Judge Orders CPS to Pay $127,000 to Texas Parents for Wrongful Removal of their Children

Harris County, Tx

Charlotte Allison, M.A.

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CPS removes children for minor and trivial reasons. Over half of these children could have remained home with their parents.

When Melissa Bright turned her back for a few seconds to help her two-year-old out of wet clothes, her five-month-old son fell off a lawn chair and hit his head on the concrete.

Melissa and her husband Dillon immediately called 911; and took the baby to Texas Children’s Hospital.

The Brights waited at the hospital while doctors attended to their baby. After waiting for some time, the Brights were shocked to learn that their baby’s fall was labeled child abuse. Within the hour CPS social workers showed up asking questions.

Everything appeared to go smoothly. The Brights took their baby home and assumed everything was okay as they didn’t hear anything from CPS. However, about three weeks later CPS workers showed up at the Bright’s home and removed both children.

This story is all too common when it comes to child services. CPS never gives the parents the benefit of the doubt. They are too quick to label every little incident as abuse.

CPS removes children for minor and petty reasons. In fact, less than 17% of children are taken for any kind of real abuse. Only 17% of abuse allegations are substantiated. Social workers can and often do substantiate abuse allegations based on lies and misinformation. Any evidence to the contrary is ignored.

CPS removes children unnecessarily due to a perverse cash incentive. The more children they remove, the more cash flows in the system. Protecting children is apparently not their first priority.

Children are approximately SIX TIMES more likely to be abused in foster care than they are in their own homes. This is true even if they come from a troubled home. Children are always better off with their natural parents in every case except the most severe.

A Harris County judge eventually awarded the Brights $127,000 for the wrongful removal of their children.


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