child was abducted, she was openly stalked with the aid of the people employed to protect her – a victim of domestic violence from another state, with a court protective order they ignored.

This was only the beginning…

It has been over four years since the abduction of her son. He spent 9 months in foster care after the ransacking of her apartment and theft of her property. No arrest was ever made despite a detailed confession emailed to school officials, churchgoers, family and friends by those who committed the crime.

They not only accused her of horrific crimes against her child she adored, stole her property, but even set out her private sex toys and photographed them accusing her of orgies around her child. They did this in front of the child. The officer claimed to have found, but flushed, marijuana, so he could not charge her, but could take her son from her. Her son was abused in the foster home, beaten and lied to when they would not allow Mary to see him, telling him she never showed up.

Mary worked the services required by CPS in an attempt to regain custody of her son but when she discovered he was being abused, and got them on tape lying to cover it up, she had been placed under a gag order when she attempted to speak out publicly and expose the injustices of the Police and CPS. She posted a website timeline of events, alleged that CPS was committing Medicaid Fraud when she found out her child was overmedicated on psychotropic drugs he never had to take before foster care (or since). The treatments and drugs were administered by CPS’s contracted doctors and billed to Medicaid when the child had his own long-term doctors who knew him, but he was not allowed to see. He was covered by private health insurance paid for by Mary’s husband in Florida. There was no reason for the child to incur expenses for Medicaid to pay. Mary learned the hard way that the squeaky wheel may get the oil, but may also just been thrown out.

The louder she spoke out, the firmer the hand was against her by the system.In retrospect she should have kept quiet until her son was home, but at the time, her traumatized emotions coupled with protective maternal instincts and belief in her civil rights caused her to react in what they labeled ‘uncooperative’ with CPS and ‘non-conforming’ to the system. Mary was ultimately stripped of her rights to her son in court hearings she was not allowed to attend. She was restrained by Texas Courts from contact with her son. She was called a “flight risk” that she might take her son back to their ‘safe’ home state, placed under a protective order keeping her from him, and his name was changed, and personal address information sealed. She has not seen her child since March of 2005. She is not allowed to speak to him, even by telephone.

The CPS caseworker even stated in the case file “this is a case of child custody dispute, not a case of child abuse.”


“Why Didn’t They Listen To Me?!”

Mary sobbed as she looked at the picture of her former husband, Robbie, the man who stalked her and assisted in the abduction of her son. He was now featured on the front page of the newspaper website after his arrest for Child Molestation – a crime that could’ve been stopped two years earlier if they had listened to her.

Fugitive From Justice

In January 2006 Mary was in Texas visiting the home of the founder of an advocacy group out of a southern Texas city when everything changed. After 10 years of running from her abuser, Robbie, Mary knew well the eerie feeling that came with sensing danger from her ex. She got this feeling, which prompted her to leave her ‘safe state’ around Christmas 2005, on a Greyhound bus.

They received the phone call. In January 2006 Robbie, Mary’s ex-husband and abuser was arrested in Mary’s ‘safe state’ found to have been staying 3.15 miles from her home, as a fugitive from justice on a warrant out of Texas.Robbie has been indicted (and later plead guilty to)  several counts of aggravated sexual assault of a minor.

The primary victim was the daughter of the very woman who began this ordeal by making the first set of false allegations against Mary two years before in retaliation for the reported possibility of her child being at risk for molestation! Retaliation for Mary’s concern for abuse that was actually happening, though Mary had hoped it was not the case. Instead of taking it to heart, the woman reacted spitefully, or at the forced direction of Robbie, to report Mary for abuse, when she had never even met Mary.

Even after Robbie’s arrest which proved that Mary had reason to be concerned for the stepdaughter, a child that she never has met, the stepdaughter’s Mother has never come forward with the truth to save what remains of a little boys’ childhood and relationship with his mother. Is she afraid to admit she was wrong? Is she ashamed? Does she not realize what’s been done stemming from a stranger’s concern for her own child? Why won’t she come forward? Has she been threatened with similar retaliatory acts against her with other children?

The young Mother fell to her knees sobbing “Why didn’t they listen to me? Why?”

If they had listened to Mary, the child molestation victim(s) may have been saved over two years sooner!

In early 2006 Robbie awaited trial in his small Texas home town and Mary was bittersweet in her emotions now that the man she spent ten years running from has been exposed. But why isn’t Mary and her son reunited yet?

Why have there been no arrests related to Mary’s case with her son, for the violations of the protective order, or in the theft of over $10,000.00 worth of Mary’s property.In fact, the internal affairs investigation found “no wrongdoing” without explanation.


Why did this Texas CPS agency protect a child abuser, wife beater and sexual predator and place this mother and child in harm’s way? Why don’t they admit their mistakes? Are children and families so disposable in Texas?Victims of domestic violence should be protected no matter what state their protective order was issued in, and should not be re-victimized by the system. Abusers should not be allowed to use the system as a weapon when they can no longer use their fists. A mother and child should be protected by law enforcement from her abuser no matter where she is in.

Ending the cycle of abuse can only happen if all the agencies work together with the abuse victim.

Abusers utilize others, campaign to draw them away from their victim, to ‘side’ with the abuser, in order to weaken the victim, and further abuse; but these tactics are easily exposed after a period of time when the abuser contradicts himself, and often gets caught committing many of the same acts that he might be accusing the victim of. The victim is obviously mentally drained, and afraid, emotional, and worn, and the abusers often use that to their advantage, calling the victim mentally ill. When the victim attempts to protect the children from the abuser by restricting access, they cite ‘parental alienation’. Abusers have an answer for everything, and it must not be overlooked and strengthened by the system officials who are supposed to be protecting the victim, not the offender. Each violation that goes without enforcement under the law boasts their ego, making the abuser bolder, and eventually, it can have tragic results, even death.

“My relationship with her was over a long time ago, but my involvement never will be…” is what her ex-husband says.

Robbie plead guilty to charges of aggravated sexual assault on a child, compelling sexual performance by a child, and other child sex crimes. Due to his plea bargain agreement, he was only convicted for one victim; the true number of victims is still unconfirmed. The approximate ages of at least two of the victims were 4 to 12 years old. He was sentenced to concurrent 20 and 40 year sentences and will not be eligible for parole for at least 20 years; by then he will be in his 60’s. Even after incarceration, Mary has suffered harassing emails and phone calls from Robbie’s associates on the outside. She still watches over her shoulder, even without her child. He was never punished for anything he did to her in the last 15 years. He was never forced to obey any court order, not even the paternity test, to prove the allegation that he wasn’t even the biological father of the child to begin with! He was just an abusive partner. He was a drastic life-changing mistake Mary made.


Mary still waits for the day of truth, when she and her children are finally free to love each other again.


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