I asked my readers in a poll if they would trust CPS to have the best interest at heart with their own children… And the results are in..

90% of PARTICIPANTS would NOT trust CPS with their own children.

If CPS was a doctor, he’d be out of practice.

If CPS was a movie, it’d be a Blockbuster failure.

So why do they have so much room to interfere with families if the families don’t trust them? Who did trust them enough to put them in that position of power and why? Or is it all about the money? Something to think about.



  1. Special Request & Idea of Action – For Persons Seeking Truth & Justice In Maintaining Family Rights
    Version 0.01; Date of Version Release: Aug. 6 2016; Status: Urgent Draft for release
    Idea Overall: Request for references, collaboration, and an idea for others to consider, which is the collecting of references regarding misconduct by a Child Protective Service (CPS) agency, and of any methods of CPS, in which they have used to avoid due process, or in not being honest, or in coercing children or parents for obtaining certain answers, or for confusing either children or parents. So, this idea is specifically suggesting that concerned citizens do this for each state, or territory, where they are located, and to do this activity as needed for cases they are involved with, either as an advocate, or as a parent, or as a researcher. These references can likely be used to help in gaining more insights of how families are being actually treated, and to help defend a person from false accusations by a CPS.

    Urgent Request: In addition, there is a request for you to please contact the sender of this message, about any verifiable news articles, legal cases, or other well documented accounts of wrongdoing, or any major mistakes, or any violations of rights by the CPS within the state of Michigan. This is especially needed in the next six days for the purpose of in preparing for a hearing, and it is preferred the information is sent as soon as possible. Therefore, if you are aware of any key references, or any documented examples, please reply to the sender of this message, or to the poster within social media about this message.
    (Note: The items that are underlined can be changed to fit your particular situation and location.)

    Examples – In Michigan: For example, in regard to Michigan, there are several key references found so far, which should raise further questions by either citizens, or anyone accused by a CPS, as listed below.
    1. Several news reports about how the Michigan CPS continues in collecting and maintaining a secret database of persons they claim are abusers, but the CPS does not typically notify them, nor have any real concerns for due process for persons they put in the database, and it uses this secret database against citizens and parents at the convenience of the CPS. (Details of example either on file, or to be determined.)

    2. There was a book written, and key lectures given by a former high ranking Michigan employee (i.e. supervisor) who gave accounts of corruption and of heavy focus on money within the Family Court System in Michigan. She is Ms. Carol Rhodes, and also author of “FOC Enemy of the Family”. See link below for video in one of her lectures. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6olR6uTVf4 (Details of example either on file, or to be determined.)

    3. There is an unpublished Michigan Court Case, in which there were major mistakes made by the persons doing investigations of alleged abuse, and even a judge made huge mistakes, and so the Michigan Court of Appeals completely reversed the decisions, and changed the custody to the parent who was accused of being an abuser. Please note that an unpublished case can still be referenced in court for arguments, and the one mentioned above is Bielaska v Orley, Michigan Court of Appeals, July 19, 1996, Unpublished, Nos. 17366, 174949, 175287; L.C. No. 88-824681-DC; No. 175288; LC No. 88-824681-DC.; and was found at this site, http://law.justia.com/cases/michigan/court-of-appeals-unpublished/1996/19960719-c173666-0065-173666-opn.html . (Details of example either on file, or to be determined.)

    Application of Idea: Keep in mind that if a CPS department uses the alleged past, or any alleged bad conduct of a parent, or a citizen, against her or him, then that parent, or citizen should be allowed to use the actual bad conduct, and actual mistakes of the CPS against the CPS in the court, and in the public record. Ideally, there should be a collection of key references such as this for every state and every territory.

    Alert to Action: Please spread the word about this idea in a respectful and discrete manner to others who are sincerely concerned about Family Rights, due process, constitutional rights, and about protections for those who are falsely accused.
    Copyright & Fair Use Notice – Listed below.
    © Aug. 6, 2016 by E.O. & any contributing editors on file, and/or held in confidence. Updated versions may be available. Author of original message, version 0.01, is E.O., and completed on Aug. 6, 2016.
    Usage Note: Notice of reasonable freedom of use and of slight alternations. Please feel free to reuse and distribute this general request and idea with some slight alterations for your specific state, providing that this overall message is not significantly altered, nor changed from its overall meaning and the intent of the primary request and idea; nor can it be used for any political campaigns. But, it may be used for advocacy of constitutional rights, and purposes of seeking the truth, and as an example in discussions or lectures concerning family rights and constitutional rights.
    End of Document

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