My “Heart Hurts” says 4-Year Old About Her Abusive Mother

I read an article the other day about another unfortunate and sickening incident of child abuse that really touched me.  I haven’t been online to update lately, because of a lack of internet connection, and many apologies.  Please keep checking back as I hope to get online again by middle to the end of March.

The article I read was about a four-year old girl who was abused by her mother, forced into an oven to “cook like a turkey” and she was tortured with a screwdriver by her mother as well.  It was horrible abuse; and yet, when CPS and the police seized the little girl, and talked to her about what she had endured, the police stated

“She said that her heart’s hurt and broke,” the 4-year-old told police, Bielecki said.

The girl also said: “Mommy doesn’t love me anymore.”

That was about the most pure form of innocence from a mouth of a child, innocence, instead of conveying hatred or anger, her heart “hurt” for her abusive mother and how she no longer loves her.

How anyone could do that to a child I’ll never understand.

My heart hurts too for this and all other children who suffer abuse.

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