On Jan. 22, 2003, FRONTLINE, in collaboration with Columbia University’s School of Social Work and its Institute for Child and Family Policy, convened two panels of national experts at Columbia’s Alfred Lerner Hall to talk about the child welfare system and, more specifically, foster care.

FRONTLINE’s “Failure to Protect?: A National Dialogue” — co-produced with Fred Friendly Seminars, with primary editorial consultation provided by Columbia University’s Institute for Child and Family Policy — is an exploration of the complex and heartwrenching decisions made every day by workers and policymakers in the child welfare system. Moderator John Hockenberry, a correspondent for Dateline NBC, presents a realistic hypothetical case to a dozen panelists — child welfare experts and advocates — and encourages them to face those same tough decisions. (source: pbs:frontline:shows:fostercare: failure to protect)

The Scenario: A resident of Metropolis recently purchases a brownstone in a low-income neighborhood called Franklin Heights. Across the street, she sees a couple of children — one who looks to be about 8 years old and a baby. She notices that their clothes are dirty and they often lack adult supervision. She’s sufficiently concerned about the children’s well-being to pay a visit to their mother, Janice Smith.

What finally prompts the neighbor to call child protective services? And what will the caseworker assigned to the case and his supervisor decide about Janice and her children?

Read the entire transcript.(and lets discuss it here)

Video: Watch the entire program.

(Additional funding for “Failure to Protect?: A National Dialogue” is provided by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the David and Lucile Packard Foundation.)


Missing German Shepard
Needs Your Help

Angel has been Missing Since 3/5/2007

Lost ID: 375592 Microchip: 4307067E69

Pet Name:Angel

Last known major crossroads: NC Hwy 710 and Prospect Road, Pembroke, NC

I was told that she was last seen with another German Shepard in a field going towards the town of Lumberton, NC.She may have ended up in a shelter or foster group
possibly near fayetteville, nc, raleigh area
or perhaps anywhere in the nc or sc region;
If you are not near Pembroke
do not dismiss this missing pet,
she could be anywhere
if you run across a german shepard

# 4307067E69

PEMBROKE, North Carolina
Date of Birth:1/1/2001

Female: spayed
german shepherd
Wearing a red collar.

PLEASE SCAN for microchip.

Contact: 1-866-699-FIND (3463)
Lost ID: 375592 Microchip: 4307067E69
(use these IDs when calling animal report in)

Impact of Domestic Violence on Children

If this isn’t ever the truth! In the end it hurts the Children!

Children absorb their environment even at ages so young they can’t talk yet.

Domestic violence abusers often includes use the system as their weapon। of the time the abusers do this, they get away with it with the assistance of judicial officials and social services.

It must be stopped for the childrens’ sake.

Some of the Biggest Victims of Domestic Violence Are the Smallest

New Global Report Reveals Impact of Domestic Violence on Children

Aug 1, 2006
Publication: Business Wire

NEW YORK — A global report published today by UNICEF and The Body Shop International reveals the devastating and lasting impact on children of living with domestic violence. Based on global data from the United Nations Secretary-General’s Study on Violence against Children, the report conservatively estimates that as many as 275 million children are currently exposed to domestic violence. The fact that domestic violence is chronically underreported and that some countries have no data at all makes it difficult to quantify how many children it affects.

The figures reveal that every year in the United States, up to 2.7 million children have been exposed to violence against a parent.

“Domestic violence can have a lasting negative impact on children,” UNICEF Executive Director Ann M. Veneman said in New York. “We must do everything in our power to ensure that children grow up in safe and stable environments, free of violence.”

The Body Shop(R) is helping to take action against domestic violence by launching its 2006 Stop Violence in the Home Campaign, which focuses on children as the forgotten victims. For this year’s campaign, The Body Shop(R) has joined forces with the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence to raise funds and awareness to help protect and support children who are exposed to domestic violence.

Dame Anita Roddick, Founder of The Body Shop(R), added, “Our report shows that some of the biggest victims of domestic violence are the smallest. Protecting children should be the absolute concern of everybody who is working to see an end to domestic violence. We urge everyone to rally behind this global campaign.”

Defining domestic violence as physical, sexual, or psychological abuse of a parent or caregiver, the report finds that the experience of watching, hearing or otherwise being aware of domestic violence can impact children’s physical, emotional, and social development, both during childhood and later in life. In the vast majority of cases, domestic violence is perpetrated against women. At least one in three women globally is a victim of domestic violence. The report turns attention to the lesser-known facts: the impact on children who are exposed to this violence.

The lasting impact of domestic violence on children

The Body Shop’s Stop Violence in the Home global campaign aims to raise awareness and to encourage governments to better protect and support children who are exposed to domestic violence.

The report finds that children who live with domestic violence not only endure the distress of being surrounded by violence, but are more likely to become victims of abuse themselves. An estimated 40 per cent of child-abuse victims also have reported domestic violence in the home.

Even when children are not physically abused themselves, their exposure to domestic violence can have severe and lasting effects. The impact begins early: studies show that younger children are more likely to be exposed to domestic violence than older children, which can impair their mental and emotional growth in a critical stage of development.

As they grow up, children who are exposed to domestic violence continue to face a range of possible effects including trouble with school work, limited social skills, depression, anxiety and other psychological problems. They are at greater risk for substance abuse, teenage pregnancy and delinquent behavior, according to the report.

The report also finds that the single best predictor of children continuing the cycle of domestic violence, either as perpetrators or as victims, depends on whether or not they grow up in a home with domestic violence. Research shows that rates of abuse are higher among women whose husbands were abused as children or who saw their mothers being abused. Many studies have also found that children from violent homes show signs of more aggressive behavior, such as bullying, and are up to three times more likely to be involved in fighting.

The report urges governments and societies to pay more attention to the specific needs of children who live in homes impacted by domestic violence. It also identifies the need for better monitoring and reporting on the prevalence of domestic violence in order to shed light on this hidden issue.

Governments have a vital role to play in breaking the cycle of domestic violence and protecting the youngest victims of domestic violence, and are urged to:

–Raise awareness of the impact of domestic violence on children through public education campaigns and efforts to challenge beliefs and customs that condone violence.

–Create public policies and laws that protect children. Governments must enact and enforce laws and policies that criminalize domestic violence and protect all its victims.

–Improve social services that address the impact of violence in the home on children. Interventions that support children who are exposed to domestic violence help minimize the long-term risks to these children and must be adequately funded and scaled-up.

“We are very grateful to The Body Shop(R) staff and customers who are rallying behind this vital campaign in the United States. By taking a small step to purchase a soap, customers will be making a huge difference in the lives of children suffering from the impact of violence in the home,” said Kim Burrs, The Body Shop(R) Director of Values.

“The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence is pleased to be working with The Body Shop(R) and are particularly excited about the new Daisy Soap. It will raise critical money to help the N.C.A.D.V. fund work to support children who have suffered the impact of domestic violence. Every soap that someone buys is a vote to stop violence in the home,” said Rita Smith, Executive Director of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

Funds raised from the lightly scented new Daisy Soap ($4.00) will be donated to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence to help to fund the Teacher Training Campaign. The Teacher Training Campaign is part of a nationwide N.C.A.D.V. public awareness campaign to address the most effective ways to help protect children from the devastating effects of domestic violence, while training the people who interact with them on a daily basis – teachers.

NOTES TO EDITORS: The report Behind Closed Doors: The Impact of Domestic Violence on Children is the result of a new partnership between UNICEF, The Body Shop International, and the United Nations Secretary-General’s Study on Violence against Children, the first global report to document the nature and extent of violence against children.

The United Nations Secretary-General’s Study on Violence against Children

The Secretary-General’s Study, is a groundbreaking effort to detail the nature and scale of violence against children globally. Using the latest research from across the world, the study looks at violence in five settings: the home and family; schools and educational settings; other institutional settings (such as orphanages); the community and on the streets; and work situations.

Led by Paulo Sergio Pinheiro, former Secretary of State for Human Rights of Brazil, the study is being developed in close consultation with UNICEF, the World Health Organization and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.

The Stop Violence in the Home campaign

Stop Violence in the Home is part of The Body Shop International’s ongoing global campaign to raise awareness on the issue of domestic violence. To date more than GBP 2 million has been raised by The Body Shop(R) global campaign. Initially launched across the world in 2003, Stop Violence in the Home has been rolled out across the globe to help victims of domestic violence and is now running in more than 35 countries. The Body Shop International Plc has over 2,000 stores in over 50 markets worldwide. A global retailer of high quality toiletries and cosmetics, we are also committed to environmental protection and respect for human rights. We develop trading relationships with communities in need; we are against animal testing in the cosmetics industry; and we encourage education, awareness and involvement among our staff and customers.

COPYRIGHT 2006 Business Wire

Copyright 2006, Gale Group. All rights reserved. Gale Group is a Thomson Corporation Company.


Texas State Comptroller
“They are everybody’s children, and nobody’s children
.They are the forgotten children in the Texas foster care system.

This report
gives these children a voice.”

– 44 kids in DPRS care died
2003 – 30 kids in DPRS care died
2005 – 48 kids in DPRS care died

Former Pharmaceutical Rep talks about overmedication in foster care.

Many foster children have psychological problems and are being treated with an array of medications to manage their symptoms.


Their conditions are only worsened by multiple placements and frequent caseworker turnover. Government misuses anti-psychotics on our foster children in the system


Take the Chemical Straightjackets off our children!

The Supreme Court has clearly established that to constitute a compelling interest, state interference with a parent’s right to raise his or her child must be for the purpose of protecting the child’s health or welfare.Wisconsin v. Yoder, 406 U.S. 205, 230 (1972)

In addition to recognizing as a fundamental
liberty interest the right of parents to raise their children,
the Supreme Court has also established that the Constitution’s guarantee to fundamental privacy rights also embodies a fundamental right to parental autonomy in child rearing.

The Court acknowledged a “private realm of family life which the state cannot
Prince v. Massachusetts, 3210 U.S. 158, 166 (1944); Moore v. City of East Cleveland, 431-U.S. 494 (1977)

Without doubt, it denotes not merely freedom from bodily restraint but also the right of the individual to contract, to engage in any of the common occupations of life, to acquire useful knowledge, to marry, establish a home and bring up children, to worship God according to the dictates of his own conscience, and generally to enjoy those privileges long recognized at common law as essential to the orderly pursuit of happiness by free men. Meyer v. Nebraska, 262 U.S. 390, 399 (1923).

It’s Almost Tuesday (Conclusion)

I told Mommy that each time I go home from a visit I just scream at my foster Mom.
“Because each time she walks in, its not you, Mommy”
So I scream. I scream and I scream.
Really I wish I didn’t cause I only makes things worse, and making this foster mom mad is bad news. I try but I can’t help it, I’m only 8 and screaming helps me when I hurt so bad I feel like I will blow up. . One of my foster sisters told me at another place this girl would cut herself; I guess that’s how she let it out… I just scream, even though I know what it gets me.
“SHUT UP, BOY!” Mom yells.
I shut up.
I shut up when I felt the sting of her ruler across my side, but not before I tore the towel rack off the wall in the bathroom.
I never did that at my real home, I don’t know why I do it now.

“I want my Mommy!!!”
“I want my Mommy and my name’s not Boy!”

Visit Day on Tuesday is the best day of my life but Visit Day night is almost as horrible as Visit Day morning was fantastic. I think I’d be as quiet as a mouse if it mattered, but it doesn’t. It doesn’t matter what we do, we always do something wrong to Mom and Dad… I feel like I’m only here for them to get me to do things for them that they don’t want to do, and to cuss at. I hate it that they make us call them Mom and Dad.

Yesterday, my foster brother tried to break my neck. He’s the oldest. There are 3 other foster brothers. 4 foster sisters too. In my old life, I would’ve yelled for help, but not here. I learned that the first week. I yelled for help and they helped all right – helped choke me… and hold me down. Even Lil’ Sis sat on me, but I know why and I’m not mad at her. She’s afraid of them too, like me. But she knows I won’t hurt her later, so she sits on me, but not hard. Sometimes I see her looking at me and I can almost hear her saying she’s sorry with her eyes.

I wonder if she hears me wishing she was Wonder Woman and could save me.

I’d become that green guy with all the muscles and save her if I could; I’d save all the children, even the mean ones. I think sometimes the other kids are mean because they’re mad they are here. Maybe they learned that screaming doesn’t do any good but I bet they didn’t used to be mean in their old life. Like me, and the towel rack; I know in my old life I never saw some of the things that happened in foster care… its making me a different kid… we are all changing now that we are here.

I gave Lil’ Sis my white shirt when she came in, because she didn’t have any shirts that fit.

I try to protect her as much as I can, even from Mom. Especially now, ever since the night I call the “cord night”.

I could still feel the stinging on my side and butt from the ruler the night before. “It’s almost Tuesday, it’s almost Tuesday” I kept telling myself as I try to ignore the stinging and get ready to go to sleep. Dad was in the bathroom fixing the towel rack when it happened. Mom was mad too and got madder as Dad was calling me bad names for breaking the rack last night. He kept saying that they didn’t get paid enough money for the things that are broken by the “brats”. I don’t know who Dad gets paid by, but he’s always yelling, “It’s not enough to take care of you brats”. What is a brat? My mom didn’t call me names and I don’t think anybody paid her to take care of me.

Dad used to be in the army and he’s really fussy about things being just right. When Dad yells (which is a lot) he never uses our names. He even makes us wear army clothes sometimes. In my old life, I dressed like that for Halloween once. I won’t now, if I ever get to go back home. When Dad wasn’t around, we used to pretend we’re in the army and yell each other’s last names like he does, until he caught us, luckily it wasn’t me. We never knew what Dad did to the boy he caught, cuz I think the boy was too scared to ever tell anyone. He never did tell anyway. That was the last time we played that game, once Dad caught us.

So anyway, Mom got the computer cord out from her desk drawer. I wish I’d looked at the clock and reminded Lil’ Sis of the time but with Dad cussing and all that, I forgot. I jumped on top of Mom without thinking about how mad she’d get (she didn’t feed me for at least 4 days afterward). But I had to save Lil’ Sis!

Mom was choking Lil’ Sis, she couldn’t even get her fingers under the cord, but she was trying to so she could breathe. Her fingers are small too… she’s only 5.

Mom wasn’t stopping this time, not even when Lil’ Sis turned blue. Usually she stops way before, but lately she gets so mad and that night, I don’t think she even noticed Lil’ Sis turning so blue. It was really scary!!
Maybe Mom needs some of those pills she says I have to take because I scream on Tuesday nights.


I hit Mom with my GI Joe car to make her stop choking Lil’ Sis. Mom quit choking Lil’ Sis and started hitting me. I didn’t see My Mommy next Visit Day though. Mom said it was punishment, but mostly it was because of my eye. It had blood in it, and was all different colors – black and purple mostly, and I couldn’t open it from the swelling. I didn’t dare complain though or ask for a doctor. I imagine that maybe a doctor will get lost and accidentally knock on our door. Maybe the doctor would see my eyebrow was bleeding and stitch it. Dad said a butterfly band-aid was what they would put on it in the army and that would fix it… but it still bled for days. He made me go outside because I was bleeding and he said he didn’t want me to make more messes.

I dug a hole and kept warm under the leaves and grass and stuff. I couldn’t sleep, but I curled up into a little ball when I got scared. I pretended I was camping like I did when I was three years old and that my Mommy and Daddy were gonna be right back with marshmallows and graham crackers and lots and lots of chocolate.

“Dear God, please let me go home.”

I wiped the blood with my shirt. It mixed with the dirt and leaves and made my brow throb.
It hurts so bad.
I’m cold.
I wonder if Mommy’s gonna cry too, like me… cuz I didn’t get to see her that next Tuesday. I wonder what they told her.

I make myself into a tighter ball. I imagine that I’m at a circus and that I’m a red ball being bounced off a seal’s nose. I imagine bouncing from one seal to another seal and the seals clap and make that seal noise. I can almost hear the crowd cheer because I’m the smallest, tightest ball ever and I fly way high up into the circus tent … over the trapeze ropes even. I guess that’s when I fell asleep. The last thing I remember was everything turning white around me.

“God, Is that you? I prayed. Did you hear me? Am I dead? What day is it?”
“Please God don’t let me die until after Tuesday, I want to see my Mommy and tell her goodbye! I want to hug her again cuz I can’t smell her Tuesday perfume on my shirt anymore ‘cuz its too dirty!”

I can usually smell my Mommy for almost 5 days after a visit on my shirt. I try on the 6th day even though I know its probably faded by then. Still, I try. Since I gave Lil’ Sis my white shirt, they took all my stuff away. This is the only shirt I have left. It’ll be harder to smell Mommy from now on.

They even took my little rock Mommy gave me that has that bible verse on it about everything having its own time… like a time to live and a time to die. I don’t want to die yet.

“Is it really time for me to die, God? Not ’til Tuesday, God, please…”

“Wake Up! Wake Up! It’s Tuesday!” I can open my eye again. That’s not God telling me to wake up though, it sounds like Lil’ Sis…

I squint as the sun is starting to come down and is so bright. I don’t know how long I’ve been sleeping. I thought I was dead.

“Its Tuesday? Really?”

Lil’ Sis was shaking me, I was still in the hole, curled up in a ball, but we had to hurry, before she got caught outside. I know I’ll get to see Mommy today. They won’t hide me for two Tuesdays. No way!

I tell Lil’ Sis that it’ll all be okay once my Mommy sees my shirt. We’ll be saved. My Mommy isn’t Wonder Woman for real, but to me she is.
She’ll save us.
Then Mom walks in… she looks at me for a moment because she sees me smiling. Then she says “No Visit Today Boy. Your Mommy didn’t show up. I told you she doesn’t love you, that’s why you’re here…” I didn’t believe her really, but in foster care, you never really know what’s true, they lie to us so much.

I shouldn’t have let Mom see me smile. I think that’s why Mom said my Mommy didn’t show up. To take my smile away.

I think that on that Tuesday night, I screamed louder than ever! I screamed so loud that I got to see Mommy on Wednesday! The very next morning! When I fell asleep I dreamed that my Mommy screamed too, like me, and together we were so loud that the whole world could hear us. Then I found out that they were going to let us have a Wednesday Visit Day. I couldn’t wait to see Mommy and I did see her on the best Wednesday of my entire life, but I think for Mommy it wasn’t, she got really scared when she saw what’s left of my black eye and all the blood on my shirt. I’ll never forget it the rest of my life.

Mommy told me that she did go on Tuesday. The caseworker lied to her and told her I forgot to go to the visit but she knew that I would never forget.

Maybe my Mommy did scream like me.

I think they let me go home because of my shirt and my eye. Or maybe they realized my Mommy wasn’t really bad. The first thing I wanted to do when I got out was go to a circus and see if there were seals there.

I hug Mommy all the time now, 100 times a day it seems … I love to hug her so I can smell her perfume and I don’t care what day it is…I just want to smell her again…
and again
and again…

I still wake up from nightmares and Mommy always rushes in to comfort me right away. I don’t think she sleeps very well listening for my cries. I was so scared of waking Mom or Dad that I learned how to cry very softly at night. I know I’m not in foster care anymore, but I still try to be quiet as a mouse, even in my sleep. I don’t think Tuesday nights will ever be the same for me again, even if I’m not screaming anymore…
I will never go more than a week without wondering how many kids are screaming on Tuesday nights.

Or cutting themselves

Or turning mean.

When nobody is around, I imagine all the foster kids, even the ones I’ve never met, that are out there. They aren’t like my imaginary friends in my old life though. They’re real. They were my brothers and sisters for 18 months, and as long as there are foster homes like the one I had to live in, I know they’re being punished for something a grownup did wrong. I still can’t figure out why all those grownups don’t know better at their age. I used to think maybe it was because they weren’t as smart as me, but I’m not the only kid who understood. We all knew it, so it has to be something more than just being smart. I still don’t know why they really put me in there. Maybe God put me there so I could save Lil’ Sis that night from Mom. Maybe there isn’t really a God and that’s why there are foster homes to begin with. I don’t know. I’m just a kid.

I wish all the grownups in the world knew how it felt to be treated “worse than a pile of dirt”, I felt like I would die if I didn’t have next Tuesday. If they really truly knew how it felt, then there wouldn’t be any bad homes.
I know that’s true, because when I grow up, I’m going back. I am – so I can save a foster kid whose being hurt like I was, because it’s not fair for kids’ wishes not to come true.

My Mommy explained that the kids, who turned mean, didn’t have a day like my Tuesday Visit Days. Visit Days there are like resting days, like landing on free parking in monopoly.

Yeah, my mean foster brothers didn’t have Mommy’s to hug them and leave perfume on their shirts. That’s why they were mean, because they didn’t understand the first 6 days because everyday is the same as the day before. And on the 6th day, they didn’t hope for one more sweet-smelling whiff because they didn’t have a Mommy to visit tomorrow. Nobody tells kids like me what I’d have to do to survive when they put me in there, or that I would have to protect Lil’ Sis, especially on the cord night. I wish she could’ve come home with me. I’d protect her forever even though I’m not green and covered with muscles, but to her I was.

I tell God thank you every night for letting me go home, I don’t care if he really is real or not, because to me, he is.

Then it happened… I screamed again… I screamed just like I did in foster care.

My Mommy had never heard me scream since my new life, but one night I heard on TV… on the news… that they found her and she was dead. They said she was tucked away for bed, and wearing a white shirt. It was Lil’ Sis, and she was wearing the same shirt I gave her. They said she was holding a rock with a bible verse on it.

The news people said the foster parents were in shock and had no idea what happened. They said she had tried to run away the night before but they had found her and brought her home and when no one was looking, she drank some kind of poison.



I never thought I would scream again after I got home and my Mommy just grabbed me and hugged me and pulled me close to her. It was the first time I was held while I screamed, and it felt weird at first but then it felt better. When I stopped screaming, I told Mommy that Lil’ Sis was running away to find me. Mommy believed me even though I didn’t tell her how I knew; I guess it was my screams. I didn’t have to tell her that I didn’t think she drank the poison herself, or that her death was an accident. That night I wanted to tell Mommy everything, but I didn’t.

Lil’ Sis was one of the really little foster kids and I wish she could have lived with me but instead she died. Mommy held me all night, and I remembered how Lil’ Sis would ask if she could “smell the yummy flowers” on my shirt because she didn’t have a real Mommy. I wish she could have met mine.
I curled up as tight as I could in Mommy’s arms that night and thought about how Lil’ Sis would never know how good it felt to be held by a real Mommy, but at least she knew what a real Mommy smelled like, and it always made her smile.
I loved watching her eyes that were so big when she smiled each time.
I loved being home in my Mommy’s arms.
It felt so good and for the first time in my new life, I almost forgot what day it was.

Children Killed In The Care Of The Government

(Source:Connecticut DCF Watch)


Please take and have a moment of silence for the children below, and pray for these brave children that have given their all in this war. All of these deaths have happened with the support of your tax dollars, and after much protest and begging the government for help in stopping this.

I want to announce and declare the holocaust this is – going on in America today!

Please support us in stopping this


This is in memory of children who died after social service agencies removed them from the care of their parents, placing them with fosters, adopters, group homes, or psychiatric facilities.


As you read this list, and cry for these innocent lives that are stolen from them, please do not forget that these are only children that died!

  • This does not include the countless children that are abused in foster care that you never hear about.Also consider how many of these children were taken by mistake or as the result of false allegations.

  • How many of these children would be here with us today were it not for the mistakes of overzealous or negligent social workers/law enforcement officers?

  • How many of these children would be here were it not for the spite referrals called in by embittered ex-spouses or in order to get standing in a custody battle?

  • How many of these children were taken for reasons that could’ve been remedied with in-home services such as substance abuse cases where no abuse/injury to the child existed or because poverty was confused with neglect?

  • How many of these children did not have to die?

ONE child death is too many!

1.. Genesis Acosta-Garcia, Las Vegas Nevada, three months old, November 19, 2005, septic shock

2.. Travis C Adams, Salem Oregon, August 8 2000, December 16 2002, wandered into creek

3.. Kayla Y Allen, Richlands North Carolina, November 10 1995 – August 24 2003, poison

4.. Martin Lee Anderson, Panama City Florida, fourteen years old, January 6 2006, beating/sickle cell

5.. Richard L (Ricky) Aragon, Albuquerque New Mexico, January 24 1991 – April 12 1993, battered

6.. Shirley Arciszewski, Charlotte North Carolina, April 19 1992 – September 11 2004, restraint

7.. Miguel Humberto Arias-Baca, Westminster Colorado, two years old, February 2 1999, battered

8.. Ian August, Sevier Desert Utah, June 21 1988 – July 13, 2002, exhaustion

9.. Denzel Bailey, Los Angeles California, eleven months old, April 2001, malnutrition

10.. Jeffrey Baldwin, Toronto Ontario, December 20 1996 – November 30 2002, malnutrition/pneumonia

11.. Casey Paul Barrow, West Valley Utah, eighteen months old, October 22, 2003, battered

12.. Anthony Bars, Indiana, four years old, January 20 2004, starvation, battered

13.. Shelly Bash, Midland Michigan, eight years old, March 2005, transplant rejection

14.. Nadine Catherine Beaulieu, Dauphin Manitoba, twenty three months old, February 1996, battered

15.. Teddy Bellingham, Smiths Falls Ontario, sixteen years old, August 1992, beaten

16.. Jerome Bennett, Oshawa Ontario, fifteen years old, February 3 2006, homicide

17.. Maria Bennett, Lancaster Ohio, two years old, October 23, 2002, battered

18.. Modesto Blanco, Lubbock Texas, twenty two months old, March 2 2002,battered

19.. Christian Blewitt né sik, Halesowen England, three years old, December 2002, poison/battered

20.. Deondre Bondieumaitre, Florida, sixteen months old, April 16 2003,battered

21.. Timothy Boss, Remsen Iowa, ten years old, February 23 2000, battered

22.. Alex Boucher, New Port Richey Florida, January 25 1997 – September 25 2000, asphyxiation

23.. Ashley Boyd, LaFayette Georgia, twelve years old, December 13 2005, hit by car / suicide

24.. Kerry Brooks, Los Angeles California, nine years old, February 10 2001, suicide

25.. Talitha Brooks, Colorado, one year old, July 1998, heatstroke

26.. Amira Brown, Reading Pennsylvania, twelve years old, September 4 2005, battered / restraint

27.. Diminiqua Bryant, Dothan Alabama, two years old, May 1999, battered

28.. Scott Buckle, Swansea Wales, twelve years old, February 6 2005, hanging

29.. Latasha Bush, Manvel Texas, January 2 1987 – February 28 2002, restraint

30.. Michael Buxton, Miami Oklahoma, five years old, July 5 1998, battered

31.. Eduardo Calzada, Bakersfield California, three months old, March 2004, battered

32.. Chris Campbell, Toledo Iowa, thirteen years old, November 2, 1997, restraint

33.. Gladys Campbell, Philadelphia/New Jersey, two years old, ca 1988

34.. Edith Campos, Tucson Arizona, fifteen years old, February 4 1998, restraint

35.. Latasha Cannon, Boston Massachusetts, seventeen years old, April 2001, slashed throat

36.. Mario Cano, Chula Vista California, sixteen years old, April 27 1984, untreated blood clot

37.. Joshua K Causey, Detroit Michigan, March 21 1998 – March 18 2003, battered

38.. Sherry Charlie, British Columbia, nineteen months old, September 4 2002, battered

39.. Sarah Angelina Chavez, Alhambra California, two years old, October 11 2005, battered

40.. Felix Chen, Bloomington Indiana, August 27 1997 – April 1 2004, treatment withheld

41.. Sky Colon Cherevez, Paterson New Jersey, three months old, August 6, 1998, battered

42.. Tiffany H Clair, Fort Worth Texas, September 6 1985 – May 4 2001, heroin

43.. Brian Clark, New Jersey, three years old, January 2002, untreated pneumonia

44.. Angelic Clary, Bakersfield California, three months old September 14 2003

45.. Roshelle Clayborn, San Antonio Texas, sixteen years old, August 18 1997, restraint

46.. Casey Collier, Westminster Colorado, seventeen years old, December 21 1993, restraint

47.. Desiree Collins, Los Angeles California, fourteen years old, February 10 2002, gunshot

48.. Nicholas Contreras, Queen Creek Arizona, January 15 1982 – March 2 1998, untreated infection

49.. Adrianna Cram, Veracruz Mexico (US supervision), August 25 2000 – June 13 2005

50.. Christopher Henry Cryderman, Springfield Missouri, July 27 2004 – November 22 2004, untreated infection

51.. Dirk D Dalton, Clarkston Washington, June 7 1989 – May 1 1994, battered

52.. Arieale Daniels, Naples Florida, fifteen years old, 1999, car crash

53.. Tajuana Davidson, Phoenix Arizona, three years old, November 3 1993, battered

54.. China Marie Davis, Phoenix Arizona, March 23 1991 – October 31 1993, battered

55.. Sabrina Elizabeth Day, Charlotte North Carolina, July 4 1984 – February 10 2000, restraint

56.. Tyler Jospeh DeLeon, Stevens County Washington, January 13 1998 – January 13 2005, dehydration

57.. Kameron Justin Demery, Long Beach California, two years old, October 14 1996, battered

58.. Connre Dixon, Ridgefield Township Onio eleven years old, October 18, 2004, stabbing

59.. Mark Draheim, Orefield Pennsylvania, October 10 1984 – December 11 1998, restraint

60.. Charmaria Drake, Cleveland Ohio, twenty months old, March 13 2003, battered

61.. Stephanie Duffield, Manvel Texas, July 14 1984 – February 11 2001, restraint

62.. Willie Lawrence Durden III, Citrus County Florida, seventeen years old, October 2005, unknown/died in cell

63.. Brian Edgar, Overland Park Kansas, nine years old, December 30 2002, asphyxiation

64.. William Edgar, Peterborough Ontario, thirteen years old, March 1999, restraint

65.. Tiffany Eilders, Rancho Cucamonga California, fourteen weeks old, December 7 2005, battered

66.. Kayla Erlandson, King County Washington, two years old, April 1991, battered

67.. Luke Evans, Lowell Indiana, sixteen months old, November 30 2001, malnutrition/battered

68.. Roberta (Berta) Evers, Bayfield Colorado, six years old, June 13 1998, restraint

69.. Sara Eyerman, California, twenty months old, ca 1986, untreated pneumonia

70.. Miranda Finn, Lake Butler Florida, nine years old, January 25 2006, traffic accident

71.. Laura Fleming, Palmdale California, October 11 2004 – November 21 2004, cause unknown

72.. Sarah Jane Forrester, Woodlawn Maryland, October 30 1985 – found May 13 1999, battered and stabbed

73.. Kameryn Fountain, Bibb County Georgia, two months old, November 20 2005, unknown cause

74.. Henry Gallop, Boston Massachusetts, two years old, 1987, poison

75.. Alexander Ganadonegro, Albuquerque New Mexico, March 10 1998, February 4 1999, battered

76.. Christening (Mikie) Garcia, Ingram Texas, twelve years old, December 4 2005, restraint

77.. Dylan George, Fremont California, April 16 2002 – October 4 2004, battered

78.. Corese Goldman, Chicago Illinois, two years old, 1995, drowning

79.. Mollie Gonzales, Jefferson County Colorado, ten years old, November 18 2002, drug overdose

80.. Julio Gonzalez, Glendale California, May 10 1995 – December 29 1996, battered

81.. Elizabeth (Lizzy) Goodwin, Coeur d’Alene Idaho, March 22 1996 – October 22 2002, drowning

82.. Anthony Green, Brownwood Texas, fifteen years old, May 12 1991, restraint

83.. Sabrina Green, New York City, nine years old, November 8 1997, burned and battered

84.. Lamar D Greene, Jacksonville Florida, sixteen years old, 2001, car crash

85.. Corey Greer, Treasure Island Florida, four months old, ca 1985, dehydration

86.. Gage Guillen, Boston Massachusetts, three years old, 1995, strangulation

87.. Darvell Gulley, Lincoln Nebraska, thirteen years old, April 27 2002, restraint

88.. Savannah Brianna Marie Hall, Prince George British Columbia, September 9 1997 – January 21 2001, malnutrition/restraint

89.. Latiana Hamilton, Jacksonville Florida, seventeen months old, July 18 2001, drowning

90.. Mykeeda Hampton, District of Columbia, two years old, August 1997, battered

91.. Kelly M Hancock, Malden Massachusetts, November 6 1985 – July 18 2000, stabbed

92.. Laura Hanson, West Palm Beach Florida, May 17 1981 – November 19 1998, restraint

93.. Jerrell Hardiman, La Porte Indiana, four years old, October ca 1993, exposure

94.. Diane Harris, Seguin Texas, seventeen years old, April 11 1990, restraint

95.. Jessica Albina Hagmann, Prince William County Virginia, two years old, August 11 2003, smothered

96.. Letia Harrison, Akron Ohio, October 23 1999 – September 19 2002, baked in attic

97.. Jordan Heikamp, Toronto Ontario, May 19 1997 – June 23 1997, starvation

98.. Eric Hernandez, Cedar Hill Texas, January 6 1999 – March 7 1999, suffocation

99.. Zachary Higier, Massachusetts, May 24 2000 – August 15 2002, battered

100.. Dwight Hill, Tucson Arizona, four months old, November 16 2005, cause unknown

101.. Nina Victoria Hilt né¥ Vika Bazhenova, Manassas Virginia, thirty three months old, July 2 2005, battered

102.. Steven A Hoffa, Des Moines Iowa, February 4 1993 – May 18 1996, battered

103.. Richard (Ricky) Holland, Williamston Michigan, September 8 1997 – July 2005, battered

104.. Michael Anthony Hughes, Choctaw Oklahoma, March 21 1988 – September 12 1994, kidnap/missing

105.. Joseph (Joey) Huot, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, two years old, January 27 1988, battered

106.. Dion Jack, Sproat Lake British Columbia, six years old, March 1 2006, untreated seizure

107.. Walter Jackson, Chicago Illinois, ten months old, August 9 2005, battered

108.. Dominic James, Springfield Missouri, June 4 2000 – August 21 2002, battered

109.. Billie-Jo Jenkins, Hastings East Sussex England, thirteen years old, February 1997, battered

110.. Demetrius Jeffries, Crockett Texas, seventeen years old, August 26 1997, strangulation

111.. Dontel Jeffers, Boston Massachusetts, four years old, March 6 2005, battered

112.. Stephanie Jobin, Brampton Ontario, thirteen years old, June 21 1998, restraint

113.. Aaron Johnson, Boston Massachusetts, fifteen months old, 1987, poison

114.. Xolani Nkosi Johnson, Cape town South Africa, twelve years old, June 2 2001, AIDS

115.. Elijah James Johnson, Los Angeles California, three years old,May 10 1999, scalded

116.. Lorenzo Johnson, Queen Creek Arizona, 17 years old – June 27, 1994, drowned during escape

117.. Quartrina K (Snappy) Johnson, Pikesville Maryland, December 25 1988-July 20 2004, beaten and choked

118.. Christal Jones, New York City (Vermont ward), May 24 1984 – January 3 2001, suffocation

119.. David L Jones, Chicago Illinois, April 15 1992 – March 7 1998, battered

120.. Dennis Jurgens né Serry Sherwood, White Bear Lake Minnesota, three years old, April 11 1965, battered

121.. Marissa (Shorty) Karp, Pompano Beach Florida, December 6 1985 – August 19 2002, gunshot

122.. David Ryan Keeley, New Haven Connecticut, six years old, August 12 1998, battered

123.. Ashley Keen, Lake Butler Florida, thirteen years old, January 25 2006, traffic accident

124.. Cassandra Killpack, Springville Utah, November 29 1997 – June 9 2002, water therapy

125.. Ahmad King né ‘awls, Alma Georgia, three years old, January 24 2006, homicide

126.. Heather Michell Kish, Berlin Township Michigan, September 15 1987 – found October 6 2002, murdered

127.. Noah Knapp, Marysville Washington, six years old, May 30 2005, automobile collision

128.. Zaire Knott, Newark New Jersey, September 16 2005 – October 20 2005, cause unknown

129.. Anatoli Kolenda, Westfield Massachusetts, May 20 1991 – October 20 2002, stabbing

130.. Yana Kolenda, Westfield Massachusetts, December 31 1990 – October 20 2002, stabbing

131.. Anthony Lamb, Lake Butler Florida, twenty months old, January 25 2006, traffic accident

132.. Keisha Shardae Lane, Hagerstown Maryland, fifteen years old, August 17 2005, gunshot

133.. Shawn Lawrence né ndy Mohler, Shelton Washington, ten years old, October 9 1999, drowning

134.. Brittany Legler, Millcreek Pennsylvania, fifteen years old, May 9 2004, battered

135.. Jacob Lindorff, Franklin Township New Jersey, five years old December 14 2001, battered

136.. Christian Liz, New York City, three weeks old, November 29 2004, suffocation

137.. James Lonnee, Guelph/Hamilton Ontario, sixteen years old, September 7 1996, beaten by cellmate

138.. Gregory Love, Florida, twenty three months old, April 2005, head injury

139.. Nikki Lutke, Cheyenne Wyoming, five years old, August 28 2003, drowning

140.. Zachary James Lyons, Winston-Salem North Carolina, January 24 1992 – October 8 1996, battered

141.. Shaquella Mance, Belton South Carolina, seven months old, March 27 2005, battered

142.. Elizabeth Mann, Lake Butler Florida, fifteen years old, January 25 2006, traffic accident

143.. Heaven Mann, Lake Butler Florida, three years old, January 25 2006, traffic accident

144.. Johnny Mann, Lake Butler Florida, thirteen years old, January 25 2006, traffic accident

145.. Cynthia Nicole (Nicki) Mann, Lake Butler Florida, fifteen years old, January 25 2006, traffic accident

146.. Logan Marr, Chelsea Maine, October 14 1995 – January 31 2001, asphyxiation

147.. Stephanie Martinez, Pueblo Colorado, five years old, December 31 2001, untreated burns

148.. Tiffany Laverne Mason, Folsom California, June 11 1986 – August 9 2001, battered

149.. Viktor Alexander Matthey né – Sergeyevich Tulimov, Hunterdon County New Jersey, six years old, October 31 2000, hypothermia

150.. Dominic Matz, Osawatomie Kansas, July 6 2002 – February 15 2004, treatment withheld

151.. Jamie Mayne, Atascadero California, March 24 1995 – February 10 2000, battered

152.. Kristal Mayon-Ceniceros, Chula Vista California, sixteen years old, February 5 1999, restraint

153.. Emily Ann Mays, Tucson Arizona, sixteen months old, August 24 2005, battered

154.. Andrew McClain, Bridgeport Connecticut, December 6 1986 – March 22 1998, restraint

155.. Cory Bradley McLaughlin, North Carolina, four years old, July 4 1997, battered

156.. Jerry McLaurin, Brownwood Texas, fourteen years old, November 2 1999, restraint

157.. Maria Mendoza, Katy Texas, fourteen years old, October 12 2002,restraint

158.. Caleb Jerome Merchant, Edmonton Alberta, thirteen months old, November 26, 2005, battered

159.. Denis Merryman né .ritsky, Harford County Maryland, eight years old, January 2005, starvation

160.. Jacob Miller, Georgia, twenty two months old, November 20 1997, battered

161.. Clayton Miracle, Georgia, three years old, August 11 1993, battered

162.. Hanna Denise Montessori, Santa Ana California, March 16 1988 – January 19 2004, homicide/head-injury

163.. Alfredo Montez, Auburndale Florida, two years old, July 1 2002, battered

164.. Zachary Moran, Charlotte North Carolina, fourteen months old, August 8 2003, battered

165.. Christina Morlan, Scott County Iowa, September 3 2003 – November 30 2003, unknown

166.. Carlyle Mullins, Nashville Tennessee, five years old, May 27 2005, battered

167.. Cedrick Napoleon, Killeen Texas, June 26 1987 – March 7 2002, restraint

168.. Candace Newmaker né¥ C Tiara Elmore, Colorado, November 19 1989 – April 19 2000, re-birth asphyxiation

169.. Jonathan Nichol, Cook County Illinois, two years old, June 16 1995, drowning

170.. Trevor Nolan, Mono County California, five years old, April 12 1997, treatment withheld

171.. Sierra Odom, Arlington Texas, three years old, August 11 2005, battered

172.. Keron Owens, Walterboro South Carolina, three years old, January 19 1992, battered

173.. Sean Paddock né ?ord, Johnston County North Carolina, four years old, February 26 2006, battered

174.. Omar Paisley, Miami Florida, seventeen years old, June 2003, untreated appendicitis

175.. Terrell Parker, Buffalo New York, two years old, 2003, battered

176.. Travis Parker, Cleveland Georgia, thirteen years old, April 21 2005, restraint

177.. Alex Pavlis, Schaumburg Illinois, six years old, December 19 2003, battered

178.. Dawn Renay Perry, Manvel Texas, sixteen years old, April 10 1993, restraint

179.. Angellica Pesante, Seneca County New York, four years old, April 18 1997, battered

180.. Terrell Peterson, Atlanta Georgia, five years old, January 16 1998, battered

181.. Cynteria Phillips, Miami Florida, December 10 1986 – August 14 2000, rape/murder

182.. Marguerite Pierre, West Orange New Jersey, five years old, December 2005, poison

183.. Emporia Pirtle, Indiana, six years old, November 11 1996, battered

184.. Jason Plischkowsky, Southampton England, May 25 1985 – December 19 1986, head injury

185.. Huntly Tamati Pokaia, New Zealand, three years old

186.. David Polreis, Greeley Colorado, two years old, February 6 1996, battered

187.. Maryah Ponce, Rialto California, December 5 1997 – June 29 2001, baked in car

188.. Constance S Porter, Kearney Missouri, July 20 1998 – February 12 2001, battered

189.. Dakota Denzel Prince-Smith, Lancaster California, five years old, July 8 2003, baked in car

190.. Nehamiah Nate Prince-Smith, Lancaster California, three years old, July 8 2003, baked in car

191.. Karen Quill, St Louis Saskatchewan, twenty months old,September 13 1997, internal injuries

192.. Rodrigo Armando Rameriez Jr, Victorville California, eighteen months old, July 6 2001, drowning

193.. Stephanie Ramos, New York City, eight years old, July 9 2005, dumped in garbage can

194.. Bobby Jo Randolph, Houston Texas, seventeen years old, September 26 1996, asphyxiation

195.. Jacquelyn Reah, Grand Rapids Michigan, ten years old, November 27 2004, runaway / hit by car

196.. Latayna Reese, Bradenton Florida, fifteen years old, April 1996

197.. Caprice Reid, New York City, four years old, June 1997, starved and battered

198.. Jonathan Reid, Gardena California, nine years old, June 9 1997treatment withheld

199.. Matthew Reid, Welland Ontario, three years old, December 15 2005, suffocation

200.. Dustin Rhodes, Litchfield Park Arizona, nine years old, August 13 2003, battered

201.. Eric Roberts, Keene Texas, June 16 1979 – February 22 1996, restraint

202.. Ana Rogers, Sparks Nevada, four months old, July 2005, pre-existing injury

203.. Genevieve “Genny” Rojas, Chula Vista California, four years old, July 21 1995, starvation, scalded

204.. Paola Rosales, Milton Ontario, fourteen years old, July 3 2001, suicide

205.. Kyle Anthony Ross, Massachusetts, September 7 1995 – June 9 2001, rottweiler

206.. Marlon Santos, Worcester Massachusetts, five months old, November 5 1998, missing

207.. Andres E Saragos, Warm Springs Oregon, August 5 1995 – July 13 2000, baked in car

208.. Gina M Score, Plankinton South Dakota, May 7 1985 – July 21 1999, baked by boot camp

209.. Caprice Scott, Florida, infant, 1999, mother in foster care

210.. Ryan Scott, Sheffield Lake Ohio, two years old, March 27 1998, battered

211.. Krystal Scurry, Aiken County South Carolina, February 1989 – November 2 1991, rape/murder

212.. Andrew (Andy) Setzer, California, April 27 1995 – August 2 1999, battered

213.. Ariel Shaw, Bibb County Georgia, nineteen months old, January 26 2000, battered

214.. Vivan Uk Sheppard, Jacksonville Florida, eight months old, May 15 1999, suffocation

215.. Joseph H Shriver, Pennsylvania, March 2 1997 – October 5 1997, battered

216.. Quincey L Simmons, Omaha Nebraska, August 21 1997 – March 24 2001, battered

217.. Christopher Simpson, Michigan, seven years old, November 14 1998, fire

218.. Jordan Simpson Howell Morrison II, Howell Michigan, five years old, November 14 1998, fire

219.. Nicole Simpson , Michigan, seven years old, November 14 1998, fire

220.. Devin A Slade, Milwaukee Wisconsin, October 23 2000 – June 19 2001, asphyxiation

221.. John Smith, Fishersgate England, four years old, December 24 1999, battered and bitten

222.. Mikinah Smith, Cincinnati Ohio, one year old, March 18 2003, battered

223.. Tristan Sovern, Greensboro North Carolina, sixteen years old, March 4 1998, restraint

224.. Jushai Spurgeon, North Las Vegas Nevada, fourteen months old, April 3 2005, scalding

225.. LeRon St John, Detroit Michigan, fifteen years old, March 1 2003, untreated tuberculosis

226.. Lloyd Stamp, Edmonton Alberta, seventeen years old, September 29, 2005, suicide

227.. Tommy Stacey, Carmichael California, three months old, January 3 2005, SIDS

228.. Elizabeth (Lisa) Steinberg né¥ Launders, New York City, May 14 1981 – November 4 1987, battered

229.. Yasmin Taylor, Paterson New Jersey, seven months old, May 8 1994, virus

230.. Lakeysha Tharp, Irmo South Carolina, six months old, April 7 2004, asphyxiation

231.. Adam Michael Thimyan, Riverview Florida, October 2 1986 – April 3 2004, gunshot

232.. Timithy Thomas, Banner Elk North Carolina, nine years old, March 11 1999, restraint

233.. Liam Thompson né “mitry S Ishlankulov, Columbus Ohio, October 3 1999 – October 3 2002, scalding

234.. Michael Tinning, Schenectady New York, two years old, March 2 1981, asphyxiation

235.. Kelly Ann Tozer, Egg Harbor City New Jersey, eighteen months old, July 30 2005, drowning

236.. Patrick Trauffler, Phoenix Arizona, six weeks old, February 18 2003, battered

237.. Demetrius Tyler, Johnson City Tennessee, six months old, November 10 2004, drowning

238.. Tyler Vanpopering, Southgate Michigan, September 23 2003 – April 14 2004, battered

239.. Jacqueline Venay, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, six years old, September 21 1998, battered

240.. George Walker III, DeKalb County Georgia, ten months old, November 7, 2002, choking

241.. Michelle Walton, Boston Massachusetts, October 6 1994, asphyxiation

242.. Erickyzha Warner, Utica New York, July 19 2002 – May 31, 2004, untreated burns

243.. Shane Devell Washington, Fresno California, fifteen months old, circa 1996, drowning

244.. Evan Watkins, Las Vegas Nevada, twenty one months old, July 11 1996, battered

245.. Devin Wilder, Cleveland Ohio, July 29 1998 – April 21 2001, battered

246.. Dominic J Williams, Saint Louis Missouri, June 8 1987 – June 3 2004,strangulation

247.. Andrew Wilson, Owensboro Kentucky, three years old, August 7 2005, drowning

248.. Lorenzo J Wilson, Seattle Washington, January 29 2004 – October 22 2004, battered

249.. Rilya Wilson, Florida, born September 29 1996, disappeared 2001

250.. Michael Spencer Wiltsie, Silver Springs Florida, September 18 1987 – February 5, 2000, restraint

251.. Jimmy Allan Wood, Adams County Colorado, fourteen years old, November 13 2002, drug overdose

252.. Jonnie Wood, Springdale Arkansas, eight years old, August 13 2005, drowning

253.. Braxton D Wooden, Missouri, May 15 1997 – June 2 2005, gunshot

254.. Donte L Woods, West Palm Beach Florida, February 25 1986 – May 27 2002, gunshot

255.. Thomas (T J) Wright, Providence Rhode Island, three years old, October 31 2004, battered

256.. Willie Wright, San Antonio Texas, fourteen years old, March 4 2000, restraint

257.. Rufus Manzie Young Jr, Michigan, four years old, April 6 2003, battered

258.. Rebecca Brittany Bacon, Orlando, FL gastro-reflux (infant left alone with bottle)

259.. Anastasia (Staci”Space Cadet”) Herbert and Larry Alexander Herbert (Baby Larry), Orlando, FL Killed in a fire

Repulsive mess and Social Services in Kentucky

Repulsive mess in Kentucky

Sadistic and criminal aren’t words usually associated with social workers. But they come to mind while reading the results of a yearlong investigation into a Kentucky child-protection bureaucracy that was allowed to go rogue.

Social workers gave each other nicknames like “The Queen of Removal” and “Terminator” and laughed as they stripped children from their parents. More

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Social services

Kentucky’s shortage of child-protection workers usually comes to light when children die. The killing of a social worker brought the problem into focus for Gov. Ernie Fletcher. As he seeks another term, Fletcher is pushing the legislature to put $18 million into hiring more than 300 additional social workers and aides. The problem is that little thought and no real planing have gone into Fletcher’s proposal to expand the ranks of social workers and aides in the Department of Community Based Services.

In fact, our Republican governor is doing something for which conservatives like to criticize liberals: throwing money at a broken system. The crisis in child protective services goes much deeper than a shortage of trained social workers, as an inspector general’s investigation in the Elizabethtown region made shockingly clear. State social workers who reported abuses and unethical practices by their colleagues were punished while those who permitted them advanced. more

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parent-child relationship protected

The Ninth Amendment acknowledged the prior existence of fundamental rights with it: “The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”

  • The United States Supreme Court in a long line of decisions, has recognized that matters involving marriage, procreation, and the parent-child relationship are among those fundamental “liberty” interests protected by the Constitution.

  • Thus, the decision in Roe v. Wade, as recently described by the Supreme Court as founded on the “Constitutional underpinning of… a recognition that the “liberty” protected by the Due Process Clause of the 14th Amendment includes not only the freedoms explicitly mentioned in the Bill of Rights, but also a freedom of personal choice in certain matters of marriage and family life.” While this court has not attempted to define with exactness the liberty thus guaranteed [by the Fourteenth Amendment] …
  • In addition to recognizing as a fundamental liberty interest the right of parents to raise their children, the Supreme Court has also established that the Constitution’s guarantee to fundamental privacy rights also embodies a fundamental right to parental autonomy in child rearing. The Court acknowledged a “private realm of family life which the state cannot enter.” Prince v. Massachusetts, 3210 U.S. 158, 166 (1944); Moore v. City of East Cleveland, 431-U.S. 494 (1977)
  • Father enjoys the right to associate with his children which is guaranteed by this amendment (First) as incorporated in Amendment 14, or which is embodied in the concept of “liberty” as that word is used in the Due Process Clause of the 14th Amendment and Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment. Mabra v. Schmidt, 356 F Supp 620: D.C., WI (1973)
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