Collin County, Texas
Convicted Sex Offender Sentenced To 30 Years In Prison On Child Porn Conviction

Convicted Sex Offender Sentenced To 30 Years In Prison On Child Porn Conviction

Now this monster is given 30 years for child porn,??! What did they ignore the fact that he had been convicted not once but twice before?? Was he registered properly? On Parole? 

Also, in order to get access to kids at McDonald’s where he worked at, there had to be something of a red flag!!

If I were the victim I’d sue the living hell out of someone when I became of age. I mean.where were the kids parents? I had children,we went to McDonald’s, they didn’t leave my sight. Nevermind enough time to be victimized.

Where was his coworkers or team leaders to notice him interacting with kids??  If he’d been caught before he shouldn’t have been allowed near a McDonald’s it’s a place where kids gather.

Not near parks or schools or anywhere known for having a playground.

How’s it that MacDonalds hired him to begin with if he’s a sex offender? Hrm…

Besides that, why does it have to take three times before they realize this type of offense is a sickness?

By the time the pedophile is caught on the first offense, it’s pretty much safe to assume he got caught after many times of not being caught. Who knows the number of victims trailed behind that will never be named.

Then again, Collin County CPS and Judges had sided with the child molester in my case to cover their assess when they messed up in the beginning of my case and didn’t want to admit it.

So…. Who knows. It’s disgusting.

Pedophiles are not criminals that rehabilitate, and I’m not sure they should be given the chance to THE FIRST TIME. When they decided to hurt a child they change that child into a different life they didn’t choose later on…many times continuing the cycle of abuse becoming like their abusers.

Children need to trust and not be violated and those who cross that line one time should be sentenced to mandatory maximum sentences and castrated second chances.or third.

Just my opinion. Glad this guy’s off the street. Keep em locked up!!