Cerebral Palsy Guide

Did you know?

For every 1000 children born in the United States, 7 of them will suffer some kind of birth injury?

A birth injury, occurs during the birth of a child, or just after birth, and many times is the result of a medical mistake that is made.

To clarify, a birth injury is different than a birth defect.

A birth defect is an abnormality that forms in utero during the development of a fetus while still in the womb and is not the result of a medical mistake.

A birth injury can often be prevented. When it’s not, someone is, or should be, held accountable.

Cerebral Palsy is caused by damage to the brain, and often times as the result of birth injuries.

Birth injuries are, in many instances, are caused by mistakes that can amount to medical malpractice. Those mistakes that are found to be preventable, should be compensated for.

The damages can have a lasting impact on the child’s life.

The costs are enormous. The emotional toll on the parents and caregivers should not be a burden carried alone. There are places offering support and resources available to those who need it.

There are other families who understand what is happening to your child because they have a child It is happening to as well.

The Cerebral Palsy Guide is a wonderful resource available.

You are not alone.

Did you know that 70% of Cerebral Palsy cases are caused by birth injuries which may have been the result of a medical mistake? Mistakes that might have been preventable?!

Do you think a mistake was made when your child was born?

Learn more.

Click here to be connected to many resources available for families like yours.

You will find everything from educational materials, financial assistance, legal resources as well as support from others who have also been affected by Cerebral Palsy.

When the time is right and you do reach out, tell them your friends at It’s Almost Tuesday sent you and they will lead you in the right direction.

There is hope and healing. You and your child deserve it. After all, hope is necessary, and help is available.






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