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Posted 3/16/07BAKERSFIELD –

A Tehachapi family is outraged Friday night after finding bruises on their little girl when she was returned to them from a foster home.
The 2-year-old toddler was placed with her grandmother earlier this week after Child Protective Services found bruising on the girl during a foster home visit last week.
The grandmother said the toddler was emaciated, bruised, her head shaved bald, and possibly sexually abused.
We want to warn you, some of the pictures may be graphic.
“I couldn’t even think,” said Heather Yeck, the toddler’s mother. “I was in shock. I couldn’t even cry. I was just sick.”
Yeck is talking about her reaction after seeing these pictures of her daughter taken by her grandmother, bruised from head-to-toe and also in areas we can’t show you.
“She was totally black and blue,” said Cynthia Miller, grandmother. “Underneath her diaper and her ankles and her legs were covered with bruises.”
Her grandmother said the 2-year-old should not have been taken away in the first place. A Tehachapi Sheriff’s detective took the toddler away from her parents in late January and placed her in the hands of Child Protective Services when a thin fracture in the leg was found after she tripped over a wire—an indication of abuse in the past, but not so anymore. She reads a report from a county doctor.
“This is a very common accidental fracture in toddlers, and may occur even with an apparently minor fall and twist of the tibia,” the report stated.
The girl is staying with her grandmother now, and even though it has been a few days, you can still see remnants of her bruising but it’s nothing compared to the condition she came in with that Tuesday afternoon.
Her parents are furious.
“These people say they’re supposed to be Child Protective Services? And they take away my little girl because she falls on a little carpet strip and get a little spiral fracture which is really common,” said Sonny Wright, stepfather. “But they try to say we’re dangerous, we’re neglecting our kids, yet when we get her back, she’s not even the same little girl.”
“All I want to say is I want justice for my baby,” said Yeck, mother. “I want someone to suffer for this just as she has.”
We tried to get CPS’ side of the story, but they declined an on-camera interview and a statement, citing that they were prohibited by national laws from discussing the case. They did say over the phone a social worker checked on Savannah weekly, CPS discovered and reported the injuries during a visit last Thursday and acted immediately when injuries were discovered, and they are conducting their own investigation into what occurred at the foster home.
Bakersfield Police are also investigating the case.
The foster home was local.

These sad stories are nothing new… (click and see this video)




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