Coronavirus and the U. S., Vaccinations and Foster Care

China is the epicenter, The second largest economy has essentially been shut down due to the Covid-19 virus. it’s not the first time. I’m 2003 they were hot with a Sars outbreak.

What’s different today? Thanks to outsourcing, many U. S. companies who set up shop in China have now been shuttered due to the virus, exports and travel has stopped, and the trickle effect is already evident in the stock market.

So what’s next for us here in America?

Are we doomed?

Are we facing the next great pandemic like the Spanish Flu in 1918? That deadly outbreak went global, some believe, due to WWI soldiers going abroad.?

Don’t panic, the Corona virus is actually pretty common, just different strains, and this one now named CoVid-19, is much less dangerous than the flu, than hiv/aids, with maybe a 2% kill rate.

Granted with the population having grown, 2% could mean alot of people if everyone got it, but the chances of it being YOU, would still be lower,

Much lower than the seasonal flu that we deal with every year.

Still, the fear mongering that’s coming out of China and the media has put a halt to overseas adoptions of Chinese children . it has become number one priority in a race to test vaccines, and does that testing mean Foster children will become the guinea pigs? it wouldn’t be the first time. I’m the 80’s and 90’s Foster children were used to test HIV and AIDS medications.

The law says all all Foster children must get vaccinated. There are foster home providers that are bucking that law. For example, in Washington state, families are fighting the vaccination requirements and dozens have even chosen to forego their licensing by refuseing to get the children flu shots, believing that the flu shots are experimental and dangerous.

Texas has introduced àn anti vaccination bill, and Utah has been having trouble finding homes for foster children because many families in Utah can’t show documentation of their family’s vaccination history.

For now, it’s a wait and see situation. The best vaccine for coronavirus is prevention- hygiene and knowledge.

Make simple acts into habits, like washing your hands, cleaning your home, disinfection, staying home if you become sick, keeping your hands away from your mouth and eyes, and respecting personal boundaries of others. Also, of course. not traveling to China if you dont have to.

Even if you don’t think you need to, waking your hands will go a long way. after all, just think about how many hands a dollar bill goes through.

Now go wash your hands.

In all seriousness, let’s just wait before we panic.

Never trust the government. it’s an election year, the time to make everyone afraid so they will accept change… like forced vaccination .. and a socialist government.

Remember, socialist is communist. its not what the United States is it was meant to be. Dictators rule in communist China. North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela.

Before you vote to make the United States like them, research those countries and then decide for yourself.

Make an informed decision..

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