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Lawsuit Accusing Texas of “Poorly Supervising Foster Children” Moves Forward

“Children are being harmed. And
the state knows it and is basically
disregarding the harm to children”

Julie Wilson
August 29, 2013

A class-action lawsuit filed in 2011
on behalf of nine Texas children
has been given the go ahead by a
federal judge on Thursday. The
lawsuit accuses Texas of “poorly
supervising foster children,”
reported AP.

The New York-based Children’s
Rights group is behind the push for
justice for more than 12,000 abused
and neglected Texas children that
were permanently removed from
their natural homes.

Executive Director Marcia Robinson Lowry
said the child rights group has sued
more than 15 states for “mistreatment of foster children” and lost just two of those cases.

“Children are being harmed. And
the state knows it and is basically
disregarding the harm to children,”
she said.

Last month Infowars reported on
two-year old Alexandria Hill who
was killed while under the care of
Texas Child Protective Services

Alexandria was taken from
her home because her parents
allegedly smoked pot after their
daughter went to sleep. Foster mom
Sherri Small is facing capital
murder charges for brutally
slamming Alexandria’s head,
causing her to die from blunt force

Texas mentor, the agency
responsible for placing Alexandria
with foster mom Small, is the third
largest foster care contractor in the

State records show that Texas
Mentor’s Arlington office was placed
on a six-month evaluation after
they were cited for 114 violations in
56 foster homes over a two year
span, reported the Dallas News.

State funding for CPS has been
increased twice over the past eight
years, but the agency continues to
fail majorly, endangering thousands
of children.

The ruling by U.S. District Judge
Janis Graham Jack of Corpus Christi
said Children’s Rights has provided
substantial “preliminary evidence”
proving CPS caseworkers to be

The judge also noted a “high turnover among CPS conservatorship workers,” whom are responsible for protecting the
young foster children.

“A caseworker that is so overburdened that she cannot visit the children she is responsible for…cannot fulfill this function,” wrote Judge Jack.

The ruling is based on a three-day
hearing in January and is expected
to proceed hopefully exposing the
corruption and failures inside the
CPS system.

This article was posted: Thursday,
August 29, 2013 at 12:13 pm

Feds Take Over Charges Against Plano Gymnastics Coach

Federal prosecutors took over the case of a former gymnastics coach charged with soliciting a minor. State charges were dropped against Wes Cox.

The coach was arrested last month .

Police said he thought he was luring a 14-year-old boy to a meeting, but the person on the other end of the conversation was a police officer.

Police hope to find other victims.

My Child Becomes an Adult…

It is here! Finally, tomorrow will be the day I’ve waited for now, for ten years. Since my little boy was taken from me, I’ve waited for this day. He turns 18. He becomes an adult. Emancipated from the woman who has held him hostage from me, alienated him from me, and stolen ten years from us that can never be replaced. Tomorrow, a young man comes back to me, where a boy was taken. I will not get my little boy back, but an older version, a stranger with a past, with a bond that needs to be revisited, as it is apparent that years of anger, hatred and parental alienation has taken somewhat of a toll. Though I have faith it won’t be too long before it is rebuilt stronger than before! While this wretched woman took ten years from us, we have the rest of our lives together. I am so grateful to have that chance, that my child is still alive, and well, and able to come home to me. As traumatic and horrible as it was for what we went through, I do have that blessing, and I am so grateful. Without it, I doubt I would have made it. I can’t believe I made it. It seems like yesterday when he went away. But a decade is hardly yesterday.
I used to count the years as they went by, one year broken and nine to go, I can fix myself in time.
Two years broken, 8 years to go, i have time to fix myself.
At Five years broken, and five to go, I began to feel the panic. Oh my god, I’ve been broken now for five years, and i have five years til he turns 18, can I fix myself in time?
Then it flip flopped, and time was against me, I had more broken time, then time left to fix myself, and next thing I knew, forget it, I was there. Times up, and yup, i’m still broken. Damn, I hope he understands why, when we meet again.
Of course I’m broken, I’m a mother whose child was taken, who lost ten years. Hell yeah I’m broken, I love my children more than words can say, losing him was the only thing greater than my love – the pain of it. It destroyed every part of me, so now that its time, I admit im a little self-conscious, unsure, afraid, and nervous. I want to be perfect for him. I want to give him the world that was taken away. I want him to love me like I love him. I want to know I’m top priority to him, like he is to me, tho I know that’s probably not going to be the case. He’s a teenager, how much can i really expect?
We will see I guess. We will see.
I know as much as possible about him, watching him grow up on the internet – silently keeping up with his life… the best i could. Usually, I’d find out his milestones just after they occured.

There are so many things I want to do with him, for him, and so much I want to ask him, but am afraid to.I want to stare at him, reconcile the boy and the man into one. Understand why this is how it happened. I want to wrap him in a maternal cocoon that protects him like the emerging butterfly is protected during its transition … so now that I’ve gotten to his 18th birthday, and we are again free to love each other, talk, and be in each others’ lives, I’m terrified something might happen to take him from me again. I could not survive losing him again. By the way my luck’s been I wonder if I need to sneak some training wheels on his motorcycle, and sabotage the motor, so he has to walk it home, disappointed, but safe. LOL
I won’t do that, promise young man, but i will insist on safety classes, even if you’ve already taken them, you can’t get too much education on motorcycle safety, and its love that makes me protective. don’t hate me for it, just realize, its love.
lets get ya a set of really cool roller blades instead, eh? or another, um… race car…?
Don’t speed, don’t go skydiving, at least not with out me, I may be terrified but I’d jump with you, son, because getting you back in my life, is everything I’ve lived for now, for ten years, and with the help of your sisters’ love, and devotion to me, against the hate surrounding you, she pulled me through to this day. So yeah, even tho i see no good reason to leap out of a perfectly good plane…. there’s very little i wouldn’t do with you, just to be with you. again.
I am truly blessed. Happy birthday my son. my young man. I can’t wait for our life together. Don’t be afraid, and remember it may feel weird at first, but there’s nothing love can not overcome. and I do love you so much I love you more than the stars and the moon and the miles that are between us and the heavens – the light-years have nothing on my love for you.
I love you more than the blades of grass on the earth, and i love you more than the universe itself, and the milky way galaxy, and Andromeda galaxy, and all the other galaxies cannot compare to my love for you… my love is so huge the galaxies would get lost in it.
Most of all, my love for is so ginormous that it is much more huge, larger than life, and especially, the dying alienation and hatred that is unnaturally spewed my way from my own woman who gave birth to me, she is no mother-figure to me, but her rage that she carries will soon become a faded voice behind the shouts of joy as our time apart becomes a memory. she is done with her share of your life. Its my turn. Its our turn.
I love you. Mama

note: comments are encouraged, as i know we have alot to face and overcome after ten years apart… anyone?

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… Another baby protected to death while in the governments’ care…

A loving father lost custody of his little girl last November in Austin, Tx, after he admitted to.smoking marijuana at night after he put his child down for bedtime.

The precious little girl was not ill, or harmed by her fathers nightcap, nor was she exposed to the marijuana he smoked, yet this loving parent had his two year old baby girl taken by CPS and placed in foster care last fall.

At visits, the father noticed bruises on his daughter, and voiced his concerns for the welfare of his little girl at the foster home she’d been placed in. Those concerns went ignored by CPS.

Now this beautiful baby girl was MURDERED in foster care by an abusive foster mom who was in it for the money! Below is an article where the woman admits, after changing her story a few times, that she slammed the little two year old girl down on her head at least two times before losing her grip the third time, dropping the girl on her head. Causing her death.

The foster mother was angry at the little girl for waking up hungry and getting herself something to eat and some water to drink out of the kitchen. So she killed her.

This child was removed from her natural home because of a father’s recreational marijuana use. The same natural herb that is rapidly being decriminalized in many other U.S. states!! Really.

As an advocate for the foster children and families torn apart wrongly by the system, I have stated before, my stance, on the issue of drug use and CPS. I strongly believe that absent evidence of abuse or neglect, and absent injury or harm to the child,there should be no reason for the removal of that child from their natural home solely because of a parents’ drug use and/or drug addiction particularly if there is no reason to believe that the drug was never used in the presence of the child. If the use of the marijuana was kept outside the child’s awareness, smoked after bedtime, I do not agree with the removal of that child solely due to that recreational marijuana use if it truly had no deleterious effect on the child, and where there is no other sign of abuse or neglect, and no injury to the child!

If the social worker truly believes a parent has a drug problem.. there are plenty of outpatient rehabilitation programs available for the parent to receive help that the CPS worker could refer the parent to, while keeping the family unit in-tact.

Had an approach such a that been utilized in this situation, this baby girl would not have suffered abuse by the FOSTER PARENT and would not have been brutally and senselessly murdered! I also question the worker monitoring the visits who failed to investigate the signs of abuse that the father pointed out with obvious concern. What happened there?
What this is .. is a child welfare system failure at its worst!

I hope this case grinds deep into the minds of every cps worker. I hope this reminds them to rethink when they begin to needlessly remove a child from an abuse-free/neglect-free home where other in-home services are available.

CHILDREN ARE NOT A SOURCE OF INCOME …. THIS WOMAN, when convicted (seems inevitable since she’s already confessed though, technically, she is still innocent til proven guilty in the court of law) (supposedly) SHE DESERVES  DEATH…(and in my opinion,a slow painful death)

It should be recorded and televised for foster parents to-be to watch in training class. Then maybe the “monsters to-be” who are getting into foster parenting to “earn an income” like this monster did.. will reconsider fostering and go get a JOB away from our children if they saw something REAL AND JUST being done about those who abuse and kill foster children!

God be with this baby girls’ family in this time of grief.

I hope this tragic loss changes something in the system, for change is so drastically needed.

May this little girls death not be in vain.


by ASHLEY GOUDEAU / KVUE News and Photojournalist ERIN COKER Bio | Email | Follow: @AshleyG_KVUE

ROCKDALE, Texas — Tucked away behind the trees in Rockdale, Texas is a normally quiet neighborhood, but the peace has been shattered.

“It shocked me. It really did,” said Lois Rash, who lives in Rockdale.

“It’s a shame. Never should have happened,” added neighbor Larry McAdams.

Their neighbor, 54-year-old Sherill Small is now charged with the murder of her foster daughter Alexandria Hill, better known as Alex.

Monday night, police, fire and EMS crews were called out to the Small home. Small, who was the only person home at the time, called and said the two-year-old wasn’t breathing.

Alex was taken to the hospital, then airlifted to the children’s hospital in Temple. Alex’s biological parents rushed to her side.

“When I got there, it was about 1:00 in the morning and I found out that Alex was in a coma,” said her father Joshua Hill.

Wednesday night Hill and Alex’s mother decided to take her off life support.

“There’s not words to describe trying to make that decision,” said Hill.

Back in Rockdale, police say Small’s story about what happened kept changing.

“Originally, Mrs. Small reported that the child was running backwards and had fallen and this is how she had received the injuries. Later, it changed to kind of we were playing ring-around-the-rosy and I was swinging her and she fell,” said Rockdale Police Chief Thomas Harris. “And at some point somebody had gotten information that she was supposed to have been riding a bicycle and fallen off.”

Chief Harris said things just didn’t add up.

“I mean a two year old child doesn’t run backwards and fall hard enough to get this type of an injury,” explained Harris.

Doctors say Alex had hemorrhaging in her brain and eyes. An autopsy shows she had blunt force trauma to the head.

Harris says Thursday morning, Small finally told them the truth.

“She had evidently been frustrated with the child all day long. She had… the child… had evidently gotten up before the Small’s did and she had went and got into some food and some water,” said Harris. “That is what Mrs. Small was initially upset with her about…. had made her stand in a dark room, according to our reports, for at least three-to-four hours, wouldn’t let her sit or anything.”

Then around 7:00 that night, the young child, so full of life, was knocked unconscious.

“She actually admitted that she had slung the child down on the floor,” said Harris.

Small told investigators she raised the toddler over her head and slung her down toward the floor twice.

“On the third time down she said she lost her grip and dropped the child. Slammed the child down on the floor,” explained Harris.

Harris says Small’s husband, who wasn’t home when the incident happened, became emotional and even cried when talking to police. But not Small.

“I did not see a whole lot of remorse. I think it’s more like a lot of times these people’s, they’re sorry that they’re in trouble. This is the sense that I get. It’s still about them, it’s not really remorse about the child. I never got that feeling,” added Harris.

The Small’s had another foster child who is eight-months-old. That child has been removed.

Police say neither Small or her husband had jobs, but were instead planning to foster between five and six children as a source of income.

Small is in the Milam County Jail. Her bond has been set at $100,000.