How to prepare if you are falsely reported for abuse or neglect

Because the swing of every pendulum brings with it potential adverse consequences, it is important to emphasize that in the area of child abuse, as with the investigation and prosecution of all crimes, the state is constrained by the substantive and procedural guarantees of the Constitution. The fact that the suspected crime may be heinous […]

If you haven’t read it – Go Read It – This Poetry Moves…

 (see the sidebar for an RSS Feed) The Day He Came Running Jumping Playing Safe Giggles Laughter Fun Loved He came Screaming Shouting Swearing Fear Tears Cruelty Pain Hate Desperation No escape Desperation. The day he came Childhood Freedom Joy Life Taken away Where did our childhood go Has it been kept safe somewhere unknown? […]

Tips on how you can be heard – letters to editor

Writing a Letter to the Editor (source: Texas Freedom Network) Studies show that Letters to the Editor sections are among the most-read parts of a newspaper. You can be sure that elected officials – or their staff members – read those sections regularly. In addition, letters to the editor are free and relatively easy to […]