A Child’s Life Matters

I want to say something to the people I’m the United States of America, and everywhere else, to Americans.

We have been attacked with a virus and police brutality, and protests, more violence, and lockdowns and misinformation.

Stop, please. Step back and take a breath and a good look around at the chaos, losses and uncertainties.

Take a look. Is that really how you want to live? There are agendas, no matter what you believe or don’t, that there are people trying to divide us- by race, gender, preferences, religions, political party etc.

By class… Is more like it.

Them… And us. The elite, and the rest of us.

So just stop.

They want us to fight because together we stand, decided we fall.

Please, stop fighting.

There are children whose futures depend on it…

And a child’s life matters.

Thank you.






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