Failure to Protect – A look at CPS and the System

I’ve added a new page,

Failure to Protect – Caseworker Files.

Go check it out and the source:

PBS’s Frontline series about CPS and our families/system.

The information and stories are indescribable
and full of information everyone needs to know.
I’d love your comments on it, and if you’ve been
affected by CPS and the system, please tell us your story.
Everyone deserves to be heard.
“We see them in special education.
We see them in the justice system.
We see them in the prison system.
We see them as parents,
where now we’re asking them about taking away their children.
So at some point, this country has got to come to grips,
where the rhetoric about our children
and the resources to carry out that rhetoric have
got to be matched. And there is not so far demonstrated
in this country that the political will is there to do that.”
“The whole system is a way of dealing with poverty,
especially with poor minority families. And maybe if
we admit it, we would be more willing to take those
billions and billions and billions of dollars spent
on keeping children away from their families,
on providing support for children and families to
begin with, so that they wouldn’t have to end up
in a system like this.”


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