What it FEELS LIKE to be Falsely Accused!

Source: Courtesy of AFRA

When your turn comes to answer a Child Protective Service Social Worker’s allegations, the very first thing you notice is her hostile attitude and adversative behavior. Since most of us have learned CIVILITY and Social Skills to deal with aggressors, we try to find out why this person is so ticked at us so we can “make peace”.

We explain the truth to her, but she doesn’t care about the truth. We quickly learn this antagonist is implacable, callous, hard-hearted, merciless, and incapable of reason. Her mind was already made up and she is going to drag you into the Child Protective Service “meat grinder” any way she can.

She thinks nothing of making a False Accusation, only “making it stick”.
You discover that she will LIE TO YOU and ABOUT YOU without conscience.

“At a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”
(George Orwell)

“You can’t depend on your judgment when your imagination is out of focus.” — Mark Twain

“Add a few drops of malice to a half truth and you have an absolute truth.” — Eric Hoffer

She is not doing an “investigation”. It is a prejudiced personal attack, an Inquisition, a Character Assassination on YOU.

“All parents are POTENTIAL ABUSERS”
You don’t want to be a “potential abuser”, do you?
That’s why you NEED THEIR “HELP”!
Many of these “Case Workers” OFTEN were (or see) THEMSELVES as having been somehow “victimized” as children, distrusts ALL parents, and exacts RETRIBUTION on YOU!

There is a desperate need to codify a NEW CLINICAL condition of “Old Dysfunctional Hippie Disorder” (ODHD)

Your every past word, deed, and thought are scrutinized under the New Age microscope. She will fabricate conjectures to cast you in the worst possible light.

You think quietly to yourself “I must have gotten the worst SOCIOPATH in their whole office”. But after a while you learn that THEY ARE ALL THAT WAY in every Child Protective Service office across the nation and around the world. Child “Protective” Services People fit the Profile of a Sociopath

If you maintain a HIGH MORAL or ETHICAL STANDARD of any kind, or if you are a Christian- you can expect SPECIAL ATTENTION for your standards- because they do not believe in ABSOLUTE right and wrong.

This is not about any ABUSE of children by parents, it’s a POLITICALLY MOTIVATED Cultural War

While you are going through all this, you are so shocked, terrified, confused, bewildered, and disoriented- it doesn’t occur to you that these people are running a SCAM on you under the COLOR OF LAW

They will try to keep you “confused” and “off balance” as long as possible. They strive to maintain themselves as the “god” over your life by “keeping you busy” complying with their absurd demands, seeing their “counselors”, and attending their compelled useless “classes” IMPLYING that it “might” help get your kids back, or THREATENING you with permanent termination if you don’t obey their every capricious whim.

They set these “meetings” up to require you to miss work. They DO NOT CARE if you lose your job.

In fact, it appears they WANT you to lose your job to make you DESTITUTE so YOU CAN’T AFFORD to fight them and “NEED” MORE OF THEIR “SERVICES”! They seem to especially enjoy setting meetings up to conflict WITH EACH OTHER and find you “non-compliant” for FAILING to be at BOTH AT THE SAME TIME.

They operate through fear, threats, and intimidation.

You are afraid to go talk with a lawyer about what they are doing to you, because “it might make them mad”.

THEY ARE COUNTING on your “faith in the system” and your DISBELIEF that the flagrant injustice you are experiencing is anything but “just a misunderstanding”.These people COULDN’T be doing what it LOOKS LIKE THEY ARE DOING!

AT NO TIME, do they want it to occur to you that you have American Constitutional Rights and DO NOT “HAVE” TO PUT UP WITH their Nazi behavior. If the thought DOES CROSS YOUR MIND to even ASK- “What about my Rights?”, you will be met with nasty, foul, sickening threats.
By the time you start “wising up“, the trap has already snapped shut and you THINK you have to “play their game” to resolve the situation.
Then by the time you realize that you are going to LOSE your kids, your job, your house, and probably your marriage over this mind-boggling fraud,
NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO OR DON’T DO, the process is complete.
If they have your kids, you might continue trying to “comply” with their insane, impossible conditions (which they keep adding) for up to 2 years.

People end up “plea bargaining“, admitting “guilt” when they are completely innocent- because THEY TELL YOU THAT YOU HAVE TO, TO GET YOUR KIDS BACK.

Of course, once you admit guilt, YOU ARE TOAST

Very, very few parents ever “win” this game.

The few who do win, mortgaged their home, cashed in all the College savings, got SECOND JOBS, borrowed money from all their relatives and LUCKILY hired a lawyer who HATES THE CPS and fights to WIN, not plea bargain. They might get their kids back, after the CPS has ruined them.

Bankruptcy and Divorces often follow. Few people recover from the ungodly trauma and Legal Abuse a CPS investigation puts them through. Those of us who have been through a malicious False Allegation are often called “paranoid” by people who have never been through it (who have “faith in the system” and DISBELIEVE YOU). But we aren’t deluded or irrational. We WERE persecuted.

As a newspaper editor remarked when I was discussing my case with him-

“It isn’t paranoia if THEY REALLY ARE out to get you”.

This industry, it’s agenda, and methods are an INTOLERABLE ABUSE of American Citizens, and a deliberate AFFRONT to American Constitutional Rights, Basic Human Rights, and even the United Nation Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The marvel of all history is the patience with which men and women submit to burdens unnecessarily laid upon them by their governments. — William H. Borah

If they haven’t attacked your family yet, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND our brochure “Family Survival Information- When your local Children’s Protective Service takes an interest in YOUR FAMILY”.

Be forewarned and ready to stand up for your Constitutional Rights. Your Constitutional Rights are your ONLY defense against these terrorists. When your Constitutional RIGHTS are gone, so is America. And we are very nearly there.

“Nothing is more dangerous than the idea that some public officials are above the law. If they are, then we don’t have law — and we won’t have freedom much longer either.” –Thomas Sowell



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