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  • Do you believe in fate? This is a love story that will show you fate is real…

    I am going to divert off the usual from topic of it’s Almost Tuesday for a moment because I would like to share a love story that will amaze you, and make you all a true believer in fate. It was 2005, and almost a year after losing my son, I had returned to Florida, […]

  • The Truth About Aging Out of Foster Care

    Source: view original content here Some children don’t have loving homes that they can call their own. For whatever reason, the parents of these children are not able to provide for them and neither is their extended family. When this occurs, the child will be placed into the foster care system. More than 250,000 children […]

  • Are you dealing with CPS or a Child Custody Case? Help is Available!

    During this holiday season, It’s Almost Tuesday wishes the best in all things for children and their families. We wish there were no bad foster homes. We wish CPS had no over zealous case workers. We wish couples stayed happily married with no divorces. We wish there was no such thing as parental alienation syndrome […]

  • A Family Needs Your Help – Please Help If You Can.

    Its Almost Tuesday will rarely, if ever, ask its readers for help monetarily. This situation is different. A family needs your help after a sudden and tragic loss. In July 2011 , after a very trying time, I found myself homeless. I had no place to go and somehow transplanted to fort worth, Texas and one […]

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