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Our Families are under attack!

It is time for change. Children’s Protective Services and the Family Court System are out of control. In the Best Interest of the Child has turned into for the Best Interest of the Budget. We call for a full investigation into the corrupt Children’s Protective Services and the Family Court System. We ask that the Family Court System and the Children’s Protective Services be held accountable for their actions. We want CPS and Family Court Reform! We ask for the American Family to be protected.
Only by the voice of the people will we make a difference. Please help us to save our families by signing your name and giving yourself a voice.

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  • Please help save my children before it is too late, as well as the other families in our situation!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!

  • My girls 3 & 5, are being sexually abused 3 days a week, during their Fathers parenting time, by his brother thier Uncle.

  • for the past eight months I have done everything legal that I possibly can.

  • Nobody will do anything to help, and they do not believe me because every time my children are taken somewhere to talk they get afraid a clam up, which is normal.

  • Cps has taken parenting rights away from the girls

  • Father due to physical abuse but because he is in law enforment it didn’t last for long due to a corrupt small town! I have to drop them off in the morning, just like every sunday. CPS needs to stop terrorizing our children,

  • CPS should be charged with harassment, organized crime under the RICO Act, terroristic threat to name a few for what you do to children and their familiess

  • I lost my baby to cps and they need to understand how depressing it is! I miss my daughter majorly! I protest to cps. make that organization go away! help save our kids

  • Change the adoption bonus to reunification bonus or at least make it worth more money for states to keep families intake.It is time for a change and that time is now!

  • Please stop the destruction of our families and do it for Benjamin,

  • Please stop the corruption in the judicial, legal, and the child welfare system and destruction of our families due to lies and deceit by CPS.

  • Edie, and Nicky Clawson. They are my younger brothers and sister. They have been abused, drugged, brainwashed, and lied to by CPS, CASA, CAC, the legal system, judicial system, and the child welfare system.

  • Please reform CPS. I suffered abuse, was forced on psychotropic drugs, my civil rights violated and also my legal rights until I came home to my brother and parents on February 16, 2005. If I had fostered out of CPS custody I would not have finished high school or even had a chance at college. Because I came home, I will graduate this coming May and this fall will be attending college. CPS does not care about the children only the money they make off of them. Do it for Benjamin, Edie, and Nicky Clawson before their lives are completely destroyed.

  • Please clean up the horrible corrupt office in Paris, Lamar Co. , TX.they need to leave familes alone and stop ripping them apart for nothing

  • I believe that children are of such importance that each step taken by any social worker should be analyzed and reviewed by an independent party. Yes this may increase the cost initially but over time we will require less jails, less drug programs as these children see themselves as valued future leaders and not a pawn in a flawed political game. Put all financial assitance on hold from the parent you deserve no financial assistance to care for a child that is not in your home. Parents make a choice! I have seen and worked with parents who want to blame the state for taking the children away but refuse to follow the path that has been laid out for you to get your kids back if you want them do it your in control of your own choices reform starts with you.Please reform CPS nationwide and also in Lamar County, Texas. Do it in the name of Benjamin, Edie, and Nicky Clawson who are still in CPS custody after three years and the fight still continues and also for all the children of Lamar County who have been wrongfully taken from their parents with no reason to remove the children. All because of greed and coveting of our children by state officials and other people. There also needs to be better trained workers in this field not untrained workers.

  • Please stop the drugging of the children. There is no basis for this. These people are turning our children into drug addicts just like the ones they claim they are trying to get off the streets. Please stop the collusion of CPS,CASA, CAC, and the legal system in the area and also the local law enforcement. Parents don’t stand a chance against them or their lies and deceit.

  • Please repeal the Adoption and Safe Families Act of 1997 and quit giving the states incentives for breaking up families. Please give the states incentives for keeping families together.

  • Make it right for all families and children- Stop the insanity

  • with as corrupt a system as is currently available in Washington state, more harm is being cause to the children and families that anyone has a right to. To protect children, but not to harm them is the goal. No one governmental agency has so much power to ruin a family as does CPS. It matters not what proof exists but the biases of the people working for an agency. No unbiased checks or balances exist. Give the families of America a fighting chance and reform the Child Protection Laws in these our United States.

  • CPS sucks, and they are all liers.

  • I Pray you take a look at this over powered system. Children need there decent God give famlys. Bless you

  • This system has to much power it needs to be changed. They took our 6 babies and made promises after promises after we did every thang they told us and even passed all there mental test to the lie test but still we never got our kids back. We have not saw our little ones in over a year.We Love our children and want them back. Our son had cancer and as of the last time we saw him he had only seen his cancer doctor twice . If you dont believe any of us check it our for your selfs. They leave the kids that our truly in danger anfd take the incent just to make money on our kids. We Pray you will listen not only to our cries but to our childrens cries.Be the Angel from the Lord and put a stop to the stilling of our children please.God Bless

  • Yes, we certainly need to get this monster stopped


  • It is sickening, especially as an EMT, to witness time and time again CPS workers monetary greed take precedence over the welfare of the children and families that they are supposed to be working to protect.

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