Blessings for my Son After A Recent Motorcycle Crash

My son is now 19years old, no longer a child of the system, but out on his own. I lost him over ten years ago, never regaining the close-knit relationship we had in his childhood.  The years have taken their toll, on me and on him. My greatest fear has been not to be able to know him again because life is … well … never guaranteed.  You never know…

I found out yesterday that earlier this week he was injured very badly in a motorcycle accident in Los Angeles, California.

I have read on his Facebook updates that he has several broken bones/ribs, and his left arm had to surgically be rebuilt, with metal pins, rods, etc., and he paralyzed his pinky finger. Thankfully he’s alive, and broken bones seems to be most of the injuries, not any traumatic brain injury sort of thing. Though this will certainly change his life forever in many ways.  Thank god he’s alive. If he hadn’t made it through, well, neither would I have …made it through, that is.

I am in Texas and cannot be with him at the hospital in California.

All I can do is pray and hope he heals up okay and doesn’t develop an addiction to pain medications he’ll likely have to take.

He was taken from me at age 8.  He’s 19 years old now.  This is his second motorcycle crash.  He loves to ride, but it scares me. The next time he may not survive.

We finally reunited at age 18 after ten of the hardest years of my life and his. We only saw each other a couple of times.  Without having a chance to get to know him again, he moved to California in the hopes of pursuing his music career, with much hope for a brighter future. He was attending college and doing very well despite his past obstacles.

This is a link of some of the earlier work of his music that he posted online, he has come quite far in his music, the guitar being the love of his life.  I don’t know how his injuries will effect his playing.

I have been proud of him, but bittersweet in my sadness that he is still so far away from me.

He bought this motorcycle recently, and was very proud of it and happy.  This wreck was serious, but he is alive, thank God.

Please watch for motorcycle riders in the streets, they are killed so often in collisions with cars.

Also, please send healing thoughts and prayers for my son (to the deity of your choice.) Blessings and miracles are needed and so appreciated.

Thank you





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