I. State and federally funded Child Protective Service agencies are arbitrarily seizing children from non-abusive homes in the absence of evidence or realistic cause to believe that the child is in danger of harm, and in gross violation of their own protocols, state and federal regulations, and the Constitution of the United States.

II. For both parent and child there can be nothing in our life experience more devastating than the abrupt, brutal, and unwarranted enforced separation by strangers. The parent-child bond is our strongest instinct, superceding all else. To have this bond abruptly severed by strangers who possess unhindered power, and who give no thought or consideration to the fear, anxiety, and trauma that their actions cause, is a crime against humanity. Yet it is happening to 4600 American children per day, right here in the United States. Small children believe their parents to be all-powerful, like super heroes. They believe that their parents possess an all-powerful ability to shelter and protect them from any threat. When parents are powerless to prevent strangers from abducting the child from all that is safe and familiar to him/her, a fundamental belief system within the child is broken forever, along with the child’s ability to feel safe and secure in their world. As parents are forced to sit by placidly, under the threat of never seeing their child again, a small child may believe that the parents gave him/her away because he or she was “bad”, and the child’s belief in their parents love is also destroyed. In a small child’s mind he or she will be thinking: “Why aren’t mom and dad fighting the bad guys and taking me home?” We have received many `phone calls from parents who have been devastated when their child screams at them: “You LET them TAKE ME away!” This is an act of emotional and psychological terrorism against a child.III. The law states that a child can only be removed from his or her home as a last resort, and only when the child is at imminent risk of serious harm. The problem is that the SS (social services) does not follow established law & policy, and nobody makes them. They face no consequences for appalling and illegal behavior. The police must submit to the whims of the SS. Judges go along with the SS, allowing them to control court process, rather than fulfilling their judicial canons by insisting that due process is followed, laws adhered to, and that procedural error is not tolerated. Few parents are criminally charged with anything, rather, they are subjected to a highly irregular “civil” proceeding that makes a complete mockery of our judicial system. Parents are often told they may not speak or present exculpatory evidence.

III. Children are not allowed to be present or express their wishes if they want to go home. The SS claims that this would “involve the child in adult issues” and “traumatize them”. However, the instant a child says they want to be adopted, the SS runs them into the courtroom, stating that they must “honor the child’s wishes.”IV. Federal statistics say that there are approximately 3 million reports of suspected child abuse and neglect each year. The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services documents 900,000 as “substantiated”, leaving over 2 million families per year falsely accused of child maltreatment! Of the “substantiated” cases, 68% do NOT involve child maltreatment, according to the federal authorities. This figure is escalating at an alarming rate each year as over zealous reporting and frivolous intervention by the SS spins out of control.V. Actual acts of child abuse or severe neglect are not the primary allegations used To seize children from their families., meaning deliberate acts, willfully committed with the intent to harm – contrary to public assumption. The SS employs a method known as the “Clinical Model”, in which the behaviors of the child are use to claim that there is some sort of obscure psychological abuse in the home that has traumatized the child.

IV. Therefore, if your child exhibits any normal, predictable behavior of childhood:
outgoing, quite, active, shy, placid, disobedient, obedient, neat, messy, loud, easy going, or temperamental – any behavior will be used to “prove” that the child is “acting out their inability to verbalize the trauma.”

V. NOTHING is just plain normal predictable, unpredictable human behavior as it has existed for 3 million years. EVERYTHING has some deep, dark, bizarre (and completely illogical..) “meaning”, that can only be seen by 23 year-old, childless, poorly educated social workers with little life experience, and all of which supports the prevailing political climate that ALL parents are inadequate and abusive, so children must be raised by the state. Welcome to “Junk Psychology For Dollars”!

VI. The state gains entrée’ into private homes via the filing of a report of suspected child maltreatment. A report may be filed anonymously by anyone, a vindictive neighbor, a stranger who saw you yell at your child at the grocery store, a disgruntled employee, an ex-spouse, a teacher, a day care provider, someone whose romantic interest you rejected, or any unstable busybody.

“Abuse” reports are filed (and investigated) for head lice (usually contracted at school..), diaper rash, taking your child to the ER too often, leaving your child in the car while you run into the store, ear infections, not sending a snack or mittens to school, parents arguing in front of child, home schooling, spanking; ANY bruise, injury, or scrape inevitably incurred in the normal course of childhood; poverty issues, dirty clothing, no electricity, ANY “nudie” photos of toddlers playing in the sprinkler or in the tub. A yeast or urinary tract infection is now likely to bring an allegation of sexual abuse, although they are a common result of antibiotic use, careless hygiene, or a diet high in simple carbohydrates.

VI. Normal, innocent people do not tend to be suspicious and defensive, so they usually cooperate when the SS knocks on their door. We universally hear: “We have nothing to hide, so we invited them in, served them coffee, and were open and honest. Now our children are gone, and we don’t know how this could happen in this country!”

VII. Once the SS gains entree’ the family is put under a powerful, and distorted, microscope. “Social workers” will ask bizarre and invasive questions. Do the parents ever argue? Do they ever raise their voices? This is documented as “domestic violence.” No surprise here, the majority of the funding for domestic violence programs is channeled through CPS. If parents deny domestic abuse or child abuse, they are condescendingly told that they are “in denial”, and this is all “part of the syndrome.” Admitting – confessing – is one of the requirements. Truth is not important. Saying the right things to keep federal funding flowing, is. You could be asked, as could your child (even a three or four year-old) if you have ever touched them in the chest or genital are. Obviously, after bathing, wiping, applying ointment, etc., any parent must answer “yes.” Anyone who admits to having a drink occasionally is labeled “alcoholic and dysfunctional.” (Powerful, wealthy politicians evidently have an exemption). Under the SS microscope every word, inflection, and action is attributed with the most distorted, bizarre, and ludicrous “meanings.” If you have ever bounced a check, you have a “criminal record”; if your child is shy, they are “fearful and withdrawn”; if they are outgoing and active, they are “acting out due to the trauma.” This is crazy, you say? Oh good, you’re catching on now!

VIII. Once a child is seized by the state the parents are offered a sham civil court proceeding. In most cases the parents are never actually charged with anything. In many states you must not only be charged, but convicted of a crime to lose your drivers license. But, you can lose your children from an anonymous `phone call, with NO involvement from law enforcement, and NO charges of Any wrong-doing. The SS controls the courtroom and employs the tactic of delay to keep families separated. Parents may go to scheduled court dates 30 – 50 – 80 times, only to be told, after waiting in the hall all day, that their case has been continued – yet again. This can, and does, go on for months, and, even years, while children are separated from their families. If parents actually get inside the court room they are usually told they may not speak – and usually their court appointed attorneys won’t do much speaking either. Exculpatory evidence is either not allowed, or “disappears” from the case file.

IX. These cases degenerate into an exercise in character assassination and slander by the SS where actual acts of child abuse or neglect that place the child at “imminent risk of serious harm” are not even discussed. Rather, vague, obscure, and distorted allegations about the parents personalities comprise the bulk of the court room testimony, including the parents “denial”, “hostility”, and “uncooperativeness.” Judges should be questioning – and striking – such testimony Based on relevance, but they don’t. The SS rules the court room and the judges simply abdicate their sworn oath and go along. The new federal law gives the SS 15 months to seek Termination of Parental Rights and have the child adopted out, so, children are being put up for adoption based on the timeline, even when parents have not had a chance to answer the initial allegations, and in the absence of any evidence or charges that they have harmed their child! Social workers routinely perjure themselves under oath without ever facing admonishment (let alone charges) from a judge.

This system is a SCAM, and makes a mockery of our most fundamentally held beliefs in our country.VIII. These children are placed in state contracted foster homes and institutions. All get federal benefits. Residentials and institutions hold multi-million dollar contracts with the social service agencies. Children are drugged, restrained, put in straight-jackets (they call them “safety coats” now); they are sexually, physically, and emotionally abused and tormented. Abuse that is far, far more egregious than the initial allegations made against the parents, and which would be prosecuted criminally were it to occur anywhere else.

X. In 2000 Time magazine printed a special issue on foster abuse and fatalities, calling it “America’s shame.” We’ve been calling it that for years. Abuse reports against foster homes and other SS contracted facilities is covered up. Police tell us that, if they receive abuse reports concerning a foster home, they have been directed to turn such reports back to the SS, so they self-investigate – which means they throw the complaints in the dumpster.Why is this happening? One factor is unmonitored federal funding ($14. Billion per year). The other is a huge industry that is providing private profit through Medicaid fraud. Service providers (vendors) hold multi-million dollar contracts with the social service agencies. The families are ordered to engage in “services” with the contracted vendors, all of whom bill Medicaid at astronomically inflated rates for “services” that are often inappropriate, unnecessary, and completely irrelevant to the families situation, or to child maltreatment.

Families are coerced into participating by intimidation and the threat of losing their children. In return for the fraudulently collected profits, the contracted vendors provide manufactured “evidence” of child maltreatment to support the SS claim that they need to keep the child in foster care. In return for this they receive more federal funding.

As an example, the Massachusetts DSS receives $700. Million a year in state funding alone. Not bad. Behind the money there is a socialist ideology that children should be raised by the state. Yes, even here in America. This agenda was promoted by people like Dr. C. Henry Kempe in the 1970’s.

An open supporter of the Communist party regime who instructed:
“We must remove children from the crude influence of their families and, frankly, nationalize them.” Dr. Kempe emphasized the need for a “stealthy, incremental approach” to implementing the agenda to make families obsolete.

This is a huge, complex, ugly picture.

We don’t want to believe it can happen here in our beloved country. But it is.

4600 times per day.

So I am impelled to reach out to EVERY sane, rational American with a conscience to stand up and let your voice be heard… before it’s too late.

Thank-you for your time.

Nev Moore
Justice for Families

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