Day: April 5, 2008

  • Another Mother In The Struggle

    I thought since she gives us so much good information from her blog, Disgusted With The System, I would go ahead and post her press release again, it never hurts to continue to keep the word out. EXONERATED: SUES ADMINISTRATION FOR CHILDREN’S SERVICES Ms. Louise Uccio via her civil rights attorney has filed a lawsuit […]

  • How many more in Collin County Texas? Let us know…

    I would like to comment on the article I posted Disgusted with the system: – North Texas Man Fighting For Custody Of His Kids and thank the blogger who originally posted it, Louise, whose blog Disgusted With The System, is one of my favorites. Collin County, Texas seems to have a trend in their […]

  • Collin County Texas – Still taking kids from the innocent..

    North Texas Man Fighting For Custody Of His Kids Reporting Stephanie Lucero DALLAS (CBS 11 News) ― A North Texas man has been found not guilty of the aggravated sexual assault of a child. Now, he and his wife are fighting to get their children back. Douglas Buchar was a successful custom homebuilder when he […]

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