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      (This R. Lundy Bancroft article was first posted at our sister blog Climbing Out Broken Windows, help end domestic violence) If you are involved in a custody battle with your abuser, this article is a must-read.  I have included below only the topics and first paragraph of each, click on the topic to read the […]

  • Two California Guys Started a Moving Company And Ended Up Saving Lives..

    and they do it for free!! this is an awesome feel good story you MUST READ AND SHARE! I ran across at The Good News Network.. There are still good people in the world. enjoy. This Moving Company Helps Women Leave Abusive Homes At No Cost Getting out of an abusive relationship isn’t easy—but actually […]

  • Heroic Dog Saves Woman from Abuser, Incites Change in Shelter Policy | Life With Dogs

    This story is one that brought me to my knees in tears.  Not only am I a dog lover, but I am also a survivor of domestic violence, and I had stayed in an abusive relationship (for nearly 5 years) because I could not find a shelter that would allow me to take my dog.  […]

  • Texas harms foster children with inattention, shoddy system, lawsuit says

    By ROBERT T. GARRETT Source: Dallas Morning News Austin Bureau Published 29 March 2011 10:38 AM AUSTIN — Texas violates the rights of abused and neglected children by running a shoddy foster care system, the New York-based group Children’s Rights says in a class-action federal lawsuit filed Tuesday. Too many youths are isolated and linger for years […]

  • Florida Mom Slain With Her 5 Children Endured Abuse

    September 21, 2009    Filed at 11:09 p.m. ET TAMPA,Fla. (AP) A Florida woman slain along with her five children endured regular abuse from her husband but seemed overwhelmed by trying to raise the kids herself and wanted him around as a father figure, Department of Children and Families records show. Police in Haiti on Monday […]

  • When he kills me…

    Dear Presiding Justice, Police Officers, Senators, Legislators, Doctors, Clergy, Parish Members, Family and Friends: I am a battered woman. Do you remember me?  I was your neighbor.  I sat next to you in church every Sunday. I was your patient in the emergency room. I was the woman who dialed 911 and begged for your […]

  • We Were Voted in Top 100 for Domestic Violence Blogs!

    Top 100 Blogs It’s Almost Tuesday was voted in the Top 100 for Domestic Violence Blogs!  This is a wonderful accomplishment for the work we’re trying to do for our children in foster care and for survivors of domestic violence. A victim recently reached out to the newly appointed White House VAWA Advisor, Lynn Rosenthal […]

  • Help! I fell in love with the boogeyman!

    (c) Forever May, 2009 The boogeyman. Everybody knows the boogeyman isn’t real. Right? Well, to some, the boogeyman is very real and he is the one you love.  How does someone fall in love with the boogeyman?  What makes the boogeyman become what or who he is? A monster – an abuser… Abuse at its […]

  • Abuse By Proxy and Abuse by Stalking

    By: Dr. Sam Vaknin If all else fails, the abuser recruits friends, colleagues, mates, family members, the authorities, institutions, neighbours, the media, teachers – in short, third parties – to do his bidding. He uses them to cajole, coerce, threaten, stalk, offer, retreat, tempt, convince, harass, communicate and otherwise manipulate his target. He controls these […]

  • Violent Relationships in Family Court

    The last time Amy saw her two boys alive, something was not right. Connolly was acting strange when they met at the police station. Amy refused to hand over her boys on March 7th, an officer threatened her if she didn’t give them to their father, she would be arrested according to her lawyer.

  • CPS Used My Decision to Home School I Was Charged with Truancy

    One of the reasons my child was taken into foster care4 was an allegation against me of neglecting my son’s education, and not sending him to school.  This is how they managed to pull it off. Early on in the new semester after winter break, I received a call from the school that my ex […]

  • An 8 year old’s childhood deferred… what happened?

    I have a serious problem with an 8 year old murdering anyone – 8 year olds aren’t generally of a disposition to shoot anyone with a rifle execution style; i don’t even think i KNEW what a rifle was at that age.  I am not in a position to say what i think might have […]

  • Dizzy in the DV Cycle – Literally

    October is Domestic Violence awareness month. So Its Almost Tuesday wants to bring attention to the issue of Domestic Violence… something that affects our children – bringing them into foster care – teaching them violence – and killing them…. Domestic violence is considered child abuse by law in many states, even if the child only […]

  • ALERT:: Collin & Dallas Counties Ignore Domestic Violence Outcries

    August 16, 2008 at 12:29 am VICTIM OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE SEEKS HELP SHE IS IN DANGER AND NEEDS HELP COLLIN AND DALLAS COUNTIES IGNORE HER SO SHE TURNS TO ITS ALMOST TUESDAY FOR HELP!! (The comments below were made by a woman on Its Almost Tuesday’s main page, I copy/paste for you all to see) […]

  • ALERT:: Collin & Dallas Counties Ignore Domestic Violence Outcries

    August 16, 2008 at 12:29 am VICTIM OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE SEEKS HELP SHE IS IN DANGER AND NEEDS HELP COLLIN AND DALLAS COUNTIES IGNORE HER SO SHE TURNS TO ITS ALMOST TUESDAY FOR HELP!! (The comments below were made by a woman on Its Almost Tuesday’s main page, I copy/paste for you all to see) […]

  • Sect Leader’s Daughter Tells Attorney Ad Litem to Step Aside

    Legal Ethics Posted Jun 23, 2008, 07:16 am CDT By Debra Cassens Weiss The daughter of polygamous sect leader Warren Jeffs has told her attorney ad litem in an e-mail to step aside. She sent a copy of the missive to the Salt Lake Tribune. The teen, 16-year-old Teresa Jeffs, told the newspaper in an […]

  • Over 1300 online petitioners say judicial actions in FLDS case is deserving of impeachment

    Click Here to view the 1385 Online Petition Signatures to Impeach Texas District Judge Barbara Walther Over FLDS Fiasco Published by Daniel T. Weaver on Jun 01, 2008 Category: Government/Law Region: United States of America Target: State of Texas Web site: Description/History: Texas Judge Barbara Walther authorized the removal of more than 400 children from […]

  • ACP Offers Freedom For Abuse Victims in Texas

    [vodpod id=ExternalVideo.590626&w=325&h=250&fv=]     more about “Corpus Christi, TX | KRISTV.COM |Texa…“, posted with vodpod   I left my abuser…but he keeps coming after me… nobody was there to stop him…so I went back… If I leave him, he’ll just come find me… so I might as well stay…”   I’m afraid to stay home […]


    This ruling is an awesome show of the law and how it works.  CPS is rarely overturned.  In particular, to have the Third District Court of Appeals rule so specifically on the terms of what they can constitute “imminent danger” requiring the removal of a child, and also implementing the requirement to make every reasonable […]

  • CPS v. FLDS: Truth v. Lies: ItsAlmostTuesday v. Media- I CALL FOR A STRIKE

    I am disgusted by CPS – again. I am disgusted by the Media – again. I miss my children… again… So, the saga continues… FLDS, CPS, ElDorado, Media, Rocky, Bullwinkle…. hrrrrm? My day started out a little emotional with this post as I read the Dallas Morning News Opinion Blog – where Sharon Grigsby posted […]

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