CPS WHISTLEBLOWER EXPOSES TRUTH Nancy Schaefer, lost her seat on the Senate, when she exposed those involved in the legal kidnapping of children. When she names names, she was killed. She was telling the truth. This video confirms the human trafficking crisis in our own country involving our own kids. Don’t miss this one. Don’t […]

How much money do foster parents make per kid?

With the government shutdown going on and all because of budget issues…i decided to take a look into some numbers related to foster care. Especially with the illegal immigrants who bring their children over, or send them unaccompanied… That’s another issue. let’s look at our own country and what they pay foster parents. The numbers […]

Heartbroken Parents of Alienated Children Never Stop Trying To Reach Out To Their Children

source: Alienated parents share unanswered texts to their kids and it’s crushing by:Alexandra Carlton Being prevented from seeing or communicating with your child is a special kind of hell – but a parent’s love never dies. Imagine if you were unable to see or speak to your own young child. You may know where they […]