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ALERT:: Collin & Dallas Counties Ignore Domestic Violence Outcries

August 16, 2008 at 12:29 am




(The comments below were made by a woman on Its Almost Tuesday’s main page, I copy/paste for you all to see)

I am going through almost exactly what Mary has gone through in the Collin County Court System. I feel for her and broke-down several times while reading about her story. I have been a victim of Domestic Violence to my husband, the abuser who has beat & battered me throughout our marriage. There are at least thirty (30) Police Incidents and i finally obtained a Protective Order that Collin County will not enforce because they say it is out of there jurisdiction and that I need to see the City of Dallas. Likewise, the City of Dallas says that it is out of there jurisdiction and that the constable of Collin County is the one to enforce these Protective Order Matters. Collin County says thay dont know what Dallas is talking about. I pay taxes to both. Neither one is helping me and my husband is continuing to take steps to follow-through on his threats to kill me. Something needs to be done, but I don’t know where to turn.


Tomorrow – Tuesday & The Tuesday After…Tell Them …

I’ve been away a while, many apologies, life’s been busy…real busy…

I had a few moments & a few thoughts for this week; and want to request from all of you to help make Tuesday’s special each week; in the spirit of healing from abuse in foster care; as the theme of my site would appropriately support… and encourage. …

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Take the Time Each Tuesday To Tell Others

This Tuesday –

Try to set aside time each Tuesday to share with someone else the story of Its Almost Tuesday. Try to remind someone to tell someone else; and so on;.

Thats not all, also try and do something good that day – each Tuesday…

  • donate some old clothes or furniture you’ve had forever collecting dust
  • cook dinner for a friend who’s had a hard time lately and deserves a break
  • take some food to a homeless shelter
  • take a trip to the spca to play with shelter dogs
  • call your mom or dad just to say i love you
  • give a bigger tip at dinner out

each tuesday, do something extra special – and tell others why –

This is why:::

“My caseworker says that foster homes are to punish the bad parents, but truth is it really punishes the kids… I’m only 8 and I know that…Heck, all the Foster Kids know that… The caseworker must be at least 30, can’t she figure it out too? I mean, if grownups really knew what it was like to be a foster child in there – there would be no more bad foster homes… maybe God will let me go home, and when I do, I’ll tell everyone, so I can save all the foster kids one day… after all, they were my brothers & sisters for 18 months…

Thats what an 8 year old foster boy said after being abused in a Texas therapeutic Foster Camp – Maybe he’s right … This is why…. Now that this boy endured foster care its hard for this 8 year old boy to believe in anyone or anything again, even God. especially himself…and others…

Because now, his world’s been turned upside down so he can’t find faith in something that makes no sense. Imagine being forcibly taken as a child, out of the blue, from your Mommys home…and not ever returned.

Do you remember that feeling you felt as a 5 year old child if you got lost in a grocery store? The aisles were so humongous & grew longer and longer as confusion set in, then terror, right, and panic. Frantically searching and screaming, crying “MOMMY!??? WHERE’S MY MOMMY???” until the nice man in a suit bends over to help & comfort you but you fear him “STRANGER DANGER!” You want to scream but you freeze and shake and cry. Luckily at that moment of indecision and terror your Mommy’s voice comes through “Oh baby, there you are!!” and she scoops you up, and you cry in her comforting arms, sobbing the fear away.

Imagine that – but much much worse

Imagine that feeling but instead of Mommy finding and comforting you, this little boy meets “social workers” who are grumpy, rushed all the time, forgetful, calling him the wrong name, carrying papers & files, and never really looking at him. They tell him that Mommy is bad, but he knows his Mommy wasn’t bad, so he gets confused & is so afraid.

He’s shuffled from home to home, until finally he’s so afraid of life, & he feels so guilty, and hopeless that he considers suicide at age 9. He sees shadow people outside in the bushes at night so he won’t go out and play. He thinks they want to kill him. His worst fear is being kidnapped when at home, the most he feared was spiders before.

He’s angry and he wants to go home, so they drug him with psychotropic medications and suddenly he’s too tired to stand up one day, but can’t stop moving the next, depnding on his new everchanging dosages. His hands clinch and muscles seize. He gets sick because these drugs aren’t meant for kids, or aren’t approved yet, but in testing stages, and he’s the guinea pig. Thats just the beginning part, the easy part, that happens to all the kids pretty much.

Then the abuse begins ….this 8 year old is restrained, beat, stoned with rocks, strangled, and possibly much more – at the hands of some strangers he is forced to call “Mom” and “Dad” and by other ‘mean’ foster kids. (They weren’t always that way, though, foster care made them mean…is what he learns).

What do you think is being created in the mind & memory of this boy during these times? He prays to a God he is losing faith in, as his time in his life to be a kid became the most traumatic time of his life and in the end of it all, he never got a chance to know peace or happiness again, nor for very long to begin with; as it was stolen from him as a young 8 year old child…

He’ll never be the same child again… innocence is lost. Pain is real.

Does he get a feeling of safety? protection? security? i doubt it…and he’ll never forget…

So don’t expect him to “get over it”…(he never will). No matter what these kids do – they aren’t going to forget what it was like… but kicker is, you’ll never really truly know…

you’ll only only what they tell you…if they tell you…or even speak of it…some never do… some don’t get the chance…

So when they do tell you, please listen…

This 8 year old boy deserves to believe again – so lets help make his wishes come true by telling others about his story…

Through your blogs, links, favorites, bookmarks, and sharing this story, help him as his pain and legacy stops the punishing of children for what the adults did wrong or for some mistake an adult made!!

Stop ignoring his truth, because foster children are your children & mine…trust me, i know…

i am the little boy’s mother & i know I never abused him, but was falsely accused in a custody battle gone horribly wrong… & these words were my 8 year old boy’s own words in a case where abuse was ruled out in his natural home & he’d never have suffered abuse had it not been for the foster home(s) he was placed in.

That’s not protection now, is it?

He never should’ve gone in so don’t think yours couldn’t go in one day too, by mistake…and no, its impossible to ‘get over’… Would you forget if it was your child? Don’t forget about them in there…. Would you forget how he was unreachable when he most needed help… for a mother thats a death sentence, self-imposed by guilt, shame, and regret….

Like my 8 year old boy said… maybe … if enough people know… then more people will care & if more people care then … maybe… more people will help.

Then maybe there wouldn’t be any more bad homes… or less of them at least… and this 8 year old boy will have helped make foster homes safer for other kids out there – at least safer than the homes they were removed from!

Then maybe this 8 year old who is not 8 anymore but who will be 8 years old to me forever…. will one day look back & know it was worth it in some ironically disgusting but meant-to-be kind of way, and he’ll begin to heal, and believe again.

He’ll know he helped change things for another child.

Foster care changed his childhood memories forever. It will make it harder to adjust into adulthood; He’ll be less likely to graduate, go to college, earn a stable living or progress through the rest of his life as compared to non-foster children. He’ll be more likely to fall into drug addiction, get arrested, serve prison time even. This is the result of the state’s intervention after his childhood was scarred by their “protection” from his non-abusive mother.

He’ll be more likely to suffer mental illness & emotional problems, not handle interpersonal relationships well, or find healthy friends/lovers/life-partners. He may end up a street person or locked up in an institution. I hope & pray thats not his fate; since he’s my little boy (forever); but statistics say otherwises and they aren’t hopeful either.

His childhood interrupted will always linger in his mind; keep him up at night, and make him cry like an 8 year old child, even as a grown man. Maybe it’ll be worthwhile in time, somehow…

If the kids can figure out there’s a problem, it would seem as if the adults could figure out a way to fix the problem?

(Especially the ones that are “at least 30 years old”)…Unless they don’t want to and If not, what’s really going on then?

If they aren’t protected better than in their natural homes, why then are these children in this system to begin with? Actually, its been proved that even in homes with abuse & neglect issues, the children who are not removed despite the maltreatment, still fare better than foster children.

Why would adults do this to kids then… why ?

Tell others and maybe we’ll all figure it out for this little boy … he deserves to know… I know its hard to hear, read about, and know… It makes you want to close your eyes, turn away, say “I can’t handle that…” And thats your choice… but remember, he didn’t have a choice…. I think he knows alot more about it then he wanted to know … and he was only 8….

If he can handle it, so can we… .I mean come on…. if we don’t like it, make it stop… like the boy says…

It feels like a lifetime waiting from Tuesday to Tuesday…

Think about it this next Tuesday…and tell someone else… They can tell someone else on a Tuesday… and so on and so on…

Til there are no more bad homes…

80% FAILURE RATE:Maltreated Kids In Natural Homes Still Do Better Than Foster Care

Foster care systems will continue
to churn out walking wounded

4 out of 5 times!

Imagine this: You go to a surgeon in need of an operation that is necessary in order to save your life.  When asking about his track record, the surgeon tells you…

“Well… 80 % of my patients don’t get any better…”

You’re confused, so you ask…

“In other words, 8 out of 10 patients see no improvement…?”

He replies,

“A lot of the time, they get worse…”

Your confusion grows as he continues,

“In fact, 1/3 of the time, I commit malpractice..”

You figure he is joking around, but decide to bid him farewell…


The surgeon tries to convince you …

“If you’ll just pay me more money than I already get paid, and build me a fancy new hospital, I might be able to reduce my failure rate … to about 60 %… maybe…”

“Do we have a deal…?”

Odds are you’d look at your surgeon like he was crazy, then search for a second opinion, right?

What if all the other doctors told you the same thing?

What if none of the doctors you asked  could offer any surgeries or treatments with better results or fewer side effects?


Why is that failure rate acceptable for Child Protective Services who concern themselves with the welfare of children who don’t get to ‘shop around’ or decide what ‘doctor’ to see?

It’s up to US to hold CPS accountable in order to make sure they’re really protecting the interests of the child, not the Government.

Now, consider this:

A study was released on April 7, 2005 by a large, Washington State-based foster-care provider, Casey Family Programs, and Harvard Medical School.

The study used case records and interviews to assess the status of young adult “alumni” of foster care.

When compared to adults of the same age and ethnic background who did not endure foster care: Only 20 percent of the alumni could be said to be “doing well.”

Thus, foster care failed for 80 percent of the children!

  • Foster Children have double the rate of mental illness.

  • Foster Children report rates of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder was double that of Iraqi War veterans.
  • Foster Children were three times more likely to be living in poverty

  • Foster Children were also 15 (fifteen) times less likely to have finished college.

and to top it off…

  • Nearly 1/3 (one-third) of the Foster Children Alumni reported that they had been abused by a foster parent or another adult in a foster home.

The authors went on to design a complex mathematical formula to attempt to figure out how much they could improve these outcomes if every single problem besetting the foster care system were magically fixed….Their answer: 22.2 percent.

Even if one argues that foster care didn’t cause all of these problems, clearly foster care won’t cure them.

Yet the authors of the study recommend only more of the same: Pour even more money into foster care to “fix” it to the point that maybe the rotten outcomes could be reduced by a measly 22.2 percent.

Are you fed up, yet?

Want to read more? Here's The Full Story 

Courtesy of : NCCPR by Richard Wexler: A Brief Analysis of the Casey Family Programs Northwest Foster Care Alumni Study


Foster Care vs. Keeping Families Together:

The Definitive Study

NCCPR long has argued that many children now trapped in foster care would be far better off if they had remained with their own families and those families had been given the right kinds of help.

Turns out that’s not quite right.

In fact, many children now trapped in foster care would be far better off if they remained with their own families even if those families got only the typical help (which tends to be little help, wrong help, or no help) commonly offered by child welfare agencies.  That’s the message from the largest study ever undertaken to compare the impact on children of foster care versus keeping comparably maltreated children with their own families.

The study was the subject of a front-page story in USA Today.

The full study is available here.

The study looks at outcomes for more than 15,000 children. It compares foster children not to the general population but to comparably maltreated children left in their own homes. The result: On measure after measure the children left in their own homes do better.

In fact, it’s not even close.

Children left in their own homes are far less likely to become pregnant as teenagers, far less likely to wind up in the juvenile justice system and far more likely to hold a job for at least three months than comparably maltreated children who were placed in foster care.

Want More?  CLICK HERE

Courtesy of:National Coalition for Child Protection Reform / 53 Skyhill Road (Suite 202) /Alexandria, Va. 22314 (703) 212-2006 / /

Woman’s Head Shaved, Face Branded ‘Snitch’

Police Say Woman Accused Of Calling Child Services

Junw 22, 2007 PHOENIX — Four people have been arrested in connection with kidnapping, assaulting and using a branding iron to burn the word “snitch” on a Mesa woman’s face, police said.

Investigators said they believe the crime was done in retaliation for reporting one of the men and woman to Child Protective Services in February 2006, which ultimately led to CPS taking away their children.

“If CPS removes a child from the house, there must be some very serious allegations,” said Sgt. Chuck Trapani of the Mesa Police Department. “So the children removed, they’re in CPS custody, and now they’re blaming this person for what they did wrong. ”
Click here to find out more!

Police said they arrested James H. Standridge, 34, Jackie L. Getz, 26, and Kibbol A. Avila, 33, on suspicion of kidnapping, aggravated assault and unlawful imprisonment.

Preston L. Valdez, 21, was charged with one count each of aggravated assault and unlawful imprisonment with a no-bond status.

All of the suspects live in the Mesa area.

Police said the victim, a 38-year-old woman, called the Mesa Police Department on June 13 to report the crime.

Officers said an intensive five-day investigation determined that the group worked together to ensure that the woman would be at a certain apartment in Mesa.

When the woman entered the apartment, the group assaulted and held her against her will, detectives said.

The suspects shaved off a portion of the victim’s hair and, using a branding iron, burned the word “snitch” on her face, then blindfolded her, officers said.

Her body was also burned with a propane torch, investigators said.

The woman was then placed in a vehicle and driven to a neighborhood where she was released, detectives said.

A witness noticed the woman stumbling down the street and called police, according to investigators.

A second witness stopped the victim and waited with her near the road until police and paramedics arrived. The woman was transported to a local hospital where she was treated and later released.

Investigators executed a search warrant at the apartment where the crime took place and found evidence of the crime. They were able to track down and arrest all four suspects.

Bond for Standridge and Getz was set at $270,000. Avila’s bond was set at $80,000.

Court ruling weakens child-rape law in Texas

Death penalty provision in so-called Jessica’s Law is erased.


Thursday, June 26, 2008

The U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday said states cannot use the death penalty to punish child rapists if the victim is not killed, erasing a key plank in the so-called Jessica’s Law that Texas lawmakers passed last year.

The Texas law permitted the death penalty, or life in prison without parole, for the second conviction of aggravated sexual assault of a child younger than 14. The life-in-prison punishment will remain available to prosecutors.

The Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision came in response to the death sentence imposed on Patrick Kennedy, a Louisiana man convicted of raping his stepdaughter when she was 8. The court ruled that the death penalty for someone who did not kill or intend to kill the victim violates the Eighth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which bars excessive or cruel and unusual punishments.

Then-Texas Solicitor General Ted Cruz argued on behalf of the Louisiana law before the Supreme Court earlier this year.

Although several state leaders criticized the Supreme Court’s decision, it was especially a setback for Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, who put Jessica’s Law at the top of his 2007 agenda.

“My goal from day one was to protect children, and we have still accomplished that,” Dewhurst said, noting that other important provisions of the Texas law remain intact. “By and large, the public is going to be outraged” by the court’s decision.

In addition to allowing for the execution of two-time child rapists, the 2007 Texas law mandated a minimum 25-year prison sentence for people convicted of sexually assaulting a child and increased the punishment for felons convicted of soliciting the sexual performance of a child.

Rob Keppel, executive director of the Texas District and County Attorneys Association, the state’s leading prosecutors’ group, said the practical effect of the ruling may be minimal, because the Texas law had not been used — and was not likely to be until the high court rendered its judgment.

“Everyone had been watching Louisiana,” Keppel said. “Now we have the answer.”

Critics and even some supporters warned that the death penalty would be legally troublesome.

But the measure received wide support in both the Senate and House because to vote against it would make legislators vulnerable to soft-on-crime political attacks.

In the Supreme Court’s majority opinion, Justice Anthony Kennedy noted that the court has previously said that excessive punishment is determined by society’s evolving standards.

Kennedy pointed out that just six states have made child rape a capital offense, and that nobody has been executed in the United States for rape of a child or adult since 1964.

Kennedy also noted that under-reporting is a problem with child-rape cases and that child victims are susceptible to suggestive questioning techniques.

“The problem of unreliable, induced and even imagined child testimony means there is a ‘special risk of wrongful execution’ in some child-rape cases,” Kennedy wrote. “This undermines, at least to some degree, the meaningful contribution of the death penalty to legitimate goals of punishment.”

Many victims-rights advocates have said death-penalty provisions could lead to fewer convictions for child rape.

“Most child sexual abuse victims are abused by a family member or close family friend,” said Karen Amacker, a spokeswoman for the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault, which cheered the court’s ruling. “The reality is that child victims and their families don’t want to be responsible for sending a grandparent, cousin or long-time family friend to death row.”

Kennedy was joined in his opinion by Justices John Paul Stevens, David Souter, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer.

In the dissenting opinion, Justice Samuel Alito argued that the lack of states with death-penalty options for child rape did not represent a national consensus.

Alito said states, fearing a decision like the one handed down Wednesday, have been hesitant to pass such laws, and particularly hesitant in recent months because they knew a decision was coming on the Louisiana law.

“When state legislators think that the enactment of a new death penalty law is likely to be futile, inaction cannot reasonably be interpreted as an expression of their understanding or prevailing societal values,” Alito wrote.

He also argued that child rape has grave consequences for the victim.

“It is certainly true that the loss of human life represents a unique harm, but that does not explain why other grievous harms are insufficient to permit a death sentence,” he said.

The Texas law was named for Jessica Lunsford, a 9-year-old Florida girl who was killed by a sex offender.

State Rep. Debbie Riddle, a Tomball Republican who was House author of Jessica’s Law, lambasted the ruling as “another closely divided and questionable decision on the part of a court that continues to show signs of sliding towards the left.”

In effect, she said, the court said “that they are not quite sure if our society really thinks that the death penalty is an appropriate punishment for pedophiles, and so to be on the safe side, they are taking the ability to impose such a penalty out of the hands of the lawmakers who are elected by their constituents to make those very decisions.

“How are we as lawmakers to impose the will of our constituents when the Supreme Court blocks our laws by hypothesizing that our constituents probably really do not want those laws to begin with?”

Kids Are Waiting – Fix Foster Care

As you may know, the popular, bipartisan adoption incentives program is set to expire in September 2008.  Representatives Jim McDermott (D-WA) and Jerry Weller (R-IL) just introduced a bipartisan proposal, H.R. 6307, the Fostering Connections to Success Act, that would extend the Adoption Incentive Program and improve the system in other ways as well. (Details below). We need your help!

The incentives program has helped increase the number of adoptions from foster care.  America ‘s foster children need this program to be re-authorized and updated.    Since 1998, the U.S. has successfully finalized adoptions for approximately 443,000 foster children for whom reunification wasn’t possible.  However, 127,000 children are still waiting for safe, permanent families through adoption.

Please call or email your Representative this morning to ask him or her to sponsor the Fostering Connections to Success Act and help more of these children find families of their own. (Call toll-free at 1-888-686-8191, give your zipcode and you will be connected to your Representative). To co-sponsor H.R. 6307, your Representative’s staff can contact Sean Hughes in Rep. McDermott’s office at 5-3106 or Jack Dusik in Rep. Weller’s office at 5-3635.

You can also send emails through our website at

Thank you for your help in spreading this message and urging Congress to help foster children succeed.

child welfare reform, foster care abuse, domestic violence, education, foster care, General, government, system failure
Sect Leader’s Daughter Tells Attorney Ad Litem to Step Aside
Legal Ethics
Posted Jun 23, 2008, 07:16 am CDT

By Debra Cassens Weiss

The daughter of polygamous sect leader Warren Jeffs has told her attorney ad litem in an e-mail to step aside. She sent a copy of the missive to the Salt Lake Tribune.

The teen, 16-year-old Teresa Jeffs, told the newspaper in an interview that Texas lawyer Natalie Malonis is restricting her visits with the people who matter most in her life and has barred her from corresponding with her father, who has been jailed since 2006. The disagreement has created a rift with Malonis.

“The most help you will be to me now is for you to step aside and let me get a different lawyer that I feel like can help me,” Teresa Jeffs said in the e-mail.

Malonis has succeeded in getting a temporary order barring Teresa Jeffs from contact with Willie Jessop, a spokesman for the polygamous sect, the newspaper reports. Another hearing on the matter is scheduled for Tuesday.

Malonis told the paper she is trying to keep the girl free of outside influence. “Right now, that’s not happening,” Malonis said. “There is no question I am absolutely looking out for her. … What’s happening is really a shame because people who purport to care about her are really doing her a disservice.”

Texas law requires attorneys ad litem to represent their clients’ position in court, unless the clients are not acting in their own best interest, according to the story. Malonis has said in court papers that police believe Teresa Jeffs was spiritually married to an older man when she was 15.

That man was (not) my friend–Tuesday’s Grieving: Sort Of

I can’t reconcile this. I just can’t.

THE MAN WHO KILLED THESE CHILDREN WAS NOT MY FRIEND, BUT… HE WAS…. BUT…If I can’t reconcile this, how can anyone?….the couple was going through hard times, … but this? I just can’t reconcile… How can any parent kill their children? How could he?

Well, thats something that only he knows…. and whatever force made him do it.

Almost Tuesday is mourning the two children, Skyler Montgomery and Canyon Montgomery, ages 5 and 21 months…. I remember their birthdays and how a proud papa called me to announce…

If I had said, “Scott, in 5 years you’re going to murder that baby…” he’d have told me I was crazy…. he’d never believe it.

this was not the man I knew

Neither can I now…

I met Scott briefly in 1995 when my girlfriend threw me a baby shower for my son’s upcoming birth. Scott was a neighbor. He came over bearing gifts – simple gifts – a couple bottles & pacifiers for my soon to be newborn son. He was not anyone I knew, but heard about the shower, and thought it’d be the neighborly thing to do.

Later in life, after a mutual friend of ours was brutally and tragically murdered in 1996. We were at the funeral and met again & Scott gave me a ride back from Louisiana to Texas after it was all over. We were friends from then on. In fact, our friendship grew into such a close friendship that we often said we were one soul split apart from each other at the start; our lives emulated each other’s lives a lot, and we worked so well together spiritually, that sometimes we’d seem to think with one brain; communicate from over a distance telepathically, and feel when something’s wrong. We ran into each other at the emergency room one time in Dallas, both of us had loved ones admitted, and so I was able to be there at the exact time to help him through his mother’s passing. After that he sought healing through a spiritual adviser named Margie. He called me one evening and said, ” I felt my mother’s hands, I could say goodbye to her through this lady I met…. you have to go meet her…”

I did, and another friendship was born. The three of us met often, discussing spiritual ideas and practices, and implementing them in our lives.

After losing a friend to murder, sorrow had the best of us, and we all had the strong desire to start over. Scott & his new girlfriend headed to the mountains in Colorado and I took off for the beaches of Florida. He and his bride-to-be flew to Florida to attend my wedding, and I went to Colorado to theirs. We went camping in Santa Fe New Mexico , listened to countless hours of music & loving certain lyrics that grabbed our hearts.

Our favorite songs together were What’s Up by 4-Non blond, Tomorrow Wendy and Caroline by Concrete Blonde and I Wanna Be There by Blessed Union Of Souls.

Every Thursday night we’d call each other after watching Survivor. Scott was always trying to get me to tell him who won before the show aired there, in Colorado, where the time zone was several hours difference.

I never told.

I saw his amazement when he learned of his daughter, and we all went for a day at the zoo. I saw the love in his eyes for Kari. I saw a future open wide for them, the beautiful redheaded couple…

I didn’t see this coming though….

Man Shot; Deputies Find 2 Dead Children Inside Home

Their father was identified as 37-year-old Scott Montgomery. Read the whole story here.

El Paso County Deputies Shoot, Kill Man Believed To Be Father

POSTED: 7:39 pm MDT June 22, 2008 UPDATED: 7:50 pm MDT June 23, 2008

MANITOU SPRINGS, Colo. — Sheriff’s deputies shot and killed a man suspected of killing his two young sons in his home before deputies arrived Sunday.

El Paso County sheriff’s deputies were checking the man’s home around 4:45 p.m. after the children’s mother told authorities she was worried he might hurt their children, ages 2 and 5, sheriff’s Lt. Lari Sevene said.

Deputies who arrived in the gated mountain community got no answer at the door and looked through a window to see two boys laying on the bed with a “significant of blood on or around them,” Sevene said.

Related To Story

She could not confirm what injuries they had or how they might have been injured but the sight of so much blood in the bedroom forced deputies to act quickly.

Deputies burst into the home and were confronted by the father, who was wielding a knife, so they opened fire, Sevene said. She said a deputy shot the man, who died.

The children did not survive either.

I remember Scott calling me the morning after his birth. “He’s perfect….just perfect…” is what he told me about Skyler. He was perfect, and a gift…. now and his brother’s are angels…

My friend Scott would not have done this, so the man who he became that day, or in the months or year prior, is a stranger to me. Scott stood up for domestic violence victims in the past when I knew him, namely myself, after many incidents I had gone through with my exhusband. Scott never indicated to me that he was a danger to any children, much less his own…. but then again, he wasn’t in the same set of circumstances at the time I was around. Losing everything can lead to desperation. I don’t know what the situation was with his marriage falling apart or domestic violence, I wasn’t there. He hadn’t called or talked to me much over the last few years, and I wish he had. Maybe it would’ve helped.

Maybe nothing could’ve helped and it was inevitable. Maybe he reached a breaking point of some kind for whatever reason, I don’t know…. but it wasn’t something that the Scott I knew would have done without something catastrophic…

Now, my heart goes out to Kari, wherever you are, girl, i love you and so does all the folks from D-Town and we’re all praying for you and keeping you close in our thoughts. Get in touch if you need anything … email me at … and don’t listen to the haters. They don’t understand or know you. Nobody can judge another without having been in their shoes, even Scott. THERE IS NO JUSTIFICATION for hurting those babies, but there is much strength in your willingness to come forth with forgiveness, that is an act of great strength… forgiveness is not about the person who did the harm, it is about your own healing.

How do I reconcile my grief for my friend with the shock of the acts he committed against his babies?!

How? Its difficult.

I pray for his soul.

I pray for the families and for Kari.

I wish I’d had more time to know Skyler and Canyon.

I grieve:

sort of….


U.S. Supreme Court COOPER v. AARON, 358 U.S. 1 (1958) 358




Argued September 11, 1958. Decided September 12, 1958.

Opinion announced September 29, 1958.

…Article VI of the Constitution makes the Constitution the “supreme Law of the Land.” In 1803, Chief Justice Marshall, speaking for a unanimous Court, referring to the Constitution as “the fundamental and paramount law of the nation,” declared in the notable case of Marbury v. Madison, 1 Cranch 137, 177, that “It is emphatically the province and duty of the judicial department to say what the law is.” This decision declared the basic principle that the federal judiciary is supreme in the exposition of the law of the Constitution, and that principle has ever since been respected by this Court and the Country as a permanent and indispensable feature of our constitutional system. It follows that the interpretation of the Fourteenth Amendment enunciated by this Court in the Brown case is the supreme law of the land, and Art. VI of the Constitution makes it of binding effect on the States “any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding.” Every state legislator and executive and judicial officer is solemnly committed by oath taken pursuant to Art. VI, cl. 3, “to support this Constitution.” Chief Justice Taney, speaking for a unanimous Court in 1859, said that this requirement reflected the framers’ “anxiety to preserve it [the Constitution] in full force, in all its powers, and to guard against resistance to or evasion of its authority, on the part of a State . . . .”

Ableman v. Booth, 21 How. 506, 524.

No state legislator or executive or judicial officer can war against the Constitution without violating his undertaking to support it. Chief Justice Marshall spoke for a unanimous Court in saying that: “If the legislatures of the several states may, at will, annul the judgments of the courts of the United States, and destroy the rights acquired under those judgments, the constitution itself becomes a solemn mockery . . . .” United States v. Peters, 5 Cranch 115, 136.

A Governor who asserts a [358 U.S. 1, 19] power to nullify a federal court order is similarly restrained. If he had such power, said Chief Justice Hughes, in 1932, also for a unanimous Court, “it is manifest that the fiat of a state Governor, and not the Constitution of the United States, would be the supreme law of the land; that the restrictions of the Federal Constitution upon the exercise of state power would be but impotent phrases . . . .” Sterling v. Constantin, 287 U.S. 378, 397-398….

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In condensing the collection of decisions, it came to me that we are obsessed with the rights of the individual, while at the same time forgetting that one person’s rights become another person’s burden. Yet, all of the intelligent and clever legal and constitutional arguments that are being made have one underlying concern. They are made to demonstrate the presence or absence of the validity that one’s right’s can be made to be inferior to another one’s. At the base of all of this is that no-one exists in isolation. We all are parts (or at least should be) of systems that themselves are parts of levels in a hierarchy of systems comprising civilization.

The very foundation of the whole hierarchy of civilization is the group of social systems made up by these systems: husband-wife; parent-child; sibling-sibling; the family comprised of all of them; and, last but not least, the system of the extended family. Some have recognized that and the one very profound truth arising out that fact: any system is greater than the sum of its parts, but only then if all of the parts interleave, communicate, mesh and function well with one another. All of these clever arguments ignore one important aspect. That is the obligations of an individual to the social systems of which he is a member.

Thereby we ignore the needs and rights of all systems within society, because to demand one’s rights requires that someone else is obliged to grant them. By ignoring obligations, each entity will feel entitled to enforce its rights, if necessary, to the extent that it will rob others of theirs. What we have then is not a well-functioning society anymore that is better than the sum of its parts, but rather a conglomerate of entities, or better yet, a mob – at worst, the end of civilization as we know it. It appears that the best legal minds have not come to terms with that truth, or else they would not be so terribly confused as appears to be the case in the bewildering array of judgments relating to the basic social system of society: the family. Would it be totally unrealistic to ask our legal minds to consider not only whether the state might have rights that are superior to those of the individual, but to think of the family unit in terms of a legal entity that has rights as well – with obligations and rights in relation to both, all of its members and the state?

Would it be totally strange to ask our legislators to consider addressing the rights and liberties of the family and, in connection with that, the obligations that an individual has toward the family and the state? Consider what would happen if we were to build the only one of the Ten Commandments that contains a promise as a constraint into constitutional rights: “Honour thy father and thy mother, that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee.” Why are we surprised and dismayed that we can’t do well without it? Are we truly that smart that we can afford to ignore the wisdom that civilization lived by for thousands of years? -WHS

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