Day: April 23, 2007

  • Privatization

      Privatization of Public Social Services Urban Institute > Privatization of Public Social Services A Background Paper Author(s): Demetra Smith Nightingale, Nancy M. Pindus Other Availability: Order Online | Printer-Friendly Page Posted to Web: October 15, 1997 Permanent Link: This paper was prepared at the Urban Institute for U.S. Department of Labor, Office of […]

  • What is Senate Bill 6?

    Senate Bill 6 amends the Education Code, Family Code, Government Code, Human Resources Code, Penal Code, Code of Criminal Procedure, and Texas Probate Code to make a number of reforms to the children’s protective services and adult protective services programs, certain related guardianship issues, and other family law matters. It requires the Health and Human […]

  • Tips on how you can be heard – letters to editor

    Writing a Letter to the Editor (source: Texas Freedom Network) Studies show that Letters to the Editor sections are among the most-read parts of a newspaper. You can be sure that elected officials – or their staff members – read those sections regularly. In addition, letters to the editor are free and relatively easy to […]

  • Child Care Licensing Inspects Random Sample of Agency Foster Homes

    Original Article Here eSenate Bill 6, passed during the 79th regular legislative session amended the Texas Human Resource Code (HRC) 42.044(e) to require Child-Care Licensing (CCL) to inspect a random sample of agency foster homes. Information gained during these inspections must be used to determine a child-placing agency’s (CPA) compliance with the licensing law, rules […]

  • 227 Texas Children Died Innocently At Hands Of Parents – But… What I REALLY want to know is…

    I read this article and have just a few questions that this article brings to my mind; I will comment throughout and welcome (encourage) comments or resources i can turn to in order to answer my questions… because the facts here mean only so much but with the ENTIRE facts at hand, then, we can […]

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