What it’s like to be left behind parent of a kidnapped child ..

The feeling is indescribable. I remember two things the most- the opinions and advice.

I can’t tell you how many times I heard “you know what I would do is… Blah blah blah” oe” if that happened to me, be I would. .”  You don’t know what you’d do until it does happen.You do not know how you’d react. You may react in ways you’d never imagine, do things you’d never expect yourself to do.

Then there was “well at least he wasn’t kidnapped by a stranger, he was kidnapped by a family member… One day you’ll reunite. .”

First of all he was taken away, without warning, maliciously, with no chance to say goodbye, stop it, or anything. Be the trauma in that is the same no matter who took him. The reunion .one day . Will never happen. The child that was taken will never return. He is gone, forever, and the adult who came back to me is not the eight year old child who went to church and never came home . He is a broken adult with trauma in his past that he carries from an 8 year old boys’ heart that will never trust the same way it did before. That adult who came back to me is damaged and I failed to protect him from that damage. The advice and opinions may be given with the best of intentions but to this day I still get angry thinking about it.

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Your Experience of Missing-Child Trauma

Your child has been kidnapped or is missing, and here on the internet you’ll find a lot of valuable support, legal information, and contacts. However, there will be many difficult hours where you will feel very much alone — and this page is meant to help you get through those times.

Most child kidnappings involve a parent or relative as kidnapper, and that is the experience of our family. However, if your situation is different — the child has been kidnapped by a stranger, or is missing due to other circumstances (such as a runaway) — this page will speak to your experiences too, so please read on…

Parental Abduction – How it`s like to be THE LEFT-BEHIND PARENT –





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