Accountability in Greenville, Tx with the Arrest of Three CPS Workers

Well this is an event that we do not see very often.  There is so much media coverage, I’ve decided to copy and paste the articles below for Tuesday’s readers to sift through. There is accountability in Greenville, Texas with three CPS workers arrested on charges that they falsified documents, and mishandled a sexual abuse […]

10 Things To Remember If A Social Worker Comes To Your Home

1. Ask for the social workers business card. Have your attorney contact the worker on your behalf if the situation is hostile. 2. Find out the allegations before allowing the social worker access to your home or child. 3. Do not waive your rights to be protected from illegal search and seizures by allowing anyone […]

When CPS Workers Confuse Poverty w/Neglect..They Live Forever…

A single mother has  fallen on hard times with the sudden departure of her husband. He has recently abandoned her and her son for a woman, his mistress from a love affair. This mother is distraught & undoubtedly depressed.  She was caught off guard and was left without a job after having been a housewife for […]

When Children Services Comes Knocking

Children Services was founded to protect abused children. However, they have now become the largest group of child abusers. How do you stop them? ***Force them to obey the laws of the State and the United States of America*** The most commonly broken laws and regulations are: *Agency staff enters homes and schools without court […]