1. iy is not just texas, if this child is truly in fl, br very very afraid. we are the worst. i dont have a child in the systm but read the reports.

    Thank you for your comment. YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! This isn’t just in Texas, this is all over the United States. I focus on Texas because that is where my experience happened. Sadly, children all over the United States need our help and the help they’ve been getting is no help at all. We talk about reform, but how much good has it really done? Upon close examination it is apparent that not only is the system not working, but it is marred with fraud, greed, and cover-ups. The key is accountability…until we can hold the system as accountable as they claim to hold the parents they investigate, we have no hope for a solution.

  2. why the parents in my atate it was never the parents. are they looking elsewhere? or are the parents easy of course there is a first time for everything but i tend not to think of parents but there is always susan smith but for every parent. held there aRE 5 HELD WITHOUT CAUSE. again no personal experience thank god dont even know anyone in this situation but i an a mom which makes it real

  3. As I have posted in my sidebar, an example, In 2005, Collin County, Texas had 3,595 allegations that children had been abused but only 925 children were *confirmed* as abused.
    (source:CCCAC Website)

    Thats approximately 2 out of 3 cases where the abuse is not founded. How many of those children are needlessly removed from their homes, and parents’ lives ripped apart because of being accused of abuse.

    I understand the need for keeping children safe, there are many incidents where children ARE abused and DO need to be helped…. so resources should be available to do just that, not wasted on unsubstantiated allegations.

    Go watch the video I have in my sidebar, and tell me what you think the caseworkers could have/should have done, rather than try to cover it up…

    No wonder there’s the mother in Pinellas County, FL who ran when she was pregnant….

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