An Incredible Reminder of Hope in a Hopeless Place – Death Row

I am going to stray a bit from the foster care genre of this blog to highlight a story so incredible… It must be shared.

Many months ago I checked out some documentaries from the library. One documentary was the true crime story of three little boys mutilated and brutally murdered in Arkansas in what they claimed was a “satanic” killing .

The local authorities and citizens put three local teenagers on the chopping  block and convicted them in a serious miscarriage of justice. They were convicted in baseless cases that held no merit, no science or evidence that directly linked these teenage boys to the crime… except, perhaps, their heavy metal music, morbid curiosity in the occult, teenage angst and gothic black clothes . Teenage rebellion. I remember it… Today they call it “emo” instead of “goth” I think.

I guess it made sense to blame them.. Rather than find the truth…. was it just easier to maka a case on hysteria and propoganda than forensic evidence. Especially at a time just prior to progressive dna technologies that we now know, they used whatever they could to satisfy the outcry of the people to blame for this heinous crime.

Well the truth has not rested its case apparently. Hallelujia.

I cried like I knew the people or was involved personally while i watched the documentary Paradise Lost. It was actually filmed almost 20 years ago and the first of I believe three films of the unfolding story.

Today I just happened to see a talk show with one of the three death row inmates they convicted… Damien was a guest on the show … Released from death row.

I was amazed to learn the three have been released, and are on their way to being exonerated.

There are even celebrities such as johnny depp going the excessive distance to selflessly support their cause to prove their innocence. 

And hopefully catch the real killer or killers.

This I’d say is the most incredible story of how its possible to remain hopeful even when hope seemingly ceases to exist.

After 18 years on death row to be free.

There is always hope no matter what you face & anywhere you may find yourself stay strong as hope is as necessary as the air we breathe.

Hopelessness is the devils playground but as proven here, Good overpowers.

Satanic rituals may have taken those babies’ lives then, but that evil will not reign until the end.

Hope & goodness will overcome.

Read it, share it, believe it.
Support the truth & always.. ALWAYS demand TRUTH & justice..
Find out who really did it ….
& exonerate these three…

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