NO IT’S NOT SAFE; Children Will Have a 107 times Higher Chance of Death From COVID Vaccine Than From COVID Itself

COVID Vaccine Approval Will Endanger Over Millions Of Young Children

Source of original article: – 2021.10.28

The Children’s Health Defense CHD Chief Science Officer has disclosed that ..

Conversely, according to Pfizer’s own study trial data, the chance of death in children from the Pfizer vaccine is 107 times higher than death due to COVID,”

In yesterday’s meeting, VRBPAC members considered whether it would be appropriate to approve Pfizer’s experimental COVID vaccine for children under the age of five to eleven.

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A hearing and vote on the same experimental vaccine will be held on November 2 and 3 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP).

However, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Chairman of Children’s Health Defense (CHD), and Meryl Nass, MD wrote to all members of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC) noting the recent peer-reviewed research indicating that children are unlikely to suffer hospitalization and death from the COVID-19 virus.

In the event that both committees approve the vaccine for this age group, Rochelle Walensky will review the decision to formalize the recommendation.

“Parents should be aware that if these committees give Big Pharma an early holiday present, the vaccines will still only have emergency use authorization (EUA).

explained CHD president and general counsel Mary Holland.

“This means the shots are experimental and legally cannot be mandated under U.S. law.

Parents can say no.”

School administrators can also decline to incorporate any requirements regarding COVID vaccine status for attending school.

“These administrators should not be in the uncomfortable position of being the vaccine police for the pharmaceutical industry.,” stated Holland.

“The choice for parents and school officials is simple. They should never allow the government to force a medical procedure on children especially when they have a minuscule risk of hospitalization and death from COVID.”

Virus transmission rates among children are very low as well.

Indiana University’s Observatory on Social Media reports that CHD’s website is shared by Twitter users more often than the websites of the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control.

There is growing evidence that citizens of the United States and around the globe are rejecting the government’s imposed health mandates, recommendations, and other personal preferences on them and their children, which is clearly in conflict with their individual rights.

CHD’s content is also shared more widely than that from Reuters, The Daily Mail, The Washington Post, Newsweek, and CNN, whose content has reached nearly 10 million page views per month.

Furthermore, there are no long-term safety studies on the vaccine’s experimental mRNA technology so parents cannot weigh risks and benefits in order to make an informed decision.

According to two recent studies, the vaccine will begin to wear off in children after two to three months if adult vaccines are any indication.

The Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), a database maintained by the United States government, received 818,044 reports of injuries following COVID vaccination, as well as 17,128 deaths.

“These numbers are astounding,” said CHD Executive Director Laura Bono. “Half of all reports and two-thirds of all deaths reported to the VAERS system in the U.S. since the tracking system was developed in 1990 relate to the COVID 19 vaccines. No physician with an ounce of integrity could possibly vote to approve such a risky vaccine to people of any age, let alone healthy five-year-olds who are at virtually zero risk for complications from COVID.”

As early as October 20, the Biden administration announced that enough vaccines had been procured to cover all 28 million children between 5 and 11 years old in the United States. According to CHD.

The Biden Administration has not yet revealed the dollar amount of tax-payer funds transferred to Pfizer to provide vaccinations for children.

Even at its highly unlikely low price of $1 a dose, the vaccine would cost Big Pharma at least 65 million dollars before it was approved by the FDA and recommended by the CDC.

“It’s no surprise that the federal government and Pharma already know how these votes will go,” said Holland.

“These meetings are nothing more than empty rituals in support of lining Pharma’s pockets. Parents need to know that the fix is in and approval from either of these committees means nothing in terms of the safety of the vaccines Pharma wants to be injected into their children.”

CHD and Kennedy wrote in their letter that committee members “should not participate in an exercise disguising a foregone conclusion” and that “should you grant EUA status to this pediatric EUA vaccine, CHD is poised to take legal action against you and other VRBPAC voting members as well as the FDA. CHD will seek to hold you accountable for recklessly endangering this population with a product that has little efficacy but which may put them, formulate out a warning, at risk of many adverse health consequences…”


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