How much money do foster parents make per kid?

With the government shutdown going on and all because of budget issues…i decided to take a look into some numbers related to foster care. Especially with the illegal immigrants who bring their children over, or send them unaccompanied… That’s another issue. let’s look at our own country and what they pay foster parents. The numbers […]

10 Things To Remember If A Social Worker Comes To Your Home

1. Ask for the social workers business card. Have your attorney contact the worker on your behalf if the situation is hostile. 2. Find out the allegations before allowing the social worker access to your home or child. 3. Do not waive your rights to be protected from illegal search and seizures by allowing anyone […]

RICO Lawsuit Against County & District Clerks Association of Texas

FOTP Editor Files RICO Lawsuit Against County & District Clerks Association of Texas A federal Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) lawsuit in Sherman last week. Fussell is our editor for the six Collin County newspapers FOTP Group has planned. This lawsuit, filed in the Southern District of the federal district in Texas, includes several plaintiffs […]

Collin County Father Talks to Its Almost Tuesday

I received an email from the Collin County father asking me to let you all know that they have a full feature film coming out, all proceeds go to their children in a trust fund. He says they are still fighting to get them back thru the court system in Collin County Texas. They have […]

What it FEELS LIKE to be Falsely Accused!

Source: Courtesy of AFRA When your turn comes to answer a Child Protective Service Social Worker’s allegations, the very first thing you notice is her hostile attitude and adversative behavior. Since most of us have learned CIVILITY and Social Skills to deal with aggressors, we try to find out why this person is so ticked […]