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      (This R. Lundy Bancroft article was first posted at our sister blog Climbing Out Broken Windows, help end domestic violence) If you are involved in a custody battle with your abuser, this article is a must-read.  I have included below only the topics and first paragraph of each, click on the topic to read the […]

  • Heartbroken Parents of Alienated Children Never Stop Trying To Reach Out To Their Children

    Heartbroken Parents of Alienated Children Never Stop Trying To Reach Out To Their Children

    source: Alienated parents share unanswered texts to their kids and it’s crushing by:Alexandra Carlton Being prevented from seeing or communicating with your child is a special kind of hell – but a parent’s love never dies. Imagine if you were unable to see or speak to your own young child. You may know where they […]

  • Understanding The Batterer In Custody and Visitation Disputes

    If you are involved in a custody battle with your abuser, ESPECIALLY if Child Protective Services has involved themselves in your life, this article is a must-read. by R. Lundy Bancroft A sophisticated understanding of the mind of the abuser, his style as a parent, and of the tactics that he most commonly employs during […]

  • ‘Major epidemic’ Says the BBC – UK Investigates Child Abuse in the U.S.

    America’s child death shame  Every five hours a child dies from abuse or neglect in the US. The latest government figures show an estimated 1,770 children were killed as a result of maltreatment in 2009. A recent congressional report concludes the real number could be nearer 2,500.  In fact, America has the worst child abuse […]

  • Parental Alienation Do’s and Don’ts

    What you do and don’t do when as a loving parent you are confronted with a severe case of Parental Alienation Syndrome in your child? PARENTAL ALIENATION SYNDROME – DO’S DO…start to immediately educate yourself, your lawyer, your Judge, your psychologist and your child, if possible, about PAS. This is one of the most widespread […]

  • Breaking The Silence – Moms Losing Child Custody To Their Batterers?

    This is the program that aired on Public Television in October of 2005. The documentary tells the stories of children who are taken away from their protective mothers. October is domestic violence awareness month This October – Listen. Breaking The Silence: Children’s Stories (BTS) chronicles the impact of domestic violence on children and the recurring […]

  • How to prepare if you are falsely reported for abuse or neglect

    Because the swing of every pendulum brings with it potential adverse consequences, it is important to emphasize that in the area of child abuse, as with the investigation and prosecution of all crimes, the state is constrained by the substantive and procedural guarantees of the Constitution. The fact that the suspected crime may be heinous […]

  • Foster care abuse alleged

    Foster care abuse alleged Two brothers claim in a lawsuit that the state failed to stop their sexual and physical abuse. By LEONORA LaPETER Published October 13, 2004 PINELLAS PARK – The two brothers grew up in separate foster homes, but both say they were abused again and again – physically and sexually – while […]

  • With woman missing, a mother worries

    A Seminole woman hasn’t been seen since a court appearance Feb. 6, when she appeared to be pregnant. By CURTIS KRUEGER Published April 18, 2006 [Times photo: Dirk Shadd] Linda Steenberge, 61, holds a photograph of her missing daughter, Melissa Steenberge Pound, 34. The photo, which is about 2 years old, shows Pound with her […]


    DATE MISSING – JANUARY 6, 2007 EMILY ROSE HINDLE – – MISSING FROM VOLUSIA COUNTY, FL DOB: 03/01/2002 Female Caucasion Child Age at disappearance – 2 years 10 months height – 3 ft. 6 inch. Weight -35 lbs Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue VOLUSIA COUNTY, FLORIDA May be in the possession of her mother, Sheila Faith

  • Children Killed In The Care Of The Government

    (Source:Connecticut DCF Watch) Please take and have a moment of silence for the children below, and pray for these brave children that have given their all in this war. All of these deaths have happened with the support of your tax dollars, and after much protest and begging the government for help in stopping this. […]

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