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Big news!! Trump signs executive order strengthening the CHILD welfare system

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, President Trump acted to strengthen America’s child welfare system by signing a historic Executive Order (EO) aimed at improving outcomes for children and families. This EO focuses on three key areas of action: improving partnerships, improving resources, and improving oversight. “President Trump’s executive order demonstrates how his administration has prioritized placing […]

Ferris wheels

This is for my Daddy, who left me ten years ago today. RIP Daddy, I love you and need you more now than ever. You were a saint. ‘I see nothing in space as promising as the view from a Ferris wheel.’ EB White “I am homesick!”, I said.. to the Big Guy above. “Take me back […]

Coronavirus and the U. S., Vaccinations and Foster Care

China is the epicenter, The second largest economy has essentially been shut down due to the Covid-19 virus. it’s not the first time. In 2003 they were hit with another Sars outbreak. What’s different today? Thanks to outsourcing, many U. S. companies who set up shop in China have now been shuttered due to the […]

Appellate record shows Dallas County family law judge has long history of reversals

Thank you David Yates for this piece, click here to view original article. DALLAS – For nearly a decade, Judge Andrea Plumlee has presided over the 330th Judicial District Court in Dallas County. And in that time, the family court judge has racked up quite a few reversals at the appellate level, with justices frequently […]

Plano podiatrist arrested on possession of child pornography charge |

Click here to view original article.Photo Credit: CollinC CountyJail Roster The warrant lays out an investigation that started after an incident at his home this summer. There is no mention of any allegations at his workplace Author:Alex Rozier Published:5:56 PM CST November 11, 2019 Updated:5:56 PM CST November 11, 2019 A Plano podiatrist has been arrested […]

Parental Alienation- An Unforgivable Act of Child Abuse With Permanent Consequences

Intentional alienation of a child against one parent is absolutely wrong and virtually unforgivable. note: This article describes the relationships between conflicting parents and the children – but it’s vitally important to remember that the targeted parent and child whose affections are alienated can also be the victims of others they are in a high […]

California Governor Has Given Children in Foster Care the Right to have internet Access- and More

California’s Governor Newsom signed over 1000 bills this week  including one bill regarding the rights of children in foster care . Of the many rights afforded to foster children, they shall now include the right to have internet access. He also changed the minimum age that a child can choose to be involved in their […]