Judge Reverses Unvaccinated Mom’s Custody Decision In Chicago

Read original article here about the decision to limit or stop an unvaccinated mother’s access to her child.

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Updated report::

It’s Almost Tuesday is concerned about this news story for a couple reasons. First of all it’s extremely unnerving to see the issues of vaccines for the coronavirus entering into the family law court system. Since the pandemic began, lockdowns and job losses have triggered a frenzy for a fast solution to a huge problem. ie vaccines.

However, despite what the media will tell you, as of today, the 1st of September, 2021, no vaccine for COVID-19 has been FDA approved except for emergency authorization use. As such, no government agency or official can mandate the vaccine for any reason. 

So to read that a parent’s rights have been altered, suspended, or in any way terminated, solely because of the vaccination status of the parent, is illegal, unconstitutional, and an overreach and abuse of power. The decision to reverse that unconstitutional order by the judge is proper and is the only thing right about this story.

Still, we wonder if the order would have been reversed if the mother had not reached out to the media?

We also wonder if this was done to gauge the public’s reaction? Is this something we will see happen as more vaccination mandates are rolled out?


August 30, 2021 02:59 PM

“I think that it’s wrong,”

Rebecca Firlit, who had not been able to see her 11-year-old son in person since Aug. 10, previously said of the decision

A Chicago mother who hoped to regain shared custody of her 11-year-old son following a judge’s recent ruling has been successful.

During an Aug. 10 child support hearing with her ex-husband, “one of the first things” the judge asked Rebecca Firlit about was her vaccination status, the mother told told the Chicago Sun-Times.

Firlit, who was surprised by the question, told the outlet that she’s “had adverse reactions to vaccines in the past and was advised not to get vaccinated by my doctor.”

Her ex-husband, from whom she has been divorced for seven years, has been vaccinated. 

Afterwards, she recalled asking the judge how the question related to the hearing, which was supposed to be “about expenses and child support” and said she was told, “I am the judge, and I make the decisions for your case.”

The judge then ruled that until Firlit got vaccinated, she would not be allowed to see her son — a decision that appeared to be the first time a parent has been denied custody for not being vaccinated, according to The Washington Post.

A court spokesperson says they cannot comment on pending or impending cases, but according to court documents obtained by PEOPLE, the judge on Monday vacated his original order “based on the absence of a pleading or hearing on serious endangerment.”

“I miss my son more than anything. It’s been very difficult,” the Chicago mother, who had appealed the initial decision, previously said in an interview with FOX 32 News.

“It had nothing to do with what we were talking about,” she added of the ruling. “[The judge] was placing his views on me. And taking my son away from me.”

Her attorney also argued that the judge’s decision exceeded “his jurisdiction,” per the Fox station.

An attorney representing the Chicago woman’s ex-husband said that while they did not expect the question to be asked, they supported the initial ruling. 

“There are children who have died because of COVID,” Jeffery M. Leving told Fox 32 News. “I think every child should be safe. And I agree that the mother should be vaccinated.”

Although being apart from her son is difficult, Firlit hopes to be reunited with him soon.

“I feel like this will resonate with people because this is how things will go if we don’t speak up. Dividing families, taking children from their parents, we have to speak out to make sure this is not the new thing,” she told the Chicago Sun-Times. “Unfortunately, I had to be the first person that this happened to, but parents aren’t going to stand for that.”





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