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Epidemic Of Police Brutality & Harassment
Sweeps America & UK

An epidemic of violence and harassment is sweeping the country. Police are being trained that the general public are the enemy and that they can engage in outright brutality without recourse. Taser deaths are skyrocketing because the police have been ordered to use “pain compliance”, otherwise known as torture, to subdue and oppress the citizenry. Police are also increasingly completely unaware of the laws they are supposed to enforce and have resolved to invent offences out of thin air as an excuse to harass people. It is time for police to remember that their duty is to protect the general public from criminals and not act as enforcers for a tyrannical police state.

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School Security Guards Beat Teen over Cake Spill

MyFox Los Angeles
Friday, September 28, 2007

Palmdale — It all started with a piece of birthday cake, but it ended up with a high school girl being beaten and expelled. The incident, which occurred last week at Knight High School in Palmdale, was caught on a cell phone camera. Michael Brownlee was live in Palmdale with what the girl and her mother plan to do now.


Students, Parents Protest Treatment of Student by Security Guard

Palmdale — A walkout is planned for this morning by some students at Knight High School in Palmdale. They are protesting what they call an “unprovoked assault” on two students by a security guard. The incident apparently left a 15-year-old girl with a broken wrist. Some students and the girl’s parents want the guard fired. SideBar


The police later arrested the girl who had her wrist broken, her mother for complaining about it and even arrested the kid who filmed the incident and his sister! Completely out of control thuggery, intimidation, framed arrests and false charges across the board.


Missouri: Police Threaten, Detain Motorist for Parking After Hours
A motorist who refused to discuss his personal business with a St. George, Missouri police officer was threatened with arrest last Friday. Brett Darrow, 20, no stranger to unconventional encounters with police, caught a St. George Police Sergeant named Kenline stating that he had the power to invent charges that would put Darrow behind bars.

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