Collin County Father Talks to Its Almost Tuesday

I received an email from the Collin County father asking me to let you all know that they have a full feature film coming out, all proceeds go to their children in a trust fund. He says they are still fighting to get them back thru the court system in Collin County Texas. They have […]

High court ruling is victory for victims of child abuse in Hawaii

The state Supreme Court has upheld an award to be paid by the state to a Maui girl whose previous injury was under investigation by Child Protective Services. Child Protective Services has been told by the state Supreme Court that it is responsible for the welfare of children subject to abuse. A $1.1 million judgment […]

Before he was caught for child rape….

Who was he, before he was a convicted pedophile? He was the reason a child’s life was destroyed. After PLEADING GUILTY to several counts of aggravated SEXUAL ASSAULT ON A MINOR, COMPELLING PROSTITUTION, and SEXUAL PERFORMANCE BY A CHILD, Ronnie Cummings was the instigator & co-conspirator in a plot to separate another little boy and […]

Collin County Texas – Still taking kids from the innocent..

North Texas Man Fighting For Custody Of His Kids Reporting Stephanie Lucero DALLAS (CBS 11 News) ― A North Texas man has been found not guilty of the aggravated sexual assault of a child. Now, he and his wife are fighting to get their children back. Douglas Buchar was a successful custom homebuilder when he […]

FLORIDA Child Protection Agency spokesman faces child-porn charges

Article published Feb 5, 2008 DCF to review personnel records Agency spokesman faces child-porn charges By Bill Cotterell FLORIDA CAPITAL BUREAU POLITICAL EDITOR The head of the Department of Children and Families, “horrified and shocked” by the arrest of his agency spokesman on child-pornography charges, Monday ordered a review of personnel records for all DCF […]

Caseworkers changed, destroyed records in starvation case

  Documents: Counties changed, destroyed records in starvation case (AP) Caseworkers from two neighboring counties and a state agency doctored or destroyed records pertaining to a 4-year-old girl whose starved body was found stuffed into a picnic cooler, according to a newspaper’s review of court documents. One caseworker testified in a pretrial deposition that her […]

Register Your Case Against the Department of Social and Health Services

A lawsuit has been filed and is seeking class action status against the department alleging violations of constitutional rights. Nine Latina child care workers claim the state came into their homes and seized personal records in search of ‘phantom children’. The lawsuit also alleges discrimination against child care workers on the basis of ethnicity and […]

Schaefer: Trial by jury needed to remove child

Sunday, December 2, 2007 Last modified Thursday, November 29, 2007 9:03 AM EST Schaefer: Trial by jury needed to remove child By Tom Law Source: The Toccoa Record State Sen. Nancy Schaefer last week called for an overhaul of the state’s child protection services provided through the Department of Family and Children’s Services (DFCS). Among […]

Failure to Protect – A look at CPS and the System

I’ve added a new page, Failure to Protect – Caseworker Files. Go check it out and the source: PBS’s Frontline series about CPS and our families/system. The information and stories are indescribable and full of information everyone needs to know. I’d love your comments on it, and if you’ve been affected by CPS and the […]

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