When Children Services Comes Knocking

Children Services was founded to protect abused children.

However, they have now become the largest group of child abusers.

How do you stop them?

***Force them to obey the laws of the State and the United States of America***

The most commonly broken laws and regulations are:

*Agency staff enters homes and schools without court orders or search warrants.
Just like any other government agent, caseworkers (social workers) cannot enter your home without either your permission or an order signed by a judge or magistrate.

*Children are only to be removed if they are in “imminent danger.”

This does not mean your children can be removed because you spanked them or your refrigerator is broken. (If your home has mold and feces, then they can take your child. If they have sustained life- threatening or permanent injuries, then they can take your child.)

*Caseworkers (social workers) cannot interview your child without your knowledge unless they have a court order to do so.

Schools must cooperate with investigations, but you must be informed. Children should not be taken from school without a court order.

Every effort must be taken to keep a family together before the removal of children. This measure should be taken as a last resort only.

If it is determined that the children must be removed, they should be place with family whenever possible.

Do not sign a case plan unless it has been court ordered! Otherwise, you have been tricked into giving up your rights to fight any/all allegations. You are admitting that you have abused/neglected your children. (These are sometimes referred to as Service Plans.)

It is unlawful for caseworkers (social workers) to threaten you with the removal of your children for exercising your Constitutional Rights.

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