Parental Kidnapping Is Child Abuse

Parental child abduction is child abuse – reblogged from this site.

ABP World Group is a Global Security and Child Recovery Organization

Our intelligence and investigative capabilities combined with our ability to dispatch personnel to most locations in the world offers a safe and strategic solution to protecting what is most important to you, your child and/or children.

Unfortunately in the present climate, parental kidnapping occurs all too frequently and we are here to help you through what can be an extremely traumatic time.

We are aware that parental child abductions can be difficult to resolve but through the use of professional operatives we work hard to find a solution. We collaborate with numerous organizations to help return your child safely and as soon as possible.

ABP World Group’s successful recovery and reunification strategies rely on the use of all means available, including but not limited to:

Electronic forensic footprint investigationsIntelligence gatheringInformation specialistsCollecting evidenceSpecial surveillance opsDomestic supportInternational operationsSea/Land/Air transportGPS tracking

Although there are various civil remedies available to parents of abducted children, the challenges regarding parental abduction are enormous, including first and foremost, locating  the child.

Unfortunately for the majority of targeted parents, the financial burden involved in recovery and litigation falls upon their shoulders. With tens of thousands of children abducted by parents each year, the reality is that too many of these children never come home.  ABP World Group is dedicated to assisting those parents who need help in locating, rescuing, and returning  their abducted child home safely. We offer worldwide services regarding parental abduction or recovery
of children that has suffered from parental kidnapping.

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